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Stalin's Jews
Sever Plocker
Published: 21.12.06, 23:35
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61. Stalin's Jews
Jim Coyle ,   Belfast   (12.22.06)
Just goes to show that people are all the same whatever your race. In Ireland we too love to think of ourselves as victims and therefore somehow uniquely virtuous. Always a bit of a shock when we hear that we have some of the worst b*st*rds in the world in our midst! Maybe in future some of the Palistinians will feel confident enough to confront their own rotten apples.
62. Stalin´s Jewish murderers
Gerry Frederics ,   Santiago Chile   (12.22.06)
Thank you for this astonishingly frank article. It is massively flawed and incomplete to be sure, but that it appeared at all is astounding. Gerry Frederics
63. Stalins plans
Stefan ,   Tel Aviv   (12.22.06)
I don’t think that it was by mistake that many Jews were involved in Stalins security apparatuses. I think Stalin took great care to install Jews in these positions. It probably was not too complicated to find those few Jews for the jobs taken the Russian tradition of anti-Semitism and pogroms. But they were still very much individuals. Using Jews in these jobs he could keep his own part diffuse in the purges. Everything appeared to be done by the Jews and he could channel the public outrage against Jews in general who, as always, are the ultimate scapegoats. Clearly identifiable and very hated. Extremely clever plan to get rid of the Jews for good in the final round.
64. Born as Jews means..
Rabbi Schmaltzowitz ,   Ukraine   (12.22.06)
.. means that they have Jewish NEFESH HA ELOKIS. And that doesn't go away when you subscribe to a certain political idea.
65. zionist
johnny liberaterian ,   toronto, Ontario   (12.22.06)
the zionist leadership of the jewish people has misrepresented its people more than any other leadership in the world. When you see crimes committed against the Jews, wholesale, often our zionist leaders were cooperating with the hope of driving more jews from the diaspora back to Israel and thus populating the promised land. It was a fact during WWII and during Stalinist russia. Learn the history, people.
66. Number 53
Marvin ,   California   (12.22.06)
Texans are pretty savvy people. Now we have this idiot name of World Bank who is a classic case of anti semitism gone rampant. As an American I can tell you he represents no one I know and is a discredit to his country and state. We all suffer from his parents inability to raise a decent child...They also had the same genetic defects the gave their son..Poor kid....
67. Sever Plocker Article
Mimi ,   USA   (12.22.06)
As a Christian reader of Ynet, it's almost Christmas, a celebration and no mass murderers allowed in. During this time they are all gone and no one takes the effort to even think about them again. During this time it's good to have some happy, heartwarming stories.
68. Stalinist violence was unique? Not.
Arieh Lebowitz ,   New York, USA   (12.22.06)
"In his book on the Stalinist purges, Tel Aviv University's Dr. Igal Halfin writes that Stalinist violence was unique in that it was directed internally." That can't be correct: what about Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, and the internal Cambodian genocide? That can't be correct: what about the janjaweed and the genocide in Darfur?
69. your objectivity
Robert Burt ,   Houston USA   (12.22.06)
Being myself non-Jewish, I can say with some degree of knowledge, that when anti-semitism (which is really a specifically anti-Jewish sentiment and not an attitude about semites generally) arises, it does so in consequence to behaviors which we perceive as occuring more characteristically on the part of Jews than on the part of most other genetic or ethnic groups. Of course every group does have its own inherent aspects, but these do not typically result in hostility from others, as much as some of us suspect that it probably does in the case of the Jews. We however do think that we have good reason to associate with Jewish behavior the frequent denial of unpleasant truths having to do with some Jewish actions. Many of us learn or discover what is true nevertheless, even in spite of someone's denial of it, and because of this, it is helpful -to Jews!- when a Jewish publication publishes what is true, instead of trying to construct or assist a denial or diminution of it, because it serves as good public relations for your people, helping, as it does, to show yourselves as capable of error the same as other human beings and therefore deserving of correction and improvement, as they also are. Your article about Stalin deals with a number of substantial truths somewhat courageously. For this reason my respect and admiration of your publication is improved, and I feel it would be beneficial to humanity in general if such trends would increase and continue. - Robert Burt
70. The truth is not anti semitism
David Grier ,   New York, USA   (12.22.06)
The truth is never anti semitic. The only thing anti semitic is jews denying their own history.
