Report: Israel spots nuclear installations in Syria
Published: 12.09.07, 14:21
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61. What most important for ASSAD ?
Franklin ,   Paris, France   (09.12.07)
Golan...or Lebanon ??? This crazy dictator is suffering about losing Lebanon , and facing the UN persecutors because of his terrorist campaign against Lebanon. The treat on Israel and the risk of a WWW3 is the price he intend to pay with his Iranians acolytes. Russia, China, and the NCoreans waiting like carrion eater's to reap the benefits ....while the US are "negociating" their retreat from Irak. ............Hoping I'm wrong
62. #22 Yes! here is the proof
observer   (09.12.07)
suddenly Olmert emergent as the intelligent wise. It takes a lot of intelligence to imply something to the people and make them think that they deduced or discovered it by themselves. Or, is it just the Jew's instinct for survival "in office".
63. #16 who calls the UN in action now?
my my... do you think also israel should be punished by the UN for having more than 200 nukes and repeatedly threatened everyone on earth to use it? i remember you are the same jews that called the UN impotent and useless and not to be listened when it did nto serve your purposes during hezbollah war. you little clever devils.
Roni Rado ,   Memphis, Tennessee   (09.12.07)
Syria has said that they have yet to deliver their "response".
65. #46 should have been addressed to Peter Morris, #28
Chatich   (09.12.07)
Not #20. Sorry for any confusion.
66. Respect
Charles ,   TX USA   (09.12.07)
You have have to respect Israel for having the balls to do something about a potential threat. There is no going to ask for permission, or whining to the UN. They identify a problem and act. While I don't always agree with this mentality, sometimes the best way to resolve an issue is a nice swift smack in the teeth. It gets your targets attention and they know you mean business.
67. Syrian/Iran/N.Korea/China/Russia
Michael ,   Texas   (09.12.07)
Well is anyone supprised that Syria has nuclear installaitons supplies by N. Korea and set-up by China. How in the world do you thing the terrorist in Iraq are getting there IED's. Would you believe Iran via Ex communist block countries via Russia production serial numbers. Supprise, not to me!
68. The Koreans can shove it
Aaron ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.12.07)
The seriousness of this incident cannot be underestimated. It was obvious that there was a damn good reason. We can't allow rouge regimes to buy nukes from the commies. Chaim Yizroel!
69. #25 fadi
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.12.07)
Fadi We know about the jihad drive of every 'good' moslem .we see it in action ,the war has already begun for Islamic dominance across the world We hear the words of Iran and Syria's leader's and we see whose side Putin is on. Israel and the Jew ARE THE CANARY IN THE COAL MINE. By God ,Israel better fight because the nations of the world will sit by and do nothing but watch once again.
70. Peace requires...
Jon ,   USA   (09.12.07)
In order for a diplomatic solution to breing about peace, BOTH SIDES have to be able to come to a mutually agreeable solution. But the fanatical islamists have stated publicly (OBL being the latest) that for THEM the only acceptable outcome is the elimination of ALL 'zionists' via convertion or death. This is NOT a mutually agreeable solution. To sum up, this means peace, because of the position of the fanatical islamists, IS NOT POSSIBLE. No matter how many trees you hug, no matter what incentives are offered, no matter how self depreicating the West (and Israel) is, no matter how many words or the sincerity and context of those words are, there STILL is not a mutually agreeable position that the West (and Israel) and the fanatical islamists can reach. Thus, once again, PEACE is not possible BECAUSE of the positon of the radical islamists.
71. #46 & others "always the victim"
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (09.12.07)
This always the victim thinking is obviously ingrained early. Take this news item... "An ancient tunnel was recently discovered in Jerusalem that Jewish residents used to flee the Romans 2,000 years ago, beneath the debris of a monument that depicted scenes of the destruction of the Second Temple in the year 70 A.D.." What the hell has the discovery got to do with an escape route. How does the writer know it was an escape route for Jews. Looking further into the article and the writer admits there is no proof it was an "escape" route. Why then turn the article into a "Jews were the victims" article. This is just typical of so many contributors on this and other web sites. If all you people genuinly feel like "victims" then you would know what the Palestinians are going through. Obviously none of you do. I am just amazed at the number of brainwashed "victims" who regurgitate rubbish and in the end probably believe it.
