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Clinton: Circumcision - the answer to AIDS
Ynetnews, Reuters
Published: 16.08.06, 10:29
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31. Clinton much better to eradicate Israel than Iran
Franck ,   paris (France)   (08.16.06)
Do you believe that circumcision prevents against AIDS ? ha ha ha ha !!!! obscurantist ideas good for primitives, perhaps clinton has the very good idea to have a nexw middle east in 3 or 4 years. Good boy !!!!
32. He Meant Cigars
Clinton: Cigars - the answer to AIDS Former US President says that the world needs to prepare to tackle the cultural taboos regarding cigars Ynetnews, Reuters Former US President Bill Clinton called for the world to prepare to tackle the cultural taboos surrounding cigars Tuesday if, as many expect, trials show that it protects men and the women they sleep with from AIDS.
33. Aids?
Eric ,   US   (08.16.06)
Shouldn't he be supporting Hillary's 2008 Presidential Campaign?
34. Circumcision
MH ,   San Diego, CA USA   (08.16.06)
You know what works really well to prevent AIDS? CONDOMS! So now we're going to use valuable resources to promote a painful surgery, when we can't even get people to put on condoms. That is just senseless.
35. Diarrhea Kills
Matteo ,   DC   (08.16.06)
According to Wikipedia, diahrrea is leading cause of death among infants, 1.5m per year. So, next I expect BJC, former leader of the free world, to address the world with faux cures for loose poop. Bill Clinton's most serious problem is diahrrea of the mouth. How embarrassing for USA. Only cure is dignity & self-control, but Bill won't take the medicine.
36. Ludicrous
OMG ,   U.S.A.   (08.16.06)
It is absurd to say that a means of preventing AIDS is to cut off one of the most important portion of a man's sexual organs. Foreskin protects the penis, and a lack of it doesn't prevent disease. There is no scientific proof to support it. I've read the study they did on which they base this ridiculous claim -- 300 couples is not a large enough test group. Their sexual habits have more impact on their tendency to get STD's (including AIDS) than whether they are circumcised or not!! I think it is one of the biggest tragedies in this world when one of the first things a new baby experiences is the pain of having such a sensitive part of their body cut off without any way of that person giving their permission or not!!
37. BEWARE: Circumcision- NOT THE ANSWER
Alex Bronstein ,   Houston USA   (08.16.06)
How can circumcision prevent Aids. Many gay men in the US with Aids are circumcised. Circumcision DID NOT prevent them from getting Aids. This sends a false and harmful message to the public.
38. male circumcision does not prevent AIDS
ded ,   Athens, USA   (08.17.06)
The research is NOT definitive. To do a mass foreskin removal of a generation of males is no worse then sanctioning female circumcision. Some articles want to teach nurses & village elders how to do it! Typical western philosophy....let's lop things off!
39. Circumcision
Doug Long ,   Honolulu, Hawaii US   (08.17.06)
I can't believe these comments. Most apparently written by the un-informed. Having worked in Sub-Saharan Africa for a few years and seeing the numbers of people dying of AIDS, I don't take AIDS so frivolously. I have known the connection of circumcision and AIDS for several years. The evidence of it's affectiveness as an AIDS deterent is overwhelming. Big thanks to Bill & Bill for finally bringing this proceedure to the front line.
40. Their is a way to prevent
Mark in Houston ,   Houston USA   (08.17.06)
HIV infection. Don't engage in promiscuous sexual activity and don't share needles to inject drugs into your body.
41. Start with Mel Gibson
jack   (08.17.06)
without anaesthetic!!! See how it feels to be Jewish
42. Circumcision is religiously motivitated multilation
dzone ,   uk, york   (08.17.06)
and barbaric too, thats there is to say on the subject religious zealousness aside.
43. Circumcision is sign of the covenent
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (08.17.06)
I could care less if it prevents AIDS or not. The practice of circumcision is vital to the Jewish people. I am very happy that my parents gave me a bris, a covenent with Hashem. I don't know if I would have come back to Judaism after my straying. The uncircumcised are ignorant fools, and they will never understand the covenent G-d made with Abraham. I am glad my mother and father had the wisdom to have both me and my brother circumcised. I don't remember it, and I don't have any painful memories that some here discuss. The circumcision is THE MOST important thing a Jewish couple can do to pass on the Jewish message to future generations. If it also has health benefits then good, but that is not the primary reason for performing this operation.
44. Choice is key
Ken ,   Golden Canada   (08.17.06)
Giving proper education and allowing the individual a choice for the circumcision is more important than blanket circumcisions. I was given a choice, when I was 10 years old, after education of the pro's and con's of having a circumcision. Not to diminish any religion, but the individual should have the right to choose, that is what freedom is all about.
45. Prevent Aids-Hire an Intern
John ,   NZ   (08.17.06)
46. Clinton, you're Da Man
John ,   NZ   (08.17.06)
B/job isn't sex. I know, we know, you din lie. Circumcision? what da hell was that. I know all Muslim have to circumcise, so I ain't going to do what stupid ppl does.
47. Mah ZEH ?--"Cigar-cutters to Africa" ???
Michael ,   Auckland,New Zealand   (08.17.06)
48. Tattoeing and Piercing
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (08.17.06)
Dzone, I bet you love a partner who is full of ritualistic tattoes and body piercings. But that is ok for you, but prohibited by Torah. You and your heathen friends can mutilate your body all you want, but it is not what Hashem wants.
