IDF intelligence: Iran, Hizbullah preparing for possible US strike
Ronny Sofer
Published: 01.04.07, 15:49
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61. Iran
Phil ,   Marietta, GA USA   (04.02.07)
Steve, What have you been smoking? Iran has done nothing? I wonder if you will feel the same when an Iranian nuclear fireball appears above one of our cities?
62. BS
eddie ,   usa   (04.02.07)
Just another attempt to have the US fight Israels wars. If I were president, I would cut all ties with Israel and let them fend for themselves. All of our tax dollars go towards the defense of Israel which is complete BS. Even if we went to war with Iran, Israel would supply no troops whatsoever.
63. Tresspassing in Iran -Tim Columbus
Jimmy ,   Wellington, NZ.   (04.02.07)
You Sir are a total moron. You are entering an area which you know absolutely nothing about. It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth thereby removing all doubt.
64. Trespassing? Get real
Frank ,   Meridian   (04.02.07)
Lisa how do you know the British were trespassing? With satellites and drones available why would they use rubber rafts to spy. The Iranians are pulling the same crap they pulled before when they stormed our embassy in 79 and kidnapped the entire staff, surely you know history repeats itself.
65. A big DUH
Gary ,   Dallas TX   (04.02.07)
World puts sanctions on Iran Iran doesn't like it Does what every other dictator lead country does Take hostages. Parade them and force them to make statements with promises of going home.... They ABDUCTED the Brits. Now they will play it out like they have done for years. "Yes we will give you back your soldiers if you admit you are evil and trespassers and ignorant. And you lift sanctions... Also our people will see how powerful and justified my lies are to them."
66. To Steve, #37
GUY ,   USA   (04.02.07)
Iran has done nothing are? Are you kidding me? They sponsor almost 80% of the world's terrorism with their oil money. Their religious psycho leaders are trying to develop nuclear weapons too. The situation in Iraq is all because of Iran and Hezbollah is also their fault too. If Iran would be defeated in a war and their psycho government is overthrown, we will be a lot closer to world peace than we are now. -Peace-
67. Yee Byes better get er ready cause she comes soon
Malcolm ,   NL Canada   (04.02.07)
Yis Bye,on the banks.
68. more threats
Not Stupido ,   city, country   (04.02.07)
69. We're all dead
Eric ,   Boston, MA   (04.02.07)
There is a Persian saying; "Kiss the hand you can't cut off." Hamas has accomplished more through terrorism in the past 2 years than in the past 20 years of diplomacy. So guess what... As for this situation, they could nuke several US cities and all Americans would do would be to make Youtube video calling it a government conspiracy. We're all gonna die in complete denial. There will be no "War" Iran can't fund it. They don't have enough money to fund flight operations for more than 6 hours per week. There will just be bombs and finger pointing. We deserve our fate for being so stupid.
70. Now not later!
apt ,   USA   (04.02.07)
I agree with Zoinist Forever: If you really want to find out how all this maddess is going to pan out you can read all about it in Ezekiel 38,39. Even tells how Russia aids Iran. I believe before this war breaks out,and it will.There will be a whole lot of people disapear,think I'll go pack.
71. to Funkmaster
Doug ,   Portland, OR USA   (04.02.07)
World War II was won by the Allies due to their control of airsoace over Europe and Japan. Did we have to put boots on the ground of mainland Japan to defeat it? Not a single one. "Just two nukes did the job. Iraq One was stunning victory over Iraq's military, again primarily due to our far superior Air Force. I'm not saying that the US will nuke Iraq, I agree that in all probability won't happen. But don't kid yourself that it couldn't if it wanted to. " Your history seems to come from your favorite Hollywood productions. Air power won WWII? Hitler sending the cream of his forces into a frozen Russian hell while Russia absorbed losses of over 50 million dead had no effect? 10 million Germans marched into Russia. Less than 10,000 ever came home. Boots on the ground. Russia had more. As for Vietnam, Nixon authorized almost unlimited bombing without bringing N. Vietnam to negoiations. Japan? Give me a break. It's defeat was nothing if not an example of boots over bombs. Ask any Marine. There is a reason that the US has disbanded NORAD and SAC while mothballing most Trident subs.: No American President would order mass murder on the scale brought about by the use of nuclear weapons. Every president since Bush 1 has admitted as much openly. Clinton even said he wouldn't decide on retaliation until AFTER a US city was destroyed by a Russian nuclear weapon. A weapon you won't use is not a weapon.
