Shalom slams ‘barbaric act’
Ali Waked
Published: 12.09.05, 13:44
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1. Destroy the "al asqa" mosque the same day they destroy
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (09.12.05)
the Gush Katif synagogues. You can't teach a terrorist respect but you can pay them back.
2. Forget the synagogues
Dan Martins ,   Perth, Australia   (09.12.05)
The Gaza synagogues are not holy places except in the fevered minds of ultra-religious lunatics. People like Bunnie, who from her comfort zone in California can happily recommend triggering a regional war by torching Al-Aksa, are dangerous fools who don't give a damn about Israel or its citizens, and should have no say on Israel's future. It would have been best if the synagogues had been respectfully 'deconsectrated' and removed by Israel instead of giving the Arabs some new posters for their living room walls, but in the end they were just some abandoned buildings without national importance.
3. Destroy their mosques now!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (09.12.05)
This shows the world what kind of people these arabs are. We now have a licence to destroy old abanded mosques everywhere. If the shoe was on the other foot & we destroyed or desecrated a mosque what would the world say? Does the world [Bush & Blair] have the courage to call a spade a spade & stand up to these terrorists?
4. If they destroy synagogues, let's destroy their mosques!
HaDaR ,   Israel   (09.12.05)
If they destroy synagogues, let's destroy their mosques! It's time to speak arabic to the arabs, and show them who is stronger. Let's make them TOO EXPENSIVE for them to humiliate us or kill us. For every missile from Gaza, 15 minutes of cannon fire to the area from where the missiles came.
5. What else did you expect?
Oreet ,   homeless   (09.12.05)
Did anyone really believe that this wouldn't happen -- it was obvious that they would waste no time in attacking and destroying synagogues. The Arabs are very good at crying "woe is me" and blaming us for anything and everything - but when it comes to acting in a civilized manner and respecting another religion they are simply incapable - it goes against their nature, their culture, their traditions and their education - they only know to hate and destroy --- they wanted Gaza - let them have it, and let them sit in it - we should not let any of them into Israel - not to work, travel, or anything.
6. Gaza
tzippi ,   Land of the Free   (09.12.05)
Just as Israel protects Muslum sites in Jerusalem, so the Palestinians must protect Holy sites of Jews in Gaza. If not, Muslums can expect thier Mosques to be open to retaliation. Especially that one on our Temple Mount.
7. Bunnie, I wholeheartedly agree...
Uri ,   il   (09.12.05)
The Al Aqsa Mosque should be burned to the ground as a consequence of the Palestinians' crimes against the Jewish Religion. The sad thing is, though, that this comment will receive much greater scorn than the actual fiendish, egregious, odious crimes - burning Synagogues!!!! - that Palestinians are committing at this very moment. Criticise me for saying it, but, whilst Synagogues are burning/crimes against the Jewish people are being committed and the world sits in silence (some gleefully delighted), it does bear a striking similarity to Kristallnacht.
8. Rabbi Abbas???
Yaltaire Zevulun ,   United States   (09.12.05)
The sanctity of a Synagogue has nothing to do with what is inside. According to Judaism, the actual building has sanctity which never goes away. But I'm sure that in contrast, no one would say 'lets destroy this or that Mosque, as long as we take out the benches...' In truth though, the entire pullout is the problem. TO leave the Synagogues just shows how mixed up the Prime Minister and the other are... They feel a bit bad, but they did the whole thing anyway, and in an illogical manner. On Rosh Hashana there is one point where we ask G-d to fogive us for things that we did with the 'Yetzer Hara'. A question arises- istn every sin doen with the Yetzer Hara? And an answer is given: this is for deeds that even the Yetzer Hara would never have thought of, but a person convinced himself to do anyway. I think this is similar- no one would or could get Israel to act this way, only Israel herself. To willingly commit suicide, this is nuts! May Sharon and all involved turn from this path 100%, and adopt a healthy attitude for defending the Jews in Israel. Thats what they are hired to do in the first place!
9. WHY???
Dan ,   Nashville, TN   (09.12.05)
Why are they "forced" to destroy synagogues? Does this mean that we are "forced" to destroy mosques? When will the Pals be able to stop destroying? Or is it their one and only destiny -- to destroy? Why is the Palestinian national liberation movement the only one in the entire planet that requires as a central tenet of its fulfilment the destruction of another national liberation movement (zionism)? How does destroying Zionism fulfil Arabs? Does it make them feel like real men?
