Uri Orbach
Photo: Tomer Barzide

Collaborating with the enemy

Israeli leftists who assist Palestinian propaganda effort expose their true face

An Israeli soldier who aims his weapon at a handcuffed Palestinian and fires a rubber bullet at his toe is a very grave matter. En route to stopping terrorists, or while dealing with rioters, there are many needless abuses of the Palestinian population. Beyond the acts themselves, the images currently being circulated worldwide are giving Israel a bad name and boosting the sense that we’re abusing innocent Palestinian protestors, and that we’re the worst of nations.


Yet if we look a little further, beyond the toe, we should be discussing yet another issue that does not attract much attention. This project of giving Israel a bad name in the world and smearing it is run by Israelis and Jews. They are of the same ilk of the despicable characters behind the academic boycott initiative, the type of new historians and propagandists who are building a career at the expense of all of us.


The B’Tselem organization handed out 100 cameras, thanks to foreign funding, to Palestinian residents, who were trained and guided to capture images like the one noted above.


Yet these cameras are not meant to assist in performing journalistic duties. After all, if tomorrow a Palestinian stones an Israeli car, uproots trees, or just tries to murder Israeli passersby (things that, of course, would never happen) no camera of a B’Tselem photographer will take any pictures, and no such images will make their way to the newspapers. After all, this is not the mission of the Israeli Jews who assist the Palestinians in their war against the occupation.


Photogenic provocations

Sorry, but I’m disgusted by that. The fact that Jews are trying to catch the soldiers of their own country doing bad things by handing out cameras to our enemies is intolerable. After for years now leftist Israeli politicians have failed to convince us during elections that we can make true peace with our friendly neighbors, now they just try to smear us; to show us, and to show everybody, how terrible we are.


Even this would have been tolerable had it not been undertaken through the disgraceful modus operandi of propaganda cooperation with the enemy. This method prompts photographers and their subjects to clash, arrive in their vehicles to settlements on purpose in order to elicit harsh responses, resort to provocative tours in Hebron, import all the crazies of the global peace movement to the security fence for a series of photogenic provocations, and entrap soldiers and settlers (who regrettably fall into this trap occasionally.)


This project, run by B’Tselem’s leftists, is called “Armed with a Camera.” It is indeed an effective weapon in the war against the “occupation.” The Jews of this radical leftist group, which should be referred to as “Photography Now” must be overjoyed every time they get good propaganda materials. The media is fed by these materials as if B’Tselem’s photographers are members of the news desk, and the girl who photographed the above-mentioned soldier even got an upgraded camera. Meanwhile, we got to see another photo that again exposes the true face of those who cooperate with enemy propaganda.


A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.


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