Protest in Shaar Binyamin
Photo: Sharon Klif, Tatzpit News Agency
Palestinians protest against settlement goods
Dozens protest outside store in Shaar Binyamin calling for a boycott of settlement goods. Security forces arrest four

Police arrested two Palestinians and two foreign ISM (International Solidarity Movement) activists who protested outside a Rami Levy supermarket branch in Shaar Binyamin, near Beit El on Wednesday.


The protesters blocked the entrance to the store, waved Palestinian flags and carried signs calling for a boycott of settlement goods.


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Some of the protesters entered the supermarket and chanted slogans against the purchase settlement goods. Large security forces that arrived at the scene tried to disperse the demonstrators using shock grenades.


Video: Regavim movement    (צילום: תנועת רגבים)


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The Palestinians claimed that the forces exercised excessive force and arrested four people. It was further claimed that two Palestinians were rushed to hospital after being hurt in the clashes.


Abir Kopti, an activist with the Palestinian popular committees, told Ynet that Wednesday's protest was part of a line of steps recently taken. The first was last week's blocking of route 443.


According to Kopti, the activists are planning additional protests in the future. "This time we chose the Rami Levy store because we want to send a message to boycott the occupation and its products. As long as the Palestinians get no justice, settlers and Israelis will not lead normal lives."


She added that the protest was also meant to send a message to the Palestinian people not to shop in Rami Levy. It should be noted that the retail chain has two branches in the West Bank that also serve Palestinians.


The Regavim movement said in response, "This is a provocation by Palestinians and anarchists who are trying to fan the flames in Judea and Samaria.


"The protest in Rami Lavy, which employs and serves both Jews and Arabs, exposed the simple truth – that they are acting against co-existence. We ask that they take a look at what is going on in neighboring Syria which they hold so dear to their hearts."  


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