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Ruth's story – the Japanese version
(VIDEO) Japanese-born Moshe Hatori served as priest for many years, before making aliyah and converting to Judaism
VIDEO - Rabbi Moshe Hatori is a learned scholar from Jerusalem who dedicates most of his time to studying Torah. Only few people know that the Japanese-born convert, who is an expert on the writings of the Vilna Gaon, used to be a priest and the head of a Christian congregating in Japan less than 20 years ago.


Video: Gabby Newman (צילום: גבי ניומן)


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 קוד להטמעה:

For many years, Hatori led a double life as a Christian pastor who observed Torah and mitzvot in secret. On Friday evenings, his wife would bake challot and he would say Kiddush, and on Saturday the couple would refrain from working. After havdalah on motzei Shabbat, Hatori would rush to prepare his church sermon for Sunday.


Gradually, Hatori and his wife came to the realization that they must cease to lead this double life. They left everything, made aliyah to Israel and converted to Judaism.


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