US poll: Israel alone named 'vital friend'
Yitzhal Benhorin
Published: 23.02.07, 01:24
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61. #33 AR - you'll notice I never mention historic reasons
sheri ,   rockville maryland   (02.23.07)
... I find the historic reasoning on both sides, who had it when in the past, to be less than my kind of logic, and I don't think it has much to do with why Israel should exist to a non-Jew. Nor that Arabs had it before the Ottoman empire has any validity. So, I that's why I skipped all those "arguments". FYI, the talkbacks also have many, many more religions "enthusists" with "bible quotes and g-d gave it to us" than the relative percentage in Israel. ...took me a while to get used to.
62. More like "bloodsucker"
Wissam ,   .ps   (02.23.07)
63. #15 I'm proud to be a Israel's friend!! Because...
Mike ,   Mount Vernon, WA USA   (02.23.07)
G-d LOVES Israel!! He always has, and He always will. I know the poll says that USA is only 63% list Israel as a 'vital friend', but I myself am 100% behind Israel. I can't believe that way that the UN calls Israel a terrorist country. You are just trying to protect yourselves from evil Muslim terrorists, Yes MUSLIM terrorists. OOPS I guess I was not supposed to say they ARE MUSLIM, but that is the simple truth! No matter what the Muslims bring at you Israel you have a better friend even than that of the USA, You are G-d's chosen people. What could be better than that??? Isreal will endure and be the victor!!
64. America does not like ISrael
We only put up with you because of the Jewish lobby. No one is jealous of the USa- we are a joke.
USA doesnt like Israel anymore then Iran- its a pain in the A22.
66. Gallup Poll
Firebird7478 ,   Philadelphia   (02.23.07)
They never polled me. I think Israel is the greated threat to the United States. It siphons $3 billion out of our taxes each year, develops nuclear weapons (while lying about it), and spies on us routinely, without retribution. Israel is a country full of leeches and parasites. Once they suck the U.S. dry and destroy it from the inside (AIPAC), they will move on to the next ally, I mean, victim.
67. Our friend
Patrick ,   Deerfield Beach USA   (02.23.07)
You must be kidding,Who did you poll?Israel is Hell bent on total distruction.Also an Aparthide rouge state.I will not support any future presidential canidate that claims Israel as a friend.Friends like israel who needs enemies.
68. But Israel needs more friends
Y ,   N   (02.23.07)
And that should not be so difficult to do. Just play your cards right and in the future more countries will be sympathetic towards Israel.
69. #33 AR You didn't answer my question
Tess   (02.23.07)
On #15 you stated the following: "What a bunch of hipocrits. I dont wanna hear any americans call people terrorist and say that they dont want to fight for freedom. What do you think palestinians are? What their blowing themselve up because they hate jews? That is dumb they are doing it because they want freedom. They want a better life for their children and want to end Israeli Occupation." Those are your words. My question for you on #21 was: Could you please explain how exactly do suicide bombers advance the cause of freedom and a better life for their children? And if they blow themselves up not because they hate Jews, then why do they target Jewish civilian men, women, the elderly and children?
70. Americans Stupid?
Benjamin R Hiatt ,   Portland Oregon, USA   (02.23.07)
Ok, I have had just about enough of people outside of the US with their ludicrous stereotypes of Americans as stupid. Let’s take a look at the 2006 Nobel Laureates, shall we? Physics: John C. Mather (American) & George F. Smoot (American) Chemistry: Roger D. Kornberg (American) Physiology or Medicine: Andrew Z. Fire (American) & Craig C. Mello (hey he is American too!) Economics: Edmund S. Phelps (well what do you know, another American) We let the non-Americans have the Literature and Peace prizes, I suppose it would have been in bad taste to take ALL of the awards. Take a look at the newest most successful businesses in the world and you will find Americans as well (ala Google and Microsoft).
71. Poor American tax payers
This is the most expensive friendship in the history , costing the Americans more than anyone can imagin , Money , lifes , wars , no security , more anti America around the world , hate and so .... enjoy your friendship America ... IF ... it's true and not zionists loby propaganda .... by the way Pollard he is one those best friends you have .