71. #47 well said
that's why plocker is a total idiot.
72. Stalin's jews
George Kay ,   Los Angeles, CA.   (12.22.06)
The jews had no other option but to support Communism and Stalin because of the Nazi threat in Europe. The Soviet Union took the brunt of the fight against Nazi bestialism and gained victory over it at a great cost.
73. Great Article
janks   (12.22.06)
Majority of those initiating the Bolshevik revolution, murdering over 20 million peasants, and developing communism and enforcing it for decades were jewish. This is the reality that those who are jewish have to live with and those that wish to suppress this truth have to continue to keep the rest of the world uneducated from, slander and imprison if they choose to blow the whistle.
74. stupid
Mo ,   uk   (12.22.06)
i am a Muslim and this article is without doubt a terrible article to write about jews! this is the kinda news that makes people not ignorant of the real truth and concepts of history and religion!
75. Great balls of fire.
Zoharian ,   Amalekland   (12.22.06)
The tribal reaction here is as exhuberant as it is predictable. This in-group / out-group dual morality, and the shortsightedness of denying facts, however ugly, are rather typical. You may think that ostracizing however dares disclose any unpleasent fact is a sign of strenght, but the opposite true. Kudos to this author. He's got great balls of fire...
76. Daniel , i agree with your t.b.
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.22.06)
Only a little error . If you refered to Ethel and Julius , their name was rosenbErg , not RosenbUrg .
77. leah # 32
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.22.06)
When Jews become atheist [ or even convert !] you have a man called Einstein [ you know him ?] another Salk , Sabin , who gave you the anti polyo vaccines , Boris Chain , who found the way to produce penicillin , Casimir Funk , who discovered the vitamines , Karl Landsteiner , Blood groups and with Wiener , the Rhesus factor . I can give you more . What did religious contribute ?Nothing , effes , zero .
78. Very good article
Dan ,   New York   (12.22.06)
These people were not Russians and they were not considered Russians by Russians or other Jews. They were Jews in their passports (in the Soviet Union everyone had an internal passport). They were marxist killers, socialist-internationalists, commies. Most were in mixed marriges to Russians. They wanted to be Russians "like everybody else" in the Soviet Union.
79. Plocker
stat-bob ,   MT, USA   (12.22.06)
Breathtaking objectivity. Jews are achievers in many fields.
80. A Traitor is EXACLTY like our enemy
Avraham   (12.22.06)
I came to this article via an anti-semetic website. While it was revealing, it's not new, really. MANY jews, who despised the Torah and embraced Communism (a secular religion) did things like this. To all of the goyim reading this...we Jews are people of TALENT. Unfortunately, potential, actualized, leads to atrocitiy. Don't for ONE MINUTE think what these people did have to do with jewish identity or culture. It does, rather, have to deal with G-dless people using their power in embracing a G-dless system. And to all of my fellow yidden...do NOT embrace secular philosophies - they lead, ultimately, not only to destruction of others, but also to your own and ours collectively.
81. Congratulations on giving every neo-Nazi nut on the Internet
Hate Reader   (12.22.06)
An articke from a Jewish and Israeli publication to which they can link when they want to foist their antisemitism on us. You see, the Communists who were Jewish completely and entirely rejected their heritage, their background, their religion and their history in order to become part of the new order. Those Jews who didn't do this were the persecuted while those who did do this were the persecuters. Why should we align ourselves in any way with those who rejected everything about their culture and heritage that we hold dear? This is an incredibly stupid article to publish.
82. Honesty is Healing
Foley ,   Manchester, England   (12.22.06)
I must congratulate YTNEWS for being t honest about the past instead of trying to hide it. I believe Israeli intersts are best served in being fair and honest to all people. This is the very character of the Jewish people. You guys are supposed to be models of justice and morality. Its time to leads this misrable world away from catastrophe towards which America is taking us all. Thank you ytnews.
