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Ifat Elkobi. Promises to show for investigation
Olmert on settler violence: I am ashamed
(VIDEO) Prime minister watches video clip published in Ynet in which Jewish woman settler in Hebron attacks Arab family: 'This is brutality, arrogance, and contempt that can't be come to terms with.' Settler doesn't show for interrogation, summoned again for Monday. Jewish neighborhood in Hebron returns fire, starts arming women and youth with cameras
VIDEO - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert responded for the first time Sunday to the incident in the Tel Rumeida section of Hebron in which a settler woman verbally attacked an Arab family. A video clip of the incident, filmed by the Palestinian family, was published last week in Ynet.


"I saw it and I was simply ashamed," responded Olmert. "This is evil and provocation for its own sake."


Jewish settler woman caught on tape verbally attacking her neighbor


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In the video clip, which was passed on to Ynet by the human rights organization B'tselem, the Abu-Aisha family is seen being harassed by their Jewish neighbors in the Jewish neighborhood of Hebron. According to the family, this has been going on for some time.


The film was taken by Raja'a Abu-Aisha, 16, and documents an argument between two neighbors living in the Jewish neighborhood of Ramat Yishai. The argument quickly deteriorates into name-calling, and the Jewish neighbor continually calls her neighbor "whore." The Abu-Aisha claim that this is only one example of the daily suffering they endure.


In the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Olmert responded to the video. "I expect from everyone, including the settlement leaders, to disagree with this.


"This puts out a bad name for all of this population. This is brutality, arrogance, and contempt that can't be come to terms with, and I am speaking in the name of the entire government," Olmert said.


Following the publication of these images from Hebron, Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered a thorough and immediate investigation of the issue a day after the event took place. He instructed Central Command Chief Maj. Gen.


Yair Naveh to carry out an immediate investigation of the entire event, which in his words embarrasses the State of Israel.


The defense minister also said that images such as those seen in the video "turn into material for incitement against Israel all over the world."


The settler woman shown in the video, Ifat Elkobi, was summoned to the West Bank police for investigation last week, but didn't show. She was sent an addition summons for Monday.


The police said to Ynet that she promised to show up this time for investigation. However, the police also noted that if she fails to show again, a subpoena will be issued against her.


Following the incident, the Jewish settlement in Hebron decided to arm women and youth to document future incidents in which Jews are attacked in the city. A campaign to raise money for this endeavor was embarked upon recently.


Chairman of the board of the Jewish community in Hebron Noam Arnon said that women and youth will be trained to video "while taking shelter, and to distinguish between left-wing organizations who are carrying out provocations together with Fatah families in the city."


According to him, the events that will necessitate filming are throwing stones or Molotov cocktails and shooting at Jews. Arnon also said, "The cameras will be equipped with long-range lenses for security reasons so that while the Arabs aren't afraid of approached the Jews, Jews will manage when faced with terrorist elements."


Efrat Weiss contributed to this report


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