72. #37
Kevin ,   Seattle,USA   (04.02.07)
Just call anybody you don't agree with a racist. Typical. IMO the description "racist" will prove to be a more damaging ( to humankind at large ) label than any possible ethnic slur.
73. What are you smoking??
Imrahill ,   Spain   (04.02.07)
I cant believe there are people so dumb around here that would believe that Iran is preparing to strike the US. Really...anyone who even thinks this is possible needs to learn a lot about geopolitics.
74. Doug
Funkmaster Chris ,   NYC, USA   (04.02.07)
WWi would not have been won without the bombing from the air in support of the ground troops. Ask any Marine, as you say. No American would drop the bomb? Hello, remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Funny you should mention Clinton- didn;t he put the Serbs in Bosnia out of business solely through the use of air power? Not one boot on the ground. Where are you getting your history from?
75. Stop
Abraham ,   Cleveland, Ohio   (04.02.07)
You must stop your racist rants. We must appear as non-racist otherwise our plans will be ruined.
76. hezbollah wont agree
HEZBOLLAH   (04.02.07)
hezbollah wont be included in another summer war as they are still trying to aid lebanons infrastructure and the destroyed buildings. they wont get the lebanese people into another war so soon. if there would be then it would be completely isreals fault ( ie invading) syria might be stupid enough to get into a war with america, and america would enjoy this oppurtunity to continue the pipeline from iraq to syria and maybe (but doubt it) through lebanon into the mediteranean sea. hezbollah takes no orders from iran, just funding. iran would take care of itself. syria iswhat i am worried about.
77. War of Religions
George ,   Canada   (04.02.07)
When will you all realize that this is not a war of oil, or terrorists, or evil regimes? This is a war of Religions. Islam against Christiens. It has always been since the time of the crusades, and it will never end until one of the two no longer exists. Stop referring to the nuclear Iran, or the terrorists funded by Syria or Saudi Arabia. Open your eyes, and see that a catastrophic war of the two largest religions of the world is upon us. Once you've seen this, ask yourselves this: Is it better to go to war against Islam and send the world into the largest war of all times, or is it better to find a viable solution to let both religions prosper in peace?
78. iran and sailors
josef192 ,   nyack USA   (04.02.07)
they only respect violence. release the 14 or destroy the nuc facilities, the government offices and their air force/defense installations. End of Discussion
79. Degenerate nations
Gerry ,   Dallas, TX   (04.02.07)
I beleive Yossi was referring to Iran, Syria, and the wanna be nation of Palestine. Three of the most ethically, politically, and religiously corrupt places on Earth. Places where the only thing that spews faster than oil is misplaced hatred. Instead of hating the mullahs and dark age dogma that damns them to perpetual squallor and worldwide disdain, they point the finger at the nations that buy one of the few products they produce. The mullahs better hope the world never develops alternate fuels in large quantities. If we do, that whole region is going to return to living in mud huts when their GDP decreases 90%. Once those morons finally push too hard they won't even have tourism because who is going to want to visit a bombed out moonscape.
80. Iran Preparing for War with USA
Patrick ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.02.07)
Iran and their surrogates in Hizbullah are preparing for war with the USA? How are these stone-age armies going to defend against JDAMs (and if they really get unlucky, MIRVs)? Face it folks, if the USA wanted to wipe out Iran, we could do it in 30 minutes. We haven't attacked Iran because we hope that these bozos wake up and kick out the wacko mullahs before it it too late for them and their hapless country.
