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    Soldiers rescue calf from ditch
    Combat Engineering Corps stumble upon calf toppled into three meter ditch during training. Work together to pull up distressed animal

    During a Combat Engineering Corps training session, held near Israel's border with Lebanon, soldiers stumbled upon a mature calf who had fallen into a three meter ditch. The training was immediately halted while the soldiers rushed to assist the captured animal.


    The soldiers, who were in the midst of shooting practice, noticed the captured animal in distress while passing by the ditch.


    Second Lieutenant Amit Segal, who was informed of the incident, ordered the soldiers to halt the targeting practice and assist the animal.


    "The calf was probably scared of the firing and ran into the ditch in an attempt to find a way out. The calf fell into the ditch but didn't sustain any injuries from the fall. While waiting for the calf's owner, the soldiers fed him some grass," said Segal.


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    Soldiers rescue calf (Photo: IDF Spokesman Unit)


    In an effort to assist the calf, several units were called to the area, such as the Combat Engineering Corps' special task force, Givati soldiers and the 769 brigade. 


    When the owner finally arrive, a group of 12 soldiers began pulling the calf up from the ditch. The group effort eventually paid off and after a short while, the calf was pulled out.


    "This was the first time we had the chance to assist an animal in distress. During our routine training in the area we tend to run into many wild animals. We always try to train around them in order to not disturb them and cause incidents such as this one," Segal said.



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    Photo courtesy of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit
    Soldiers rescue calf
    Photo courtesy of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit