Contestants Aharoni (R) and Maximillian
Shlomi Barel
IDF service not included
The debate about the draft-dodging contestants on the hit show 'A Star is Born' is heating up. We met them to discuss the issue but the interview turned into a session of evasions. Yet, we did find the three would-be-stars that miss their army base
As the new recruits of the July-August 2007 draft try on their army uniform, reports about the 50,000 who avoid IDF service are still making headlines.


The debate about the contestants of the Israeli version of "Idol," is heating up. We decided to ask the would-be-stars themselves about the issue. The eight youngsters were asked to respond to the question" did you or didn't you serve in the IDF?" but most chose to evade the question all together.


On the other hand, the three contestants that did enlist were glad to talk about their friends back at base.


Video: Dalit Shacham (צילום: דלית שחם עריכה: ענת אפרתי)


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