הכי מטוקבקות
    3 rare white lions born in Ukraine zoo
    Yalta Zoo welcomes rare, multiple birth of majestic white lions

    The Yalta Zoo in Ukraine celebrated the rare birth of three white lion cubs last week.


    Captivity births among white South African lions are rare, and multiple cub births even more so.


    According to the zoo, the cubs are being bottle-fed inside the zoo because of the extreme cold snap in the country.


    There are only about 500 white lions left worldwide. Nearly all of them live in captivity. The majestic animal has been driven to the brink of extinction by poaching.


    Reintroduction efforts are underway, and two prides now exist in a private sanctuary in the Timbavati bushveld region, the zoo said.


    The Yalta Zoo is the only privately-owned zoo in Ukraine. There are over 120 animal species in the zoo, including Ukraine’s only white tiger.



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    White lion cub
    Photo: Reuters