83. Stalin's Jews
Bob ,   Rochester USA   (12.22.06)
84. To #57 The Bolshevik Jew
Thomas ,   Hungary   (12.22.06)
I am writing from the very place, where all the Commie horror took place led by the "non" Jews according to you. I am an ex-Gulag prisoner classified as enemy of the people. I am also from New Orleans and nearly not as blind and biased as you appear to be: Can't you see that after decades of Stalin's death still the chief Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel propagandist are Marxist Jews? Tony Judt wants to abolish the Jewish State, Chomsky supported the Khmer Rouge genocide, how about Medea Benjamin and my compatriot the "non-Jew" Soros waging war on all of us. Have you ever heard of Marlene Dietrich, Thomas Mann, E.M. Remarque all true Germans who had the courage and moral fortitude to denounce and to condemn the barbaric actions of their fellow Germans. This forum is reeking of moral cowardice for attacking a honest man, Mr. Plocker. By obfuscating the abominable role of Marxist Jews in spreading mayhem all over in the world you are up to pair with the Holocaust deniers in Teheran. According to your ilk Yagoda and Co. were not Jews but Russians. If it's true then Einstein was not Jew either but German according to your evasive argument. You will be reminded who Julius Rosenberg really was when you board the next cattle cars still in waiting.
85. Jews and Sabattean Jews
KayD ,   India   (12.22.06)
i don't agree with the author I refuse to demonise Jews.....but it is necessary to study the role of the elitist sect of Sabattean Atheist Jews...in the role of the rise of Labnour Zionism, Armenian Genociade, the Jewish Holocasut, Russian Communism and unfortunately the coming Second Holocaust of the Jews.... The catholics were led astray by the Luciferian Jesuits during the culling of religions in Europe, Asia , LAtin America......the JEws are also led astray by the elitist Luciferian Sabbattean ..used as tools for their final solution for atheism....hiding behind religion...humanity has to come together to fight the elitist luciferian forces who exist in every religion....catholic , islam and judaimsmm....
86. Nothing New
Don ,   South Bend   (12.23.06)
This information is nothing new, but as the truth comes out from other sources, the Jews have to cover their flanks. Actually it goes much deeper, as Jacob Schiff financed the Russian revolution. Anyone who understands Jewish Messianism sees that this type of behavior is the natural result and it is continuing in the Middle East with 650K Iraqis dead and millions starved beforehand. When will we get the article about who is responsible for that, in another 80 years? Who cares about some Jews from 80 years ago, there are plenty of them fomenting mass murder today-Chertoff, Perle, Wolfowitz, AIPAC, ADL, Fed Reserve etc…
87. Bolshevik
mike ,   Columbus usa   (12.23.06)
40% of the Bolshevik party was Jewish
88. Once Again Ynet Has Refused To Post My Comments
World Citizen ,   the world   (12.23.06)
Why is it so difficult for this site to post opinions they don't agree with? The facts are this: Atheistic Bolsheviks carried out a holocaust against Christians in Russia. This happened after the 1917 revolution and long before Stalin. Many of the leaders of Bolshevism were jews. Trotsky was a jew. Lenin, under the Israeli law of return, could have lived in Israeli has it existed. Here is a site that lists jews in high positions within the Soviet government or Communist Party from the 1917 revolution right up to the mid-eighties. http://www.revisionisthistory.org/communist.html Futhermore, Hitler hated Bolshevism first. Might it be in the realm of possibility that Hitler percecuted jews because they were Bolsheviks first and jews second? And could it be possible that the people of eastern Europe and Russian (early in the war) were willing collaborators with the nazis because of the persecution they had endured under Bolshevism? If Israelis and jews in general want to understand some of the hostility shown them maybe they should become familiar with their own history. Understanding the concept of kharma might also give insight into your sad history.
89. Jews??? were they not atheists?
ygalg   (12.23.06)
90. to 51
ygalg   (12.23.06)
of course Jews are not exempt from failings, human beings after all. Jews it's a religious term not a secular. they were born of religious folks, they however were not religious. they denied the long time tradition and lived by their own established dogma (communism). how exactly 'it' link to Judaism, where it was of atheistic approach...?
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