72. #15 AR
Oleg ,   USA   (02.23.07)
"What do you think palestinians are? What their blowing themselve up because they hate jews?" 1. Your beloved Pals are idiots -- they would get everything if they would stop violence. 2. They hate Jews, look at their media and education how they spread their hate to kids etc. etc. Have you ever found anything like Pals have in Israel? Why? 3. they really think they would get 72 virgins. Stupid, but fact. Just between you and me -- there are no so many virgins in our G-d possession any more. 4. they need money to support the rest of the family. they have never tried to create any type of economy -- I'm telling you they are just dumb. 5. the world will hate America no matter if it support Israel or not -- the world just hate those who are strongest. 6. By the way remember how Pals celebrated 911, or how their piece of crap Arafat supported Saddam's invasion to Kuwait? Nice guys.
73. Sorry Tess i did write you back but Ynet Cencored it.
AR ,   USA   (02.23.07)
74. US poll: Israel alone named 'vital friend'
Patrick B. Leek ,   Bexley, Ohio U.S.A.   (02.23.07)
I wish they wouldn't show polls like this. It gives ammo to folks like Carter, Farrakhan, Buchanan, Sharpton etc who hate Israel and use statistics like this to try and prove that Jews control the media. And the ones that responded that the Palestinian Arabs are merely 'Freedom Fighters' are the same ones who would not feel an ounce of sympathy if Israel was nuked or Israelis were driven to the sea. Seems it's trendy thought among the extreme liberals and extreme conservatives alike.
75. Tim Osman?
Katie ,   corpus christi   (02.23.07)
Wasn't that Osama bin Ladens name in the CIA? Look it up. Yep, that was/Is it alright.
truth strikes again   (02.23.07)
Unresonable / dishonest hatred can never bare the truth. Israel wants peace...just not the peace that will comes to those who would murder her should they suceed. The murderers want peace...just after Israel's death. The problem in a nut shell: Israel refuses to die. G-d bless Israel.
77. AR, we need your sympathy....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.23.07)
like we need lung cancer. isarel is probably the least cruel nation in the ME. Look at what her neighbors do to each other all the time. It's funny that we never see the lies of you condemn suicide bombings, or condemn the teaching and spreading of hate in the Muslim world. Its as if you choose not to see those things and only see what Isarel does in response. This is the type of bias we see in the Muslim and Arab nations which makes it very hard to attain peace.
78. From an evangelical perspective
PDR ,   TEXAS - USA   (02.23.07)
So much to comment but I will attempt brevity. At the risk of being rude, "AR" and anyone of like mind is at best - a moron. regardless of the polls, I submit Israel maintains a favorable place with Americans because of the growing knowledge of what the Bible truly teaches. This is in no small part because of we evangelical Christians. Having said that, I would like to clarify, or should I say, shine the light of truth on some items from this perspective. 1 The Jews, i.e., the descendants of Abraham, are God's chosen. Forever, end of story. One may not like that fact, so be it, but it is declared, for all the world, for all time in God's word. They will always have God's favor and be dearest to His heart, ahead of any Gentile (like me). We who bless them will be blessed, those who curse them will be cursed. Anyone considering themselves to be Christian should be adherent to this willingly AND out of obedience. 2 No evangelical (at least not a sane one) WANTS to "be nice" to Israel in an attempt to "fast track" the end of the world. This is as preposterous an idea as it would be impossible. The world will end, to be sure, but in God's time. Jesus Himself told the apostles that even He didn't know the day, the hour, etc., ONLY God the Father knows that. Nothing we do has control over that - God is in control. 3 As an evangelical, we know that Jews. like everyone else, need a savior. That said, when a Jew comes to recognize Jesus as Messiah, he'she doesn't STOP being a Jew. Conversion is incoorect and inaapropriate. If one is Jewish, they never cease to be jewish - nor should anyone ever consider implying that. God gave special instructions to the Jews as part of their being His chosen. The Law, the Feasts, etc., are always to be maintained, as God Himself directed. No Gentile was worthy of that, still isn't. We Gentile believers were only given consideration by God at all because not every Jew (at that time) accepted Jesus. So to imply that a Gentile Christian is in any way preferred or superio to a Jew is false, insulting, and simply ignorant. 4 With no insult intended to any Jewish reader, we (evangelicals) do know that we owe much to the Jews. That we came to know God because of Jews long since passed on and can still receive blessings from God by blessing (and loving and supporting and praying for , etc, etc etc., ) Israel and God's chosen. We also know that "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" meaning that everyone needs salvation. Recognizing most do not understand and/or accept this, Jews also need salvation and also can recieve that through accepting Jesus. Being chosen means that you were set aside, for special favor by God, and also so that the world would come to know God through you. It doies not mean automatic salvation. If such were the case, the Law would not need be, nor the conditions/offerings for atonement. However, this in no way negates anything about being Jewish. A jew who is saved by grace, through faith, is saved, same as that for a Gentile. The only "conversion" involved is the same for anyone, that your heart is "converted" when it is filled by the power of the holy spirit. A Gentile is still a gentile and a Jew is tsill a Jew, saved or not. And, saved or not, a Jew is still one of God's chosen. 5 In closing - sorry for the length - my intent is not to insult anyone, but as a Christian, with a good bit of seminary traing completed, I wanted to clarify some of the many misconceptions I so often hear and see. I, like any true Christian, will always pray for the peace of israel and bless it in any way I can because God wants us to do so. After all He has done for us, shouldn't we want to do as He asks?