81. Yeah, it's those evil Jews Again
Simba ,   Nashville, TN   (04.02.07)
Don't you anti-semitic morons ever get tired of embarrassing yourself ? the answer is obviously no.
82. #37...Steve you are very naive!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.02.07)
You say "Iran has done NOTHING" Are you joking? Iran funds, trains and houses terrorists. This is a known fact. These scumbags are the ones killing US troops in Iraq, attacking Israel's northern borders and firing rockets from Lebanon. Ignoring or denying reality is a dangerous game, Steve. Get real and realize that there are bad people in this world. The US and Israel are not the bad guys, regardless of what the liberal left thinks and tells you.
TOM ,   USA WV   (04.02.07)
84. Muslim hatred of the Western world...
Dan Gibson ,   Florida, USA   (04.02.07)
There has never been a better time to take Iran out, strategically. The precision of the new air to ground super-bunker-busters will completely and absolutely, once and for all, put an end to the murderers in Iran and their nuclear ambitions. It will also be the time that should be used to finish off Iraqs "insurgents" (murderers of their own people).. There should be no more "early warnings" so the millitary infrastructure can move their war machines into school houses, hospitals and mosques. No more "embedded" journalists to send back slanted and pure unadulatered liberal bias back to the good people of the United States and the rest of the free world. No more of our "deaf ears" on the fact that EVERY ONE OF THE 9/11 TERRORISTS WERE FROM SAUDI ARABIA. Forget the political correctness and do this war correctly and with a vengence as they did in WWII. God bless America.
85. Oh come on!
OA ,   Washington DC   (04.02.07)
People are aware of the typical Israeli propoganda that it uses to justify force against innocent Arabs in the region! Claiming that Hezbollah, in Lebanon, created to end the occupation and daily breaches by Israel into Lebanon, are trying to attack the US are utter LIES! You keep trying to scare people and to build this connection with the US that you are both victims of terror is just ignorant. Pull out of peoples land. Give people equality and treat others as you would like to be treated then MAYBE you may no longer have the problems you have today! Wake up! "Any state that perpetrates occupation cannot be called a democratic state."
86. IDF claim
Ed Blair ,   Atlanta   (04.02.07)
If the Israeli intelligence is no more reliable than its WMD claims that suckered George Bush then we can dismiss them out of hand. The jingoist Israelis do like to manufacture fiction.
87. You are right - they are anti-semites
simba ,   Nashville USA   (04.02.07)
Over the years I have learned that when someone says "zionist" it's simply a coded word for "rotten Jew". Anyone with an atom of sense knows that Iran is a pariah among nations, supports terrorism and lauds religious fanaticism and martyrdom. Just the type you wanna see with a nuke.
88. Doug, get a %$#% History book for Pete's sake
Simba ,   Tennessee USA   (04.02.07)
Germany 's population was about 50 million so it is impossible for 10 million to have invaded the USSR. The figures quoted on loss of life in the USSR rise decade by decade. Initially, it was 10 million, then20 and now 50? By the way, over a million Nazis returned - not "10,000" You might try reading something besides National Enquirer
89. I love it. Americans complaining about violations of geneva.
AR ,   USA   (04.02.07)
What a hypocrit. Iran puts brits on tape and we are supposed to jump up and demand an apology but america tortures civilians in abu grahb, Guantanamo, Bagram etc etc but no problem with that. Shut up what a bunch of ignorant right wing fox watching douch bags.
AR ,   USA   (04.02.07)
If you were surrounded by super powers on all your flanks what would you do. Idiots think that we have the right to go around the world and bomb people but when we get hit they call them terrorist what garbage what ignorant racist people you all are. ITS THE PERSIAN GULF NOT THE ANGLO AMERICAN GULF. IRAQ IS A LAND LOCKED COUNTRY ANYWAY THEY GOT NO CLAIM TO THE PERSIAN GULF ANYWAY THAT IS WHY SADDAM INVADED KUWAIT IN THE FIRST PLACE IDIOTS. THAT RIVER BELONGS TO IRAN.
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