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Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis will bring destruction to US
Neta Sela
Published: 06.11.07, 19:57
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61. I wonder what you all will say if something really bad DOES?
jack bauer   (11.07.07)
I for one dont know of any connection with katrina, but the bottom line is that those who curse Israel will end up cursing themselves.....If that means bad things will happen that are considered natural disasters(or in insurance language..acts of God) then why wouldn't it make sense that when condi, bush and the rest ask that jerusalem be split, that Judea and Samaria be given away to those that want Israels destruction....why wouldnt they bring Gods anger against them?
62. Warn or Threaten?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.07.07)
63. Otter #48
Steve ,   US   (11.07.07)
I'm not a religious Jew but I do appreciate what these rabbis have done in warning Bush. No one knows for certain, though many of us have wondered about all these tragedies that happen around the time Bush pressures Israel. Why is Bush demanding we give our precious land to these killer jihadists? Bush says we are at war with these people yet he pressures Israel to surrender. Why doesn't Bush give his estate / ranch in Texas to the Mexicans? Why doesn't he give half of North America back to the Native Americans. I have come to believe George W, Bush is exceedingly evil. I'm sorry to say this as a thirty six year Republican who voted for him in 2000. I've come to the conclusion that he is either callous to the suffering of innocent Jews or he hates the Jews like his father and his close friend, James Baker. These Rabbis have done us a great service. God bless these men!
64. Summit
dominique ,   Pinellas Park, USA   (11.07.07)
As a bible believing christian and having gone through the many hurricanes the time Israel was forced into giving up Gaza... A watcher everytime our government put the pressure on Israel; we the american people feel the Storms, heat, and other destruction in our nation as does the Jewish people feel in Israel. Thank you Rabbis for telling the truth..sadly our president and the hill has other ideas ..not reading the writing on the wall. Our nation is being destroyed for the blessings of God are taken from it. ddh
65. israels great protector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert ,   farmington,WV   (11.07.07)
well I guess it comes down to your point of view if you believe in christ and the bible then genesis 12 or luke 7 cannot be overlooked and these chapters could a warning to bush if you dont believe in the bible or christ then this is a bunch of hocus for me i believe in the bible and christ MAY THE LORD FOREVER BLESS THE STATE OF ISRAEL.
66. Prophecies
Said ,   London, UK   (11.07.07)
To one of the tb's that said "God can do no wrong". Really? I'll state the first and most obvious mistake he made: he created humans! Then he cast us down! I mean, you put a piece of chocolate on the table in front of a 6 yo kid, and tell him "You're not allowed to eat that!" What do you suppose will happen? Even the dumbest person on earth can fgure that out, but God can't? How can you follow such a stupid and sadistic god, that supposedly created us (in his image) only to torment us with pain? If he created us in his image, then he's just as imperfect, stupid, sadistic and bloodthirsty as the human race. Else, why all the wars if its all in his hands? The typical religious response: God works in mysterious ways! If there's a more two-faced, lying, narcassistic, jealous god out there (he calls himself the source of good, yet he knowingly creates the devil), then please point him/her out to me. I mean, if he's so perfect and magnanimous, why the hell does he need our constant attention? Its worse than those publicity seeking celebrities with no talent! Cuz if we don't worship him, he'll kill us! Its called obsessive psychosis. Please post this as a counterbalance to all the religious posts!
67. To all TB's with interesting questions
Norman   (11.07.07)
What about Sharon??? What about the left wing Gov't of Israel that instituted the expulsion ??? Thin before you write ??? Look were Sharon is Look at the results of our war in last years Lebanan war. Sharon is in a disasterous position as well as the war with Hizbbalah as a result of the disasterous position Israel did to the good people in Gush Katif. If I were the president of the USA I would do every thing I could to stop the upcoming summit ot the least make sure no Jewish land is ceded to anyone.
68. having a laugh
Richard ,   London UK   (11.07.07)
'"This time the Almighty is warning the US in advance: if the plague of water was not enough now he shall send flames. While hundreds of thousands of families have already fled the terrible fires in California, and we ask you, will you really forge ahead with this malevolent plan?" you what? Is this meant to be funny? And people say the islamist are medieval. These guys are biblical. What I love about all fundamentalists, whoever their God, is that they always seems to love violence and destruction yet talk about peace. And why do they all think they speak for God? Who gave them the right to speak for God. ? Not God for sure.
