Talansky: Olmert preferred cash to checks
Aviram Zino
Published: 27.05.08, 16:17
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31. Poor Moshe Morris Talansky or Oscar for best actor?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.27.08)
Whatever is going on with Morris Talansky it is obvious that he is up to his neck in it! The question is will the US be as "friendly" and sympathetic to this "poor" old man as our lot? I think not!
33. talansky
gavriel ,   maoz zion   (05.27.08)
talansky is a warmhearted fool, whom smolmert used without any shame- disgusting
34. Olmert's lawyer has an interesting name
Ronit ,   Dallas   (05.27.08)
Meyer Lansky. Is he a son the famous Meyer Lansky? The only thing is missing: Olmert never had sex with this man, Mr. Talanky. Or...?
35. Bribery ?
bar ,   Israel   (05.27.08)
In case of bribery Mr Talansky should have received something in return for the money he gave . There are those water machines , but were they installed ? Can a person not give money to a friend in whose actions and ideas he believes ? Don't you support people you like ? What his actions are regarding the US law , that's not our problem .
36. Who says Talansky is Olmert's only bagman?
DeeCee ,   washington   (05.27.08)
37. To Miriam: It's About Israel NOT Olmert
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (05.27.08)
Whether or not Olmert took bribes or used money illegally, is important to Olmert and nothing else. What matters, as Miriam commented, is what happens to Israel. P.M. come and they go, and who cares. Olmert's stepping down may bring someone like Bibi into office, with a stronger nationalist bent. Whether that is pragmatic, and good for Israel, is up to the viewer. The left wants peace at any price, the right wants peace at no price (land). The middle seems perplexed, not knowing what to do. The answers may lie in what Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hez, and the Pres. of Lebanon have said these past few days. Israel has to realize that the 100 yr old conflict is still as dangerous as ever.
38. To Bar: Right On. Lets Not Be Too Quick to Crucify
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (05.27.08)
To Bar: You are absolutely right. What happened in the USA is irrelevant, and a US problem, not yours in Israel. Besides, does anyone think that the McCain-Feingold bill was not circumvented in the USA..big time, far larger than the amounts given to Olmert by an ideological friend. Let the State prove guilt...before we all condemn Olmert to Miami Beach to retire. IF Olmert resigns, Israel's problems won't just disappear with him., whether Livni, Barak (G-d forbid) or Bibi and Mofaz (my choice for P.M, and F.M.)
39. #24
Jake ,   Long Island   (05.27.08)
maybe that is why Shula Zaken remains silent , she can't open her mouth Thats saying a mouthful
James McNamara ,   BK OZ   (05.28.08)
Here in Australia it is big news,and it is embarrassing for Israel.Get rid of Olmert and do it soon.No Australian politician would stay in office for long with a record like Olmert's.He would resign or get kicked out.Get rid of him
41. This is a good reason why we have such a low
Disgusted   (05.28.08)
42. spell REFORM
alan ,   alaska   (05.28.08)
Here is an opportunity to reform the corruption in the system. Not that the corrupt will be for reform. But certainly with enough public outrage the pols can be forced to reform. So reform the system Israelis. Make new crimes out of accepting campaign money in the form of cash for any purpose. Increase the penalties. Appoint a minister whose only job is to prosecute corruption. Show the world what Jews determined to live under a democratic form of government can do to end the ancient practice of political corruption which eats out the heart and soul of any body politic. Call for REFORM and march until it is done
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