Qassams launched from Gaza
Photo: AP
Palestinian armed with Qassam (archive)
Photo: AFP
IDF strike against Qassam cell caught on tape
Army spots terrorists preparing to launch rockets into Israeli towns, strikes before attack can occur

Rare footage of a Palestinian terror cell in Gaza preparing to launch Qassam rockets towards Israel last week was released by the IDF on Tuesday.


The cell is shown retrieving the projectiles and launchers and sets them up in a dirt embankment in northern Gaza. At this point army intelligence makes a positive identification and confirms the men are not civilians.


Video courtesy IDF Spokesman's Office (צילום: דובר צה"ל)


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The IDF then launches its first attack against the cell, wounding several of its members.


As the remaining terrorists attempt to flee the scene and evacuate their wounded the army launches its second strike, killing all four of the cell members and destroying the rocket launchers.


Only 3% of attacks are thwarted

While the IDF has time and again stressed the importance of striking rocket launching cells caught in the act, recent statements made by IAF chief, Maj. Gen. Eliezer Shkedi indicate that less than 3% of all Qassam attacks are thwarted.


Shkedi said that the air strikes were effective in targeting between 1-3% of the cells. "If we want to fight, we have to hurt those who manufacture the Qassams, issue the orders, transport the cells, and develop the explosives… everything else related to this industry. We cannot ignore the other 97%," he said.


But for now the army, following directives from the political echelon, can only focus on cells already in the field.


"Terrorists who head out to carry out rocket attacks know that they are exposed and unprotected and there is no doubt that this acts as a deterrent. Ultimately this also leads to a drop in the number of attacks," said military officials.


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