איור: תומר חנוכה, The New Yorker
'Snow is inherently nostalgic'
Illustration: Tomer Hanuka, The New Yorker
Israeli artist gets first New Yorker cover
Prestigious American magazine features drawing called 'Perfect Storm' by Israeli illustrator Tomer Hanuka as cover story of its February 10 issue
The cover of the new issue of prestigious American weekly The New Yorker has been created by an Israeli artist, Tomer Hanuka.



The drawing, "Perfect Storm," is Hanuka's first cover for the magazine. He says he first thought of it several years ago after reading a short story by Sam Shepardthat ran in The New Yorker, "Indianapolis (Highway 74)," in which a middle-aged man runs across a former lover in a hotel lobby during a snow storm.


Tomer Hanuka's drawing on The New Yorker cover
Tomer Hanuka's drawing on The New Yorker cover


"Snow is inherently nostalgic. It encourages you to travel back and think about your life," Hanuka explains his image to the readers. "I think it’s something about the way it blankets reality, sort of erasing the present one dead pixel at a time. And that makes room for the past.


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