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    Israeli dairy set up in Vietnam
    Israeli experts lend expertise to Vietnamese dairy industry via new facility demonstrating Israeli technology

    The Agriculture Ministry announced that after five years in the making, an Israeli dairy farm has been set up in Ho Chi Minh City, in South Vietnam.


    The project was headed by the Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation (CINADCO) and MASHAV – Israel's National Agency for International Development Cooperation; which liaised with the Vietnamese the Foreign Ministry.


    The Agriculture Ministry noted that while the average Israeli drinks approximately 900 glasses of milk a year, his Vietnamese counterpart drinks only 70.


    The dairy farm aims to assist in advancing the Vietnamese dairy industry, which has been experiencing a local boom.


    The Israeli Agricultural Ministry noted that milk has become a main ingredient in Vietnameses' diet only in the past few years.


    The Ho Chi Minh facility, which includes Israeli-made equipment and technology, will serve as a demonstration center, by which Israeli experts will train Vietnamese on various industry technologies.


    The training will include, apart from machinery specifics, advanced safety standards, veterinary guidelines and management practices.


    Agriculture Minister Orit Noked said that the project "signifies another stage in the widening agricultural ties between Israel and Vietnam and proof that the Israeli agriculture's reputation precedes itself.


    "I hope this cooperation breeds similar collaborations in other fields," she said."



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