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    Israel negotiating importing water from Turkey
    Despite recent tensions between countries, Ynet learns Foreign Ministry holding talks with Turkish companies in bid to solve water crisis

    Israel has begun examining the possibility of importing water from Turkey, despite recent tensions between Jerusalem and Ankara, according to a memo obtained by Ynet.


    A Foreign Ministry official confirmed the report, saying that "the Water Authority has issued an appeal for purchasing water, and Turkish bodies have responded positively and talks are being held between relevant elements in both countries."


    The talks have begun despite the recent crisis over the Goldstone Report, the Turkish decision to exclude Israel from a joint air force drill, and a Turkish TV series showing Israeli soldiers deliberately killing Palestinian children.


    The issue of importing water from Turkey has been on the agenda for several years now. Turkey has large water serves flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, while Israel suffers from a serious water shortage.


    In 2002, former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's government signed an agreement to import water from Turkey, but the matter was later taken off the table, mainly due to economic considerations.


    A Water Authority official said in response, "As part of emergency measures, the Water Authority is also examining the issue of importing water, and additional elements may become involved."


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