72. Bush was right
Booboo ,   San Juan, USA   (09.12.07)
Gee look at that - there really is an axis of evil. Wonder if liberals will admit they were wrong.
73. Aharon, #26, you are sadly misinformed.
sk ,   USA   (09.12.07)
"International law is clear, one simply cannot gain territory during war. It is that simple." That's news to me. Since international law is so clear on this issue, could you please indicate what statutes you have in mind? Incidentally, please do not quote any UN resolution unless it is a Security Council Resolution under Chapter VII. thanks.
74. #28 Peter: Your "facts" fall far short
Sagi #20 has it right. The only reason the casualty numbers are what they are is because of military capability. The Palis don't have enough to mount a major attack or they would. However, they use whatever they are given on a daily basis. Furthermore, "neighbors" who do have a robust military capability have "in fact" tried to use it against Israel and have been defeated up to now. You seem to conveniently forget about that "fact." You, sir, are the spin doctor. You select the facts you like and try to spin them into the reality you would like to believe rather than the reality that really exists.
75. #18... Thank you, Mr. President!
By the way, how dem English classes comin' along?
76. the lie gets bigger everyday
dawood ,   berlin   (09.12.07)
tomorrow olmert is gonna say we bombed a space ship carrying the hizbullah flag!!! this comedy just goes to prove that israel failed with whatever attempt it was trying to carry out, now its trying to cover this failure with magnified lies to justify its act in order to avoid embarrasment in the eyes of its people and the world body, yet then again what has olmert done other then bring about embarrasment to his country...
77. To 57 - read him again
Shai ,   IL   (09.12.07)
"The lies, spin and crazy religious bias I read on Jewish websites such as the Idea Islam is taking over the world is as crazy as the idea Jews want to rule the world which is labelled as anti semetic. " I think he said that what's "crazy" is that the "idea Jews want to rule the world" is "anti-semetic'. The idea isn't crazy, that it's called "anti-semetic" is crazy to him.
78. #18
all you Arabs and Muslims keep talking about Israel and America being "the police of the world", but it is actually the arab countries that act as if it's their moral obligation to rid the world of the racist state of israel acting as if there are no other issues in the world, when they infact have some of the most racist regimes in the world. you want us to "go back to our countries?" fine. when all Muslims immigrants leave Europe,America and Australia and all other places they don't belong to, we will leave Israel. DEAL?
79. #28
in WWII more Germans were killed than britains and americans. does it mean that Germany were "the good guys"? i don't get this logic of "even killing". we shouldn't have to explain ourselves just because we know to protect ourselves better than the arabs. you say that the claim that Islam is trying to takeover the world is equal to the antisemitic say that jews want to rule the world. i have to disagree. it's not those "jewish websites" that gives you that impression,but it's the Muslims themselves (well, radical Muslims and the silent moderates). all you have to do is search some videos on youtube and see them saying with their own lips that 'Islam will rule the world', 'will takeover europe',ect... so when a Jewish website quote those people it's not the same as arab media who makes up blunt lies and haven't got a single prove to back it up.
80. Am I the only one.....
David Nathan ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.12.07)
that believes the movie "Team America:World Police" is a depiction of what is really happening on this planet? Kim Jon Il of N.Korea being the real terrorist and supplying all the WMD's????? It was a funny movie, but strangely true.......