79. #67-Patrick. A "SCHMO" says WHAT ??
RCA ,   USA   (02.23.07)
80. 54..U and those like u make me laugh
truth strikes again   (02.23.07)
Make up your minds, is Israel all powerful or an insignificaint nothing? Or are you just filled with so much fear and hatred that you need to blame Jews? Will the Islamafacists kill you if you don't hate the Jews? Don't be afraid, they'll kill you anyway....if they can.
81. #67, Patrick...move out already...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.23.07)
"Israel is hell bent on total distructioin" Brilliant!!! where did you get this stuff, your local mosque? And there is a difference between self defence from a culture of deat and apartheid. You will be hard pressed to find a US president that does not support Israel, so I suggest you move back to Saudi Arabia or Iran, which ever one you came from.
82.  57.... Don't be such a bore
truth strikes again   (02.23.07)
How many Canadians did the USA innocently and accidently kill in Afganistan? How many friendly fire victims are there during war time? Did America want to hurt or cause harm to Canada? Of course not, it was a terrible mistake and a heartbreaking loss to both sides. To lose loved ones and/or to be the innocent cause of lost love ones...devastating.
83. #27 You are no Christian!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.23.07)
Do you not fear G-D to say such wicked lies about the Jewish people - His dearly beloved! YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS G-D is a G-D to be feared! Bible, Psalm 119:120 My flesh trembles for fear of You, and I am afraid of Your judgments.
84. Most Americans are OPPOSED to Islamic TERROR State in Israel
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.23.07)
Israel's Jews are our very dear brothers and sisters. Americans believe deeply in justice, freedom and human rights. STOP the Wicked Ethnic Jew Cleansing! STOP the EVIL JEW-HATE Israel, we want you to live. Americans want an Israel that's strong and secure! Not one inch of Jewish Holy Land to those who declare openly they want to murder every Jew.
AVRAHAM ,   JERUSALEM   (02.24.07)
86. 84
FL   (02.24.07)
if you feel that strongly, move there. We don't need you here.
87. Oh yeah, we believe this poll
House Goy ,   Miami,usa   (02.24.07)
You have got to be kidding me. Most people I know DO NOT support the state of Israel. More BS from the "Mainstream Media". What a joke.
88. Daisy you're right - same values
Canadian ,   Canada   (02.24.07)
- violence, bullying - military force - occupation of other people's lands - gov't by deception, lies - propgaganda, brainwashing - whitewashing of history - self-interest at expense of other people
89. Josh - the facts
Canadian ,   Canada   (02.24.07)
Read Michael Neumann's The Case Against Israel and Ilan Pappé's books, especially his latest history book "the Ethnic Clansing of Palestine." THAT's where you find the FACTS and not the propaganda and whitewashing of history by Israel.
90. Right on Trevor #51
Canadian ,   Canada   (02.24.07)
Sad about the Israelis and USers! Why should the USA usurp the term American for themselves - they are only one country in North and South America! Sheesh How selfish, egoistic! ... so I kind of like using USer
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