Israel has highest fertility rate in Europe
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 10.04.07, 12:03
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1. israel is not european
israeli stat. better compared to neighbour countries not to europe
2. Israel is NOT Europe!
3. avarage/medium
peter ,   amsterdam   (04.10.07)
As the avarage is just a statistic, a number, it doesn't tell you anything about the median in fertility, the women who bear children. In Europe the number is 1.8(!) child per woman and in Israël is is 3. The women bearing more than avarage children in Israël are in the Dati sector, the Arab sector and in the lower income brackets~poverty. Nothing to get excited about, let alone be proud of.
4. Israel is also considered Europe
Tom ,   Israel   (04.10.07)
Especially culturally. That's why we participate in the Eurovision, and if I'm not mistaken there was also an offer to make us part of the EU but Israel refused. Besides, the article didn't say Israel was in Europe, it just compared these statistics with that of European countries. If we were compared to our neighbouring countries, we would actually be at the bottom at matters such as birth rate.
5. European ratings? Israel is not a European country!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (04.10.07)
And we are at the bottom within our region. Arabs, our nemesi, have some 10-20 children per family.
6. is it organic fertilizer ?
7. strong relation between doctors& fertility; they decrease it
8. isnt europe arabia?! anyhow yes israel isnt europe.
susan ,   israel   (04.10.07)
9. israel is as european as Turkey, Cyprus or Malta!
aaron ,   ra'anana   (04.10.07)
10. #5 Where do Arabs get money to support 10-20 kids per family
11. MOTHERS ! Heaven under their foots
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (04.10.07)
STRESS is no good for mothers. How I wish Mothers SPEAK LOUD TO WORLD as below ; * We didnt bring our Childreen into world for BAD POLITICIANS DREAMS" I kiss all Mothers hands with respect. Mothers are Real Angels. Some lucy, some not ! But all beautiful Some educated, some not But all beautiful Some dark skin, some brown But all beautiful Some long hair, some short But all beautiful Some black eyes, some blue But all beautiful Some blond, some dark But all beautiful Some old, some young But all beautiful Some with us, some in HEAVEN. They (their prayings) always watch us, no matter where they are love Atilla Karagözoğlu
13. israel is Europe,you could have fooled me!
alan   (04.10.07)
14. Lets not insult Israel by calling her a European country!
Yonatan ,   USA   (04.10.07)
Andrew ,   Miami,Fl   (04.10.07)
17. Atilla, you must have a great soul(End).
dd   (04.10.07)
18. #2 Israel may not be Europe geographically...
Alexander ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (04.10.07)
...but if we compare the Israeli stats to those of Israel's immediate neighbors, it's like comparing the mathematical knowledge of a 10 year old to that of a university professor.
20. #18 arabs created maths :)
Ray ,   Australia   (04.10.07)
in fact you are actually using arabic numerals as oposed to roman numerals in your everyday life. But thats not all. Hebrew was born from aramaic the first alphabet, which came from lebanon. Medicine was also brought to you by the arabs as was Law. I could go on. In fact most of todays professions came from the arabs.
21. A sudden tectonic large scale shift
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (04.10.07)
would be required for Israel to be a part of Europe, which is more likely to happen than peace with Israel's neighbours.
22. Eurpoe ?????
Forget it ... who wants to be Europian he should go back to his mother land from where he came .
23. #15 - Rashid, keep posting!
A fan   (04.10.07)
24. There are 20,000 abortions in Israel each year
Carl ,   Indiana, USA   (04.10.07)
Jewish women have fewer children than Arab women. It's the so called "settler women", so despised by their more secular sisters, that are keeping the birth rate high in Israel. Still, Arabs will overtake Jews in Israel in a few decades.
25. Israel part of Europe??
Abir ,   Chicago, IL USA   (04.10.07)
Israel is not a part of Europe. It is in Asia and its characteristics should be compared with those of Asian countries. Although, I am not sure how we would compare to Japan, S. Korea, Singapore or even China. We seem to feel glamorized in considering ourselves Europeans. We certainly do not behave, act, speak, or lead lives like Europeans. Asian/Middle Eastern is more like it. And with the current levels of corruption, lawlesness, and impotent leadership, we fit right into our surroundings.
26. error
Herschel ,   New York, USA   (04.10.07)
um, Israel is not in Europe.
27. #20 if Arabs "invented" math, then what were Euclid and
Archimedes doing hanging around Ancient Greece? picking their noses? Arabs haven't "invented" anything since the 11th century. You list ends there.
28. #20 - Aramaic was created by Jews
Observer ,   Middle East   (04.10.07)
"Hebrew was born from aramaic the first alphabet, which came from lebanon." Hate to pull you off this little arab high horse you're riding, but just because Jews aren't living in Lebanon before, we are still considered part of the semitic ancestors of that region. Hebrew is a modern form of aramaic, our ancient language. We are arabs too, even though they don't call us brother's because of religious differences. Get your facts straight, arabs didn't create jack without the Hebrews;)
stupid humans. the earth resources are stretching thin. stop pumpoing put all those kids- especically in the war zone of israel.
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (04.10.07)
Don't make Israel look like a Christian Crusader state. Ultimately Israel has to get along with its neighbors, not the Europeans.
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