69. rabbis
B Shealey ,   G'wood, USA   (11.07.07)
I'm trying to understand why those (rabbi or not) that love their land, and desire to protect it and their fellow countryman, can be denigrated by referring to them as 'right-wing' and 'fringe-group'. Now, does that mean if you stand next to them, you show as being 'left-wing' and 'fringe'? Go figure!
70. Who the Hell is Druckman
Dan ,   NY, US   (11.07.07)
I didn't know that G-d lets him know why natural disasters happen. Moshe could not even understand why G-d does what he does, but I guess Druckman is on a higher level than Moshe Rabbanu.
71. We should disengage from the entire region.
Jhoffa_ ,   Portland, USA   (11.07.07)
There is no peace because Israel doesn't want one. If indeed we have incurred the wrath of the Almighty for meddling in their affairs, nothing would make me happier than to leave the region, withdraw our military, diplomatic and financial support from Israel and concern ourselves with purely domestic matters. There's PLENTY of stuff to fix here and Israel is constantly rambling on and on about how they are capable of handing these matters themselves. Let them play David VS "Goliath" on their own dime.. Disengage.. Leave that region to destroy itself.
72. land swap
roberta.samuels ,   toronto, canada   (11.07.07)
You better believe that you should keep your land. Did I AM tell anyone to give the land back that He told Joshua to go and conquer. Yes in the last days the U.S. will have to yield to outside sources. Iran, China, Russia, Arabs, European Union. Study, Listen, Watch
73. Torah Observant Jews are grateful for America
abdullah ,   ashkenaz   (11.07.07)
.. and all it has done throughout its history to provide a safe and prosperous home for diverse jewish communities. The safe haven America has offered the jewish people predates the state of isreal by centuries - from jews fleeing european inquisitions to more recently jews fleeing africa and asia. It has enabled religious freedom, material prosperity, egality and so on. No other country, in history, past and present, (execpt perhaps bavel) has been as good to the jewish people IMHO. And as the navi yirmiyah taught, observant jewish citizens pray fro the well-being of america. So be sure that though there might be some 'opposition' you do have the support of of the numerous prayers of many righteous observant american jews. I do hope that this sentiment would be shared by all jews every where for the sake of the ameircan people and the american jewish community.
74. The Hand of the Almighty
Jim Lykins ,   Bakersfield,USA   (11.07.07)
As a " born again " christian I read the word of God where my " blueprint " for daily living comes from. Also, I can hear what God has to say about the future by studying his holy word. He has made all of us, and of course, the world ( Gen 1 ). I can tell you that the land of Isreal, and the jewish people are the " apple of his eye " and therefore will reap " blessings untold " in the future. God will take care of the enemies of Isreal in His time! You see, God will fight for Isreal no matter what the world will throw at her! God has all things under His control! As far as the USA is concerned, Isreal will not need the help of the USA because the USA will, sad to say, falter as a superpower, because of huge gaffes like this Annapolis conference! Also, I would politely say to PM Olmert to be very careful putting the USA's interest above that of your land ( Isreal ) for God is watching you closely!
LUZ ,   ISRAEL   (11.07.07)
what's going to happen in USA if they sell and divide ISRAEL
76. To those "believers"
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.07.07)
Where was the god you are talking about during the Shoah ? Have you seen him ? He was'nt there then , he did'nt act then , he does not exist .
77. Wow- just WOW
B ,   USA   (11.07.07)
It is amazing to see just how much religious fundamentalism permeates the monotheistic followers. Matters not which one of the big three, you're all a pack of wackos. Christian, Jewish, Muslim. All fanatics, all crazy. As for punishment... we here in the USA are already being punished by the blind support we give Israel to continue down the path of madness. The time has come to let you ALL sort out YOUR OWN MESS.