49. aids is man made
reader1 ,   boston, ma   (08.17.06)
circumcision wont fix aids. condoms are the best prevention method. also not shooting drugs into your body. circumcision is religious sanctioned mutilation. wake the f-ck up aids didn't come from a monkey it came from maryland, usa
50. Is circumcision for everyone?
Andrew ,   Baltimore, USA   (08.17.06)
I understand circumcision is part of the jewish faith. I don't think anyone is saying here that we need to get more jewish boys to be circumsized to help prevent aids. It does seem a bit extreme to suggest we circumcise men just because it makes it easier to keep your penis clean. While this may be true in the large statistical view, as an individual, one can prevent aids by limiting sexual contacts or keeping one's self clean. I'm quite sure that castration far outclasees ciscumcision for the prevention or aids and other std's. Personally, I'll just be carefull to keep myself clean.
51. "religiously motivitated multilation"
TheMe ,   MS, USA   (08.17.06)
...and far more sanitary.... too bad that neither "uncut" nor "cut" can make one a better speller... #42...
52. parasite
Homo hubris ,   Aloha   (08.17.06)
In order to avoid mutual interaction, the parasite changes its host in a way that disables the host's ability to differentiate the parasite from itself and to differentiate its own needs from the needs of the parasite.
53. AIDS Prevention and Circumcision, Response to #3 Rachel
Jimbo   (08.17.06)
Hey chill out Rachel! I do not think you will have to worry about a circumcised or uncircumcised male approaching you with that attitude. I suggest you lop off your tongue as it is out of control!
54. ..
quiverbox ,   boise, us   (08.17.06)
Circumcision may have ONLY been a religious practice at one time, but in the US it's irresponsibly commonplace. A mother actually has to fight delivery room personnel if she doesn't want her son to be circumcised.
55. A good laugh - and an answer for #10
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (08.17.06)
First of all - this is the best article I've read all week! Not that I'm stupid enough to think circumcision prevents AIDS (Jews and Muslims get aids too) - But Bill talking Willy's is pretty funny. And Laura of London (#10) ??!!!! Female Circumcision?? Hate to break it to you - but you can't circumcize a female. The act practised in many backwards countries is mutilation (called female circumcision for a reason completely unknown to the rest of us). It's dangerous, it's illegal and it's against all human rights laws. It's only purpose is to prevent a woman from enjoying sex - or to sew her up so her future husband is assured he's the first. Male circumcision is removing a bit of foreskin (usually on an infant). It's healthier in the long term - and a good number of men have it done medically in adulthood to prevent and treat certain infections and diseases. Jews have it done for religious reasons on baby boys - and muslims on teenage boys. And if Jews and Muslims are any example - there doesn't seem to be ANY adverse effects. If you want to check that out though - head for Tel Aviv in a slinky red dress and dyed blonde hair... you'll see!
56. Most of American men are circumsized
AK   (08.17.06)
European anti_semitism prevents the Europeans to accept the practice. Oh well, they're a dying species anyway.
57. #10, laura, of cause he's talking about male circumcision
AK   (08.17.06)
58. #40 - an uniformed response
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (08.17.06)
Mark of Houston - Please don't treat AIDS so casually. The number of ways to contract the disease today are overwhelming. Drug users and sexually promiscious are not the only ones vulnerable. - Doctors and nurses in hospitals, - anyone that is exposed to blood - those married to unfaithful or previously infected spouses (both knowingly and unknowingly). - rape victims - terror victims (suicide bombers) Sex does play a big role in AIDS transmission - probably the greatest altogether. But telling the world "don't be promiscious" is like telling a landslide to hold until you've passed by. Get real. REAL is what will make this disease history.
59. Wow...
J ,   Fond du Lac, USA   (08.17.06)
Sorry, but I am not going to be cutting off part of my son's wee wee for anything. My children will be taught to have safe sex with a condom -- and furthermore not to engage in sex at ALL until their partner has been tested for HIV and other STDs. That's the answer to AIDS prevention --- not lopping off parts of our boys' genitals.
60. genital mutilation is widespread
Eddie ,   England   (08.17.06)
Genital mutilation has been practised in many cultures around the world, and it's usually surrounded by arbitrary taboos (only for males, only for females, take a bit off the end, skin the whole darn thing, sew that obscene orifice shut, etc. ad nauseam). Generally speaking, any form of genital mutilation that is felt to be acceptable in a culture has a euphemised name. In Britain, female circumcision is supposedly illegal (although the arrest rate is almost zero), while male circumcision is legal. So we have British campaigners against female mutilation and none against male mutilation. Let's try and get away from cultural parochialism, and call it what it is. Regardless of whom it's done to, or how much is chopped off, or what your society thinks of it, it's a mutilation. And if the great JuJu, the Spirit of the Ancestors, your holy rock, your holy book (whichever one of the many supposedly holy books) or Great God Almighty (whatever name you happen to give him locally) supposedly says it's OK, it's still all mutilation. If adults want to get themselves mutilated, why should I care? You want to cut your ears to an elven point? Fine, but just don’t do it to your kids. You can do what you want with your bits, as long as you don’t point them at me. But as for mutilating infants: that sounds to me like child abuse, and should be made illegal. And as regards the tired old ‘hygiene’ arguments, advocates of female circumcision use such justifications as well, and they’re completely spurious. As other commentators have said here, just use soap and water. Use it after excretion, use it before and after sex, there’s no problem. I can appreciate that those who have undergone infant genital mutilation won’t want to hear these words, nor will those parents who have agreed to having their infants mutilated like this. And I can appreciate that these arguments from a Scottish buddhist goy on a Jewish website might be as well received as a packet of smokey-bacon flavoured crisps in an Israeli bar. But it needs saying.
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