10. anyone reading these posted responses?
fair&square ,   Jerusalem   (09.12.05) says: Responses including incitement, slander and inappropriate language deemed to violate our terms of use won't be published. Now looking the other way just isn't Jewish. Even us Jews have extremists to deal with!!! Is it not enough we have the arabs to deal with?
11. As if Israel never destroyed a mosque...
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (09.12.05)
In the 1948 War of Independence and its aftermath, Israel destroyed a large number of village mosques, many of which had been there a lot longer than the synagogues of the Gaza settlements have existed. There is NO dispute over this. Pick up any mainstream Israeli history textbook. So we should not get on our high horse about this.
12. if PA destroys synagogues Israel must destroy PA's mosques
accessol, ,   Spelthorne,   (09.12.05)
13. Cynical Move
Kevo ,   Miami, FL   (09.12.05)
This was a cynical move on the part of the Israeli government. Ariel Sharon left these synagogues intact so that his dirty work can be done for him by the Palestinians.
14. Answer to Dan MArtins
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (09.12.05)
Dan... I totally agree with you. One of my last posts was recommending just the same knowing that these buildings would not last for long. Religious nationalism ruled against destruction of these EMPTY buildings...therefore giving the other camp something to play with. As I said in numerous posts, it is time now for Israel to become a secular country, and move ahead with peace. What now ? The synagogues are destroyed and what is the Israeli government going to do ? Nothing because it is normal that they do nothing. We all ( excepts the zealots !) knew what would happen...and you are right, these buildings have NO IMPORTANCE simply because they could not be used as synagogues anymore. See my previous post " empty shell ".
15. the world is silent as the goyim burn our synagogues
barbara ,   beersheba, israel   (09.12.05)
This is anti-Semitism! No longer can the world hide behind "anti-Israel" as an excuse for anti-Semitism. Did Jews/Israelis ever burn or destroy the holy places of the Muslims? of the Christians? Of course not - here in Beersheva, we have a mosque, standing in the middle of the city "empty of all religious symbols" -as is the feeble excuse of the Palestinians - and no-one has ever thought of destroying it. The same holds true in many other cities and towns of Israel. Why is the world silent? Why does the world not condemn them? Why is it, that when we destroy the home of a terrorist, who killed and maimed Jews, the world condemns us, and even sends misguided liberals to protect them? Where is the outcry? The world is silent, because it has, for thousands of years, thus behaved -destroying our synagogues, desecrating our cemeteries - and this is called ANTI-SEMITISM.
16. Hey Dan in Perth, secular Jews went to the ovens too.
Yonatan ,   Los Angeles   (09.12.05)
PALESTINIAN ,   WEST BANK   (09.12.05)
18. answer to Tzippi
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (09.12.05)
Tzippi....The Mosques in Israel are " active holy places". The synagogues in Gaza where empty shells besides settlers memories which I can understand. A synagogue can only be a synagogue if their is religious/spiritual presence ( faithfuls, scrolls, services) We all knew what would happen. The Israeli government has chosen to ignore the risks. This destruction is certainly no victory from the part of the youngsters who participated in it. They simply demonstrate again the anarchy prevailing in Gaza and the laxism of PA. Personally , I would recommend that ANY religious building be respected....but in this case, rather than spending time in discussing if yes or no the synagogue should be destryed ( or the correct word would have been dimantled) it made sense to act rightbefore the army left. We made the wrong choice, that s all .
19. Kevo you are right !
hiram ,   tel aviv   (09.12.05)
It s called Politics.... This clearly means that Sharon will use the orthodox and ultra orthodoxes for election purpose... True enough, being a politician in this country comes up with a nice expense account and ....
20. This is so wrong act and should be condemned!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (09.12.05)
This is so wrong act and should be condemned! Yet the question is was Israel expecting something else? Of course was bidding and praying for this thing to happen and those idiots who set the fire has fallen into the trap! Let us stop for a second and respond to those zealots who are calling for the destruction of Mosques and Al Aqsa, the Dome of the Rock and other Arab Christians and Muslims holly sited and I will ask them about their knowledge of what happened to the Mosques that belong to the Palestinians before and after the year 1948 in the lands now called Israel proper! Some were turned into cow barns and some were tuned into pubs and bars while the crescent is still attached to it and scripts of Holly Quran written on its walls! Now tell me which act is more desecrating a burned Mosque or a Mosque turned in a bar? Shalom.
