Collaborating with the enemy
Uri Orbach
Published: 25.07.08, 13:31
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61. #51 "Truthseeker" - with Jews like you...
Tahl ,   Israel   (07.26.08)
...I'd rather befriend a goy. Why don't you instead, forward your money to the children of Sderot, or to the Gush Katif evacuees? They're in pretty bad shape these days.
62. make it Fauxtography Now!
israeli ,   israel   (07.26.08)
63. #,49,61 etcStop attacking the messengers/cameraman
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (07.26.08)
And instead look to your despicable actions against the innocent Palestinians. Outrage against those collecting the images should be better directed at those committing the offenses. Multiply by 100s the amount of despicable actions committed against the Palestinians that over the years have gone unrecorded.
64. #56 A Jew like yourself could 'govern' Palestine
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (07.26.08)
For the simple reason that we the civilized world would know the Palestinians would be given a fair go. Alas it the foaming at the mouth, dripping with Palestinian blood,Barbarian jew that has infected Israel and leaves us hating anything and everything jewish. Take heart nothing as evil as this mob can last forever even if it takes Ajmadinejad.
65. #61 Tahi
Truthseeker ,   USA   (07.26.08)
By your usage of the pejorative word "goy" you reveal the depths of your racism. I hope that isn't the case with all Israelis but maybe it is.
66. # 56 Res. 242
Thomas   (07.26.08)
This is the problem with international law. It's only expected to be applied some of the time. Resolution 242 also states that states are entitled to peaceful borders yet when have the Arabs ever respected that? Never. Have the Arabs ever respected Geneva conventions in relation to the treatment of prisoners? No. Let's also use common sense when it speaks of the illegality of aquiring land through war. It was meant to keep large nations from dominating smaller nations as Germany did in Eastern Europe and what the Soviets were doing at the time the resolution was passed. Not to mention what the Arab armies tried to do in 1948 and 1967. I find it funny that you are embarrassed by the outcome of the wars but not angry at those who started them in the first place. And no one gave the Arabs their land away, they sold it even before the Balfour Declaration. The Arab peasants who lived there never lost a grain of soil due to Balfour. Typical of a racist lefty you can't hold Arabs accountable for their actions so for peace sake you'll just hold the Israeli Jews more morally accountable than they should be.
67. # 64 100 Years of Kidnapping Aborigines
Do you think you're worthy of even living on their land? Didn't think so.
68. Load of nonsense
Brian ,   Binyamina   (07.26.08)
If the IDF was capable of dealing with the issues exposed by the B'tselem camera people then that would be all well and good but what we have is the systematic cover up of abuses. Characerising all Palestinians as "the enemy" above is a grave error that exposes the true racist bent of the writer. As to leftist violence, I have actually covered several of these protest events - not as a participant - and can say unequivocally that the charges in above talkbacks are completely baseless. I have never seen any internationals or Israelis engaging in acts of violence against Israelis forces, which almost always respond with overwhelming force including the firing of tear gas canisters directly at bodies and rubber and salt bullets directly at non-violent protestors.
69. Orbach unlatched again, seize before bitting israeli leftist
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (07.26.08)
70. #65 "Truthseeker"
Tahl ,   Israel   (07.26.08)
The only interpretation of the word "goy" as a racist pejorative, is your own. Non-Jew, Gentile, I have no problem using other words. Having lived in America myself, and known many non-Jews, I came to respect and love many of them, and would much rather be around them, than with Jews like yourself, whom sadfully I also got to encounter. I see you as no brother of mine whatsoever. And I guess when you can't give a proper answer to my proposal to you, you choose to attack me as racist. Nothing could be further from the truth, but not that I expected anything more from you and your ilk. Oh, and speaking of your ilk -perhaps you'd be heartened to see that "lydia, Brisbane" is among them. Yes, the one who's counting on Ahmadinejad to destroy Israel, as witnessed in her TB. These are your friends. Not me. Enjoy them.
71. The IDF clearly failed this time
Observer   (07.26.08)
to cover up the abuse.
72. 68 protests non violent?
leah   (07.26.08)
I am sorry but all the evidence contradicts your claims these protests are not violent. Almost everytime there is a photo of one of these demonstrations the protestors are almost always throwing stones. In several photos, I even saw the demonstrators punching and kicking Israeli soldiers The other day an Israeli officer and soldier were injured by stones thrown by these so called *peace* activists. A year ago,a soldier lost an eye when a protestor threw a stone at him,so I personally can not find your claim credible at all. Besides these people are protesting a security fence that has saved the lives of hundreds if not thousands of innocent people, so even if they are nonviolent as you claim I personally find their whole position to be totally irrational, not to mention totally insenstive and callous towards Israeli victims of terrorism.
73. More and more horrified
Horrified ,   USA   (07.26.08)
...the more I think about this. What kind of moral vision do you have for Jews? It is people with your mentality who are traitors to the cause. Talk about a light unto nations. What if self-hating Germans had given Jews camera phones with internet connections? Would you have danced in the streets when they got condemned for 'treason?'
74. Yea
Leonardo ,   Brazil   (07.26.08)
From here, looks like when an israeli is hit or offended,the official press show that. Looks like the “Armed with a Camera.” project just try to give palestinians the opportunity to show something not usually shown in the press... and succeeding.
