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    ECHR bans PETA's controversial 'Shoah campaign'
    European Court of Human Rights rules against campaign that likens animals used in food industry to Holocaust victims

    The European Court of Human Rights banned the "Holocaust on Your Plate" campaign by animal rights group PETA, Ynet has learned.


    The campaign compares Holocaust victims to animals slaughtered for the food industry.


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    The campaign was launched in Germany over a decade ago, and immediately antagonized the Jewish community, which initiated legal actions against it.


    It was banned by the Federal Court, which prompted PETA to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, claiming it was a violation of their right of freedom of speech. 


    The controversial posters in question showed side-by-side images, including piles of human bodies in concentration camps next to piles of slaughtered cows, stating "When it comes to animals, all people are Nazis."


    The European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday that given its history, Germany was justified in banning the PETA campaign.




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