78. Extremists, fringe group of Rabbis or realists?
Paul ,   Los Angeles   (11.07.07)
Ynet is more consistent using harsh, unfounded labels when religous Jews are the subject of the article, than labeling the post-Zionists for what they are, hateful merciless anti-Jewish traitors. The amount of Jews who are repulsed by this upcoming, Israel-baiting conference, far exceeds the give-it-all-away crowd, more than you can ever imagine.
79. rabi warning
cunliffe ,   New concord, oh, USA   (11.08.07)
I know the rules but folks here is my point, I always thought we in the US have the patent on I have to see to my utter dismay that this seems to be contagious and has infected people in Israel come people are so afraid of progress?
80. Rabbis letter to Bush
AiLing B. ,   US   (11.08.07)
Great words! May God opens Mr. Bush's eyes and heart to see the truth! God bless Israel and American!
81. to 76
100 ,   jerusalem   (11.08.07)
god say if he gudge the people by their acts .. he would not leave any of them on this earth .. but god give us oppurtunities to do good things before the death .. and also he say that good people have good life and good ends .. it meanes it is god work but our act must be good in our life in this short life ,,,70 ,,,, 80 or one hundred years but not like god existence .evry one is responsible for his act only for his life only but god is responsible for all people through the time and after the time
82. Palestinians
Joy Gotthardt ,   Houston, Texas   (11.08.07)
The Palestinians have suffered greatly. They can't do anything without ouside help and then their leaders steal the gifts of money. The Palest.s will continue to suffer unless they turn on their so called leaders.
83. BUsh's Idiocy
Joy Gotthardt ,   Houston, Texas   (11.08.07)
I too was a 2-time voter for Bush. He claims to be a Christian, but he recently admitted he doesn't know the Bible. He hasdone everythng against what it says. We have been duped big time.
84. Re #76
Christy ,   Boston, US   (11.08.07)
Are your questions rhetorical only?
85. the annapolis conference
katy ,   CO, USA   (11.08.07)
I agree with anyone who agrees with the rabbis that if the U.S. continually convinces Israel to give up their land that was given to them by th Almighty Creator, that the U.S. will certainly be more harmed than it already is. God gave it to them and no one has the right to take it away from them. There is no winning with terrorists so please stop giving away something that doesn't belong to the U.S. I am a Born Again Christian and I know that what the rabbis are telling us is true. Please head the call to not do this terrible thing to Israel or the same will be done to us.
86. #75
katy ,   Cedaredge, CO, USA   (11.08.07)
If the USA continues on its course, it will be destroyed like every other country who puts its hand against Israel. I am a Christian and I beleive this is true. No matter what anyone says. I am sticking to this.
87. 76#
alun ,   london uk   (11.08.07)
Historians say that the holocaust led to the creation of the state of israel .The creation of the state of israel has led to the clash of the west and the islamic world The second world war led to the destruction of fascism ,the cold war led to the destruction of communism i believe the third world war will lead to the destructions of all the world's religions and then there will be peace and utopia so i believe G-d could have intervened and stopped the holocaust but for some reason i do not know G-d did not intervene because He did not want to
88. Avi #2
Scott ,   Haifa   (11.08.07)
Perhaps the fact that Israel is here is enough torment to the Arabs (the ones that hate Isarel) - they are consumed day and night with the fact that this country even exists. P.S. And don't say its because we are so great and so superior...(read Psalm 75:6,7 and Ezekiel 36:19-37 [especially verse 22, 23, and 32 )
89. Alun # 87
charles ,   Petach tikva   (11.08.07)
The making of the state of Israel has begun before the holocaust , long before . The holocaust only speeded this up , but did'nt create the State of Israel . You say that god did'nt want to intervene , maybe he could not ? or the worse he wanted it to happen ? This all if he exists , i don't believe it
90. israel: do not fear the usa. say no to bush, if you disagree
debra ,   usa   (11.08.07)
with any of his proposals put forward at annapolis. israel is a soverign country and the usa cannot force you to comply with that which you disagree. stand tall as the strong and independent jewish nation that you are. israel- the bravest country on earth. the usa will respect your decisions. Hashem is the leader of the jews--the usa is not your ruler.
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