75. Orbach, concerned what the world sees...
MoralityCheck ,   Israel   (07.26.08)
when he should be a lot more concerned about the daily abuses not seen. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/ 0,7340,L-3573305,00.html
76. #56 - Truthseeker, You still speak of "occupation"...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (07.27.08)
You still speak of "occupation" when the West Bank and Gaza are not, according to international law, "occupied". It appears you have completely ignored the first point I made in my TB to you. Please read that point again before you mention the word "occupation" ever again. What you also haven't discovered is that the majority of those who claim to be "the original inhabitants" of the region are actually directly descended from Arabs who lived under the French Mandate of Syria and illegally immigrated to the British Mandate after 1900. Yes, my friend, the British were turning Jews back to Nazi-occupied Europe while allowing as many Arabs into the mandate as wanted to come. What you also fail to recognize is that "Palestine" is the direct result of the occupation and ethnic cleansing of your and my Jewish ancestors from Judea. The Romans invented the word "Palestine" as a word of erasing the memory of the region's indigenous inhabitants- the Jews. The British and the League of Nations were 100% correct in recognizing the Jewish "problem" was actually the result of almost 2000 years of occupation and that our rights to the land predate those who call our holy land the very same name its Roman occupiers called it- Palestine. If you are willing to say that occupation is immoral, you must concede that "Palestine" itself is an immoral concept as it, by the nature of this word's very own history, is itself occupation. If you are willing to say that a 40 year "occupation" is evil, you must admit that a 2000 year occupation is evil. In closing, as much as you may dislike it, your right to this land predates that of Ahmed who runs the falafel shop near you and flies the PLO flag in his place of business. This is confirmed by archaeology, history and international law. The near 2000 year long occupation his ancestors perpetrated against our ancestors does not negate your right to this land and justify his. I would like you to remember this statement, friend, if a 60 year long occupation is immoral, how much more immoral is a 2000 year long occupation?
Stewart ,   USA   (07.27.08)
There is NEVER any balance, and it is never seen as a problem. Any FOOL can take the 1's and magnify them into the 100's with a camera that only photographs one side of the story. Abuse happen and can be delt with, but is this the way to do it? ... Any thing goes regardless of the harm it causes to the vast majority of decent IDF. The left is too impulsive, too immature, too dishonest, and too intelectually lazy to make an intelligent, constructive effort. Never has and never will. (Leftist liberalism is a mental (maturity and perceptual) disorder.
78. Soldiers don't defend me
Ivan ,   Haifa   (07.27.08)
When and Israeli, or Jew from Europa or Canada decides to protest and to use his right in this "democratic country", the soldier will shoot him, just because he thinks different, and they do it every week. This is not our nation, this is the nation of settlers.
Tamer Aly ,   United Arab Emirates   (07.27.08)
Hi Mr. Uri Orbach In fact I stopped at your point once you talked about “This project of giving Israel a bad name in the world and smearing it is run by Israelis and Jews.” Israel should give more efforts on viewing her policy & attract all Arab countries to understand that Peace with Israel is not a crime. You can absorb any anger by getting more support from what we say in Arabic people in the street their voice is very important. Try to give direct messages using Arabic media work in this project & get grantee that within few months change will happen.
80. Agreed - Pathetic article
Edan ,   South TA   (07.27.08)
Israelis with a consious know that things like these happen all the time. They also know that in the Israeli-palestinian conflict, Israel is the one in the position of strength and power. As an IDF reserve soldier myself, I'm glad that because of these cameras, more soldiers will be aware of their actions. Uri Orbach is just upset and bitter that there are many in this country who do not blindly follow our leaders. He is upset because self criticism is a dirty word in the world of the religous zionists, who see themselves as the most patriotic in all the land. Uri Orbach of course is a true israeli, and those who look at our country objectively are traitors.
81. #3 really ? what about Pallywood ...?
rachel ,   usa   (07.28.08)
and all the invented scenes to make Israel look bad .....whare have you been ?
82. #80 Thank You
Evan ,   USA   (08.05.08)
Edan, Thank you for your fair stance on the issue. People like you give hope to the rest of us that the world will become a better place.
83. Uri Orbach's "Collaborating With the Enemy"
Marshalldoc ,   Marshall, TX USA   (09.07.08)
Sorry, Uri, but it's not the 'rubber bullet' soldier or B'Tselem's 'Shooting Back' program that's smearing Israel's name. Those events are serving merely to graphically confirm that what the Palestinians have been saying since '48 is largely correct. Once it's on film (or bytes) there's no room for official obfuscation or 'he said, she said' arguments. It's there, in living color, for all to see. So, while you grasp (ultimately in vain) to your conception of reality and castigate those who dare to show the truth behind the lies, the fact is that Israel's government, however good its intentions may have been 60 years ago, is now morally corrupt as are those who blindly support inhuman & inhumane policies. So, unless you moderate your extremism and begin to find a way toward peace through justice, Israel (as you've known it) will fail and an new state will, sooner or later, replace it. Don't cut those fingernails, they're all that are anchoring you to your reality.
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