A fatwa against Mickey Mouse
Published: 16.09.08, 17:27
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1. I really enjoy reading headlines...
Kev ,   London   (09.16.08) these. I really, honestly do. Very funny. Just sent that to some good friends. Good times, good times.
2. The mind reels.
Kev ,   London   (09.16.08)
3. so hamas is sinning by promoting farfur?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.16.08)
bunch of hypocrites!
4. Mickey and the koran have a lot in common
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.16.08)
They are both products of someone's imagination. However Mickey is funny and provides entertainment. The koran does not. How about some nation erasing mecca and medina from the planet?
5. farfur
jeff ,   new york   (09.16.08)
Farfur was doing satan's work. That is why brave Israeli soldiers killed him. May all of Hamas soon join its creation
6. Everything
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.16.08)
in Dar El Islam is right and everything in Dar El Harab is wrong. It is not only wrong it must be destroyed. Woe unto these pitiful folks,I do feel sorry for them.
7. You can't "kill" something that isn't alive...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (09.16.08)
You can't "kill" something that isn't alive, but then again, when your "prophet" says that semen "gushes forth" from between the ribs and the spine and that dunking a fly in water will cure any illness, "killing" a cartoon character doesn't sound nearly as insane as it really is. More nonsense from "the religion of truth"...
8. Mickey
Zeev   (09.16.08)
M-I-C-See you later K-E-Y Why becuase we love you M-O-U-S-E! These muslims are crazy..everyday I loose more respect for them..well more so the Arabs the muslims in general. They refuse to except anything that isnt inline with their thinking...well ef them..ef their mothers and their alah ackbar BC the world WILL not tolerate a bucnh of backward people to run a muck and declare themselves the standard of morality. Ef them all. A religion sooo anti-sex but offers a 71 person orgy in the next life? Seriously? Theses people need a hardcore reality check, and if that come from a israeli scud missle slaming into MECCA so be it!
9. Mickey Mouse
Jeff ,   Baltimore, US   (09.16.08)
I'd say the Bozo cleric is more of a Goofy kind of guy.
10. but islamic law sees everything as repulsive
JL   (09.16.08)
11. Mickey Mouse
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.16.08)
or Mickey Laden. Who will go first ?
12. To Cleric M. Al-Munajid. Keep Your House Clean.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (09.16.08)
Quote :”.. according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed ..“ Dear Al-Munajid, mice should NOT be killed. WHY not ? Because it is a living entity. When you kill a living entity -- you will be PUNISHED by the laws of God (i.e. Allah). IF you keep your house clean -- there will be NO mice in your house. When the house is dirty -- only then it attracts mice. And now you are going after an animated Mouse. You want to kill an animated Mouse. This killing business is poisoning your mind. UNLESS you stop this killing business -- you will remain a miserable person, a person drenched in miseries. I thought that by reading the Koran one becomes a HAPPY person ; but hearing you I gather that one becomes a miserable person, not a happy person. How come ?? Are you understanding the Koran CORRECTLY ?? I have my doubts.
13. Who's next?
cb   (09.16.08)
Bugs Bunny??? Waz-up sheikh? Scoobidou too??
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (09.16.08)
15. The cleric is clearly demented.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.16.08)
16. its easy to point to saudi's. you have your own hardi's
sami ,   son of yaffa   (09.16.08)
look in mirror
17. #8
the real danger here is not so much islam as the fact that these crazies have the oil and in future, maybe the bomb. it's not their religion for us to fear. it is their chocking our economy with their black gold weapon and future weapons, courtesy of iran.
18. PA children are raised in an atmosphere of hate and lies.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.08)
With regard to the schools, Palestinian Media Watch cites, for example, a new 12th grade Palestinian textbook introduced last year which describes Israel’s founding as a “catastrophe unprecedented in history” in which “racist” and “imperialist” Jewish Zionist gangs stole Palestine, dispossessing its rightful, Arab owners. The conflict is presented as a religious war and the text conveys to students that Israel’s existence and the actions of its Jewish creators are crimes which must be undone. Promotion of violence against the non-Muslim world at :
19. lol
joe ,   USA   (09.16.08)
this is the funniest thing I ever read
20. Read the Clerics words with the Looney Tunes Music
Chezki ,   NY USA   (09.16.08)
21. "SOLDIER OF SATAN"? you can do better then that? how about..
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (09.16.08)
How about we call Micky a "Zionist soldier of Satan" it just sounds more negative to ear. Adding the word 'Zionist' in front of anything displeasing is common place in meted fatwa's, how could this cleric be so careless? After all Walt Disney gave his fair share to help birth the Jewish nation, it's only fitting according the their logic.
22. A fatwa against Mickey Mouse
Paul ,   Indianapolis, IN   (09.16.08)
Do those clerics stay up nights thinking up ways to maks Islam look stupid?
23. that's really funny, 'cause if the cleric only knew
ny   (09.16.08)
how much Walt Disney despised Jews, he wouldn't be condemning Mickey...
24. Of Mice and Islam
David S. Most, ,   N. Palm Beach, USA   (09.16.08)
This example of the thinking of an Arab of some stature is a great sample of the fundamentalist's antique thinking in Islam. To continue believing in what the Koran had to say about a pest rodent of the 8th or 9th century is to show how big our communications gap really is!!!!!
25. #16: eloquently spoken (LOL)
david ,   new york   (09.16.08)
sorrry sami, i've yet to hear of a haredi putting a fatwa on a mouse. BTW: there's nothing wrong with someone being very religious. its ok even to have a religious state, but i would draw the line a killing people. as much as secular jews and haredi jews may disagree on things, this ain't the arab world with fatwas and "honor" killings. although we may complain and focus on the bad, the relationship is mostly quite brotherly
26. why even bother with this kind of trash news
r.r ,   israel   (09.16.08)
27. #2 - truly, brother
Cameron ,   USA   (09.17.08)
May Farfur wave his Koran ar you, Al-Munajid! My God, here we are racing into the 21st century with moron pronouncements like that to stick in our pocket. Is it something in the water, the heat, the sunlight, the sand........?
ALAN ,   USA   (09.17.08)
29. MIckey Mouse as the agent of Satan?
Bill ,   Libertyville, USA   (09.17.08)
I can't beleive these people. How rigid and how far do you take all this ideological garbage? If these miltant radicals had their way we wouldn't be able to breathe. You know if these people want to take over the world and the USA collapses, the whole world goes down with us. If these people are unhappy now about the world and their lot in it their going to be a log unhappier if our enemies bring this country, the USA down and that's what this is all about even with Mickey it's attacking us and everything western. What will happen to these folks if their is no one left to buy their oil? There's just no rational thinking here at all. That's what happens with all these extremists, religious, political and ot herwise. Just because they don't like mice because their religion says so the rest of us have to stop watching Mickey Mouse cartoons. Mickey is an icon of pop American culture and Disney ahs generated billions of dollars of revenue in this country and abroad giving jobs, joy and delight. I think these radicals are jealous of our good fortune in the is country and the west and our success. I think that's a part of it, but it's o.k. for us to buy their oil and give them money to support them and boost their economy. It's kind of like biting the hand that feeds you. Maybe with all these problems with gas prices maybe we will be forced to drill here in America and find alternate sources of energy very quickly, solar, nuclear, hydrogen, etc., and then we won't need their oil anymore, then where will they be? they'll be in big poverty real fast, becasue there's nothing else in these countries but oil.
30. #28
what's next? it's obvious... family guy! i hate this show anyway, so please mahmood, do us all a favor and lay a fatwa against this show. aren't arabs rediculous? seesh!
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