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    Greenpeace urges gov't to decentralize energy sources
    Following Hezbollah's threats against Israel's power grid, green group says government must invest in energy security, diversification

    The recent threat made by Hezbollah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah against Israel's power grid has prompted Greenpeace to urge the government to invest in what the environmental group calls "energy security."


    "True energy security means the diversification of energy sources," Hila Krupsky, director of Greenpeace’s energy campaign, said in a statement.  


    On Saturday, Nasrallah spoke to the Shiite terror group's supporters in Lebanon, via video link, as part of a Martyrs' Day rally.


    He warned Israel against attacking Lebanon: "I am warning the Israelis and their allies that the Resistance in Lebanon will not keep quiet over any violation that occurs on Lebanese territory.


    "(The (Israelis) know that their energy plants and their airports… are under threat. Their power plants would require six months to be repaired. Can Israel remain in the dark for six months?" he threatened.


    Israel's power grid mainframe and all major IEC facilities are considered nationally strategic facilities, and as such are subject to various forms of protection, but according to Greenpeace, more needs to be done.


    "True energy security lies with encouraging and investing in renewable energy resources," Krupsky said.


    "The government's plan to rely solely on one gas pipe to provide a substantial part of Israel's energy needs puts us at risk.


    "Israel has to conform to long-term thinking and create a versatile blueprint for the energy market that would ensure it has sustainable sources of renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy."



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