Iron Dome in action
Photo: Avi Rokach
Iron Dome battery deployed in Tel Aviv area
Defense Ministry says 'impressive' air defense battery deployed ahead of schedule for fear of Gaza rocket attacks

An Iron Dome missile defense battery, the fifth in Israel's possession, was deployed in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area Saturday morning.


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The Defense Ministry decided to deploy the battery in the area two months ahead of schedule due to fears that terrorists in Gaza may launch more accurate rockets attacks on the area during the army's military campaign in Gaza.


Iron Dome deployed in greater Tel Aviv area


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On Friday the Defense Ministry said Israel's fifth Iron Dome battery displayed "impressive capabilities during a series of advanced tests held just two weeks ago."


The ministry said the battery was originally scheduled to be handed over to the Air Force in early 2013.


"This battery is the most advanced," the ministry said in a statement.


The Iron Dome air defense system has intercepted more than 200 rockets that have been fired at Israel since Operation Pillar of Defense began on Wednesday.



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