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Olmert: No fuel? Gazans can walk
(Video) Prime minister not losing any sleep over Gaza Strip crisis. 'There will be no humanitarian crisis,' he says, but vows, 'We won't allow the residents of Gaza to lead a comfortable and pleasant life'
VIDEO - Israel won't allow for a humanitarian crisis in Gaza but has no intention of making Gazans' lives easier, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday during a Kadima faction meeting.


Olmert promised that, "We will not let the residents of Gaza lead a comfortable and pleasant life" while the residents of Sderot walk around in fear.


"As far as I am concerned, all of Gaza's residents can walk," he added.




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"We won’t allow a situation in which people in Sderot walk around in fear day and night, while Gazans lead a completely normal life," olmert told his faction members. "We won't allow for a humanitarian crisis, but have no intention of making their lives easier. And the harder their lives, excluding humanitarian damage, we will not allow them to lead a pleasant life.


"As far as I am concerned, all of Gaza's resident can walk and have no fuel for their cars, as they live under a murderous regime."


The prime minister also complimented Defense Minister Ehud Barak and the IDF, saying he was "full of appreciation" for their activities.

Waiting for gas in Gaza (Photo: Reuters)


Olmert met Monday morning with Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen and told him of a telephone call he had received earlier from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who called on him to halt the strikes on Gaza and lift the siege imposed on the Strip.


"I had a friendly and serious conversation with the Egyptian president," Olmert told the Kadima faction members. To the Dutch minister he said that Hamas was "aggravating the crisis in Gaza in order to direct international pressure at Israel."


The prime minister also told Verhagen that Israel was under "daily terror attacks from the Gaza Strip, with 75% of the children in the Gaza vicinity communities suffering from anxiety."


According to Olmert, "The Palestinians even attacked the Rothenberg Power Station in Ashkelon, which supplies their electricity.


Meanwhile Monday, human rights organizations Adalah and Gisha petitioned the High Court of Justice, demanding that it issue an emergency interim order which would renew the supply of gas to Gaza and allow the opening of its crossings.


According to the petitioners, "Gaza is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis which must be relieved immediately."


Attila Somfavli contributed to this report


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