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    Ghana mulls turning excrements into energy
    Western African nations explores making use of virtually inexhaustible source of materials for biogas ventures

    Ghana is said to be exploring a new source of materials for biogas production – human excrements.


    The country, which pumps roughly 1,000 tons of raw sewage into the ocean every day, is exploring ways to turn it into a source of renewable energy, in a bid to rival traditional fossil fuels


    According to, Ghana aims to produce at least 10% of its electricity from alternative sources by 2020, and is therefore looking at one of the most plentifully available resources it has.


    The idea is not completely foreign: The natural decomposition of organic matter creates methane gas – a know power source.


    According to the report, Ghana could stand to doubly benefit from finding an alternative end use for its waste. As beyond the obvious environmental benefit, this method of fuel production also has sound economic merits.


    According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the method will be effective only if it is cheaper than other alternative energy production ones, but the institute said technological breakthroughs currently in development are likely to make such venture very cost effective.



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    Virtually inexhaustible source (Illustration)