81. #76 Dawood
Martin ,   USA   (09.12.07)
Here are the facts - * Syria is upset over an incursion into its airspace by Israel * Israel shuts up about the "incident" * Syria says that is appropriate * F15 fuel tanks are found on the Turkish/Syrian border. * News reports that American and Israeli military are happy with the outcome * News reports that the planned target was most likely a weapons cache for transfer to Hizbollah What I think happened: Israel intelligence heard about the North Korean nuclear technology being sent to Syria and Iran To confirm this, they sent reconnaisance flights into Syria to photograph the installations As a diversion, Israel also bombed a cache of weapons that were meant for delivery to Hezbollah. Syria has been slow in trying to get the world to condemn the Israeli action and basically kept quiet about what happened. Other than to state that Israel violated its airspace. Now it appears as though the Israeli overflights are justified. I suspect that it is only a matter of time before Israel bombs the hell out of those facilities or Syria pre-empts that strike with one of their own. Either way, Syria is going to go up in smoke.
82. Rediculous...
jon sebastiani ,   San Diego, USA   (09.12.07)
After reading the comments here it is still funny to see what countries are still pacifists (Canada), and what countries want to preempt attacks on their own soil Israel, USA. Go get em IDF!
83. Quit whining about body counts number 3#
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.12.07)
Your Liberal buddies in America abort 2700 babies everyday of the week in the United States. If you or the Liberals really gave a crap about Human would be picketing the damn abortion clinics rather than the war every bloody week. Tell the blacks that half a million dead americans weren't worth their freedom either during the Civil War. I'm sure they will be impressed.
84. It is time ...
NIck ,   USA   (09.12.07)
Now is the time to kill the leadership in Syria and Iran, and to anihilate their military installations and nuclear sites. 2-bit dictators need to learn the mortal consequences of playing with nuclear weapons. Out with the wimp and in with a new U.S. President with the fortitude to protect us and fulfil his Constitutional authority.
85. North Korea supplys Syria with Nuke material
Kevinfromduluth ,   Duluth, MN   (09.12.07)
This is what you get when you try to appease sworn enemies....Israel, for giving away its land to those who would destroy their country, and the USA, for trusting that North Korea had good intentions with its nuclear program...both may well suffer greatly from the appeasement.....
86. # 34 Eyal
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.12.07)
Let me set you straight Eyal. The Six Day War was started by the Arabs, in particular Egypt. Yes Israel most certainly fired the first shot. Cassus Belli is a legal term under international law, it means "a cause for war". In this case the cause was one with the strongest of justifications. Egypt closed off the Straits of Tiran, international waters, by thus doing she denied Israel the right to use international waters, something which no nation has a right to do, but worse than this she actually denied Israel access to her own territorial waters because The Straits lead to the Gulf of Eilat and is the only course of egress and ingress to our territorial waters. Cassus Belli, given by Egypt, and unstoppable by the UN was the cause of the war and not the fact that Israel "started it by firing the first shot".
87. #80
BeyondBelief ,   Tumacacori, USA   (09.12.07)
And the USA is getting tired of pulling some Eurostans, and canucks butts out of the fire almost constantly.. Dave, put your head back in the sand.. Go get em IDF!
88. #25
YeahRight! ,   Tumacacori, USA   (09.12.07)
Let's see, beheadings, sporadic missiles into known non-military targets, car bombs, people bombs, using babies and women as bombs.. You kno your right, peace is always the answer. So when are you planning on practicing what you preach? You clowns have been rattling your saber for years. You have had your fatwas handed to you many times. And still you insist on provocation. Even my 9 year old can see this propaganda.. Putz..
89. thing are just getting better
Sami ,   Halab   (09.12.07)
I am laughing, everyone is trying to find the fact and I have surely heard 4 different scenarios by now...when Moallem said Israel is correct to keep what happend quiet, this must surely mean that something have gone horribly wrong for the IAF or alternativly Syria, it is just a matter of time until we find out who made a fool of himself.
90. #71, graduate of Goebbels College.
Chatich   (09.12.07)
Isn't that just like an antisemite, brush away all the layers of truth with one big sweep of the arm, and resume spewing of the same old lies, canards and blood libels. No doubt you also believe the real victims of 9/11 were al-qaeda and the hijackers. There is little hope for people like you, completely enveloped in hatred as you are. What happened, did the quiet Jewish guy at your office steal your promotion and bang the seceratary you fancy? Or were you just raised by bigots?
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