21. Answer to Abdullah
Hiram ,   tel Aviv   (09.12.05)
Abdullah ( abd Allah) ... I entirely agree with you. We made the wrong choice it is obvious. Unfortunately, when it comes to religion, there has always been zealots whoc put religion in the center of everything....even ( or especially now ) By aphabetical order as not to offend anyone : Catholics burning Protestants Christians deporting Jews Jews justifying thousands of dead in USA as " God's punishement" Moslems claiming supremacy of Islam There is no reason for all this..religion ( from Latin Re-Ligare, to unite) is suppose to give each one individually a sense of spiritual relief and fullness...but it remains and must remain and INDIVIDUAL feeling and dedication. Wherever religion is a part of state affaires, there is pains, grief, deprivation and instability....this includes Israel....and other Arab countries.
22. to every fair-minded person
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.12.05)
This is what Israel is dealing with. These are "the Palestinians." This is why there's no peace.
23. as for Israel allegedly destroying mosques 57 years ago
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.12.05)
It was in the context of a war of annihilation launched against Israel by the Palestinians and five Arab countries, in reaction to the UN partition plan that would have created a Palestinian state. Israel, however, is now LEAVING Gaza as a gesture of peace. One might think--logically--that this, combined with Sharon's many statements in favor of, yet again, granting a Palestinian state (in addition to the one in Jordan), would make Palestinians better disposed toward Isael. Don't think it. They want to destroy Israel. People who see synagogues as something to burn down are never going to be too nice to you. Of course, Israel also has to be burdened with Israelis like Daniel and Hiram, who, when they get spat on, say, "Hmm, what nice rain."
24. Wrong
Ahmad ,   Nablus   (09.12.05)
this is wrong, but even God can't control Gaza...that's why you left it.and to those who are calling to destroy our mosques...I wish that you will leave America soon and come and suffer here,rather than screaming silly slogans "form a distance"...leave us ALL alone.
25. This Is Israel
kareem ,   palestine   (09.12.05)
Israel is israel, the racial country , and what is allowed to it is prevented to others. who allow to you build your synagogues on our land, we must clean it from you.
26. Mosques can be empty shells too
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.12.05)
I'd like to see ANYONE say that a mosque has no sanctity and can/should be destroyed if only it's contents have been emptied out. Or are only Moslem sensitivies worth considering?
27. #17
steven ,   france   (09.12.05)
Cher Palestinian.Please forgive me if I am wrong.But it is very hard to believe when one see's such a reaction from a is very rare ,and you must admit quite questionable ,as to your true ID,but if you are sincere,then as we say in hebrew KOL HAKAVOD.All honour to you.This incident,is important,to Jews as is to the Palestinians.But dont even think for one moment that sever actions will be taken.For us Jews,it is yet images of the past,ie:THE REJOICING,AND SINGING,WHILE DESTROYING,THE HOUSE OF G-D.These images will unfortunately remain,and for the Palestinians,it is a day of rejoicing,for they are now "liberated"from the Israeli occupation".With all true sincerity,it is very hard to concieve the Palestinians using these synagogues for anything else.So yes,The burning down of these synagogues,was wrong,But these walls can and will be rebuilt,& they will last another 1000 years.Inchallah etBarouch hashem.
28. #20
pierre ,   belgique   (09.12.05)
Yes we are all in agreement,this act was condemnable,and wrong,& maybe the Israelis,were using Hustpah, to leave them ,so the Pals,would show the rest of the world their true ID?The desecration of a Synagogue or mosque,is vile ,yes no worry if it is turned into a bar,cause,bars are places where people can gather,talk and have a bit of fun and have a drink ,But you say that alchol is forbidden to muslims,ireally do not agree,come to belguim,and you shall see,that even the "good muslims,enjoy if these synagogues were turned into say ,libraries,or places like youth centers,or shopping malls,or theatres,yes even bars there are so many things the palestinians could have done with those four walls.or even a nice restaurant,with sea food,like mussels,and fries,a very populaire food here in Europe;or even for nice felafels,So what iam saying is,Let us not quarell about a few walls,If they should fall,so that we may have peace ,then it is a "BAD SACRIFICE FOR A GOOD FUTURE ,NON"???
29. Chaos reigns
Ails ,   Rehovot, Israel   (09.12.05)
It was obvious to anyone that Gaza is a boiling pot waiting to spill - better it spill on a few empty buildings than onto innocent people in Israel. Where is the UN & US giving the palestinian forces the support they need??? Even if they are trying to control these mobs they have no chance with so few.....
30. Palestinian barbarity
marlene ,   Israel   (09.12.05)
Reply to no. 25 Go back to school and learn how to express yourself. Maybe if you all spent more time learning your country might get some where.
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