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    Waste management guidelines dumped?
    State comptroller's report finds only 187 of Israel's 254 municipalities follow Environmental Protection Ministry's waste separation and management guidelines

    The majority of local authorities in Israel fail to uphold the Environmental Protection Ministry's waste separation and management guidelines, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss said in a report exploring the issue.


    Lindenstrauss' report found that only 187 of Israel's 254 municipalities have applied to the ministry for funds meant to create waste management infrastructure. It also said that municipalities that do apply the guidelines fall short of advising and encouraging the public to follow recycling guidelines, and in some cases fail to enforce the relevant regulations.


    "The State Comptroller views the fact that local authorities have failed to follow the ministry's guidelines very severely," the report said. "These actions have both impeded the ministry's policies as well as harmed the environment."


    The comptroller's report did not spare criticism from the Environmental Protection Ministry as well: "The ministry must ask itself why this phenomenon is prevalent and seek ways to prevent it, as well as to promote the formation of municipal waste separation and management facilities."


    Lindenstrauss' report urged municipalities to "make the necessary arrangements for such facilities, as per the recommendation of the Environmental Protection Ministry."



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    Waste separation containers (Illustration)
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