Chabad: Holtzberg couple killed in Mumbai
Published: 28.11.08, 21:29
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1. Terrorism has no religion
Azzoz ,   Alexandria, Egypt   (11.28.08)
I am a Muslim form Alexandria, Egypt and let me tell you that I am as sad As the Israelis today. You cannot justify the killing of innocent people anywhere Terrorist in India did not only hurt Jews. They did hurt every one. As a Muslim I Am sick and tired of all this horrible acts and sick and tired of being labeled as typecast. I think enough is enough it is the time for all of us, Arab, Jews , Muslim , Christian and all Others to united against terrorism. They want to hurt us all.
2. Those who are complicit
Phil ,   US   (11.28.08)
There is really little new to say about the beasts who have murdered so many innocent people in Mumbai. They are the reincarnation of the pure evil that contaminated the world during the nazi regime. Like the nazis, they see everyone who will not follow their beliefs as subhuman and needing to be exterminated. These terrorists and their fellow believers must be dealt with and defeated. Like the nazis, there are so many secret admirers of the terrorists. The UN, once the hope for humanity has turned into a cesspool of corruption, greed, and racism. While evil from the Islamists, Putin's Russia, the environment-befouling Chinese goes unpunished, Israel and the Jewish people remain the main target of UN hatred. The UN and the EU are actively working for Israel's destruction by their refusal to deal with the fanatical regime of Iran that has promised a second Holocaust of the Jewish people. The Brith and other chattering classes now openly display their antisemitism and the President of the UN, a Nicuraguan priests, has become the leader of the antisemitic forces in the UN and not a word of condemnation from from the Vatican is heard. These Islamist terrorists would not survive without the support of the rest of the world.
3. Somehow, I knew before the news of the deaths of
Rivkah   (11.28.08)
Moshe's parents, that they were gone. It is time to fortify Chabad buildings around the world, spending some of those donations to protect the people who staff the centers. There should be Armorguard plastic glue paper on the inside of all glass windows and then rolling metal shutter on the inside of all windows and doors. There should be drilled into the cement floors of the garages square holders for vertical security posts to be put into to prevent entry into garages on a few minutes notice. The Chabad house should have been secured at the first sign of trouble at the hotel. There are ways to keep rogues out of buildings if there is a few minutes notice and people are on guard at all times. key locks and doors without door bars like a Kati Bar can be kicked in. Read Isaiah chapter 24 and see how things will be around the world shortly. Houses will be shut that no one can come in. Start getting ready now. Tragedies can be prevented. I hate to think of all the homes that were attacked because burglars who tried to get into my home could not get in and had to go elsewhere.
4. I hope the Mossad will seek and destroy the brains of this
5. muslims want war against West and Jews We will give them war
Thierry ,   France   (11.28.08)
6. soooo sad. They are in Heaven now
7. Terrorism has no religion?
IDF ,   GERMANY   (11.28.08)
Does it?Okay, but 99,9% of all terrorists are moslems!
8. Livni is wrong, Islam hates JEWS!!!
Yoni ,   Chiloquin   (11.28.08)
This is a blatant religious war, nothing else! They were not targeting Israeli's as princess Livni surmised, they were targeting Jews like all islamonazis. Why else would they go to a kiruv headquarters? These jihadists would not have killed israeli arabs! May Hashem deal with these reprobates as it says in Tehillim 79:10-12 and have mercy on the loved one of those who died. The living are suffering now!
9. The terrorism has an Islamic face
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.28.08)
The news isn't clear, but there's a good chance that they've been rescued.' Israeli citizen A spirit of false hope plagues Israel and this is why the Road Map is still moving forward. If Israel returned to Hashem ,the dark cloud of lies and delusion would clear and make way for the reality of your and my enemy. THERE IS NO PEACE AT ALL TO BE HAD WITH ISLAM. Israel's perverse leadership always talk in soft,reassuring tones towards the sheep headed for the slaughter pens with the counterfeit peace they continue to push. I won't. What I wrote yesterday is proven to be true today. You and so many held out for a false hope as the majority do with the Road Map final solution. It is a waste to appease Islam or attempt to live in peace with evil. Israel's sin is following the world and not her God. This is Israel's grave error. Ariel's teeth are dull,some missing and some rotted. As the ISLAMIC enemy bares their iron teeth filled with Jewish blood and flesh,your(Israel) response is more of the same death camp passivity and appeasment. If Israel did face the truth about ISLAM, Hizbollah,Hamas and Fatah AND THE ROAD MAP would be a distant memory. Instead Israel has embraced her lovers in Babylons(the U.S. lie of peace Road Map) Rather than face the truth Israel wraps herself up in a warm refuge of lies.(Isaiah 28:14-22) The truth about your enemies does not make you feel good because you hold out and believe peace with Islam is possible ? ISRAEL does not heed any WARNING tone whether polite or harsh. So when great death and destruction fall upon the idol worshipers of ISRAEL who wrapped themselves up in the 'refuge of Lies'(Isaiah 28:17) ,will the survivors again blame God ?
10. What a triumph for the devil and Islam to assassinate the
Rivkah   (11.28.08)
innocent. Their victory will be short lived and their fate eternal fires of hell. What a great view that will be from God's kingdom, to see on tv the suffering of those who caused so much suffering on earth. I will laugh at the devil suffering for eternity every chance I get.
11. These saints of the Lord were martyred because God
Rivkah   (11.28.08)
wanted them to have a better resurrection. That is the glory in this. When the Messiah comes at Armageddon, these loving parents will be reunited with their son for eternity.
12. @6
david ,   nahariya   (11.28.08)
how do you know?
13. #3 it was in no minute notice for fortification
14. peace kills
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.28.08)
the RELIGION of peace, that is.
15. # 1 You're so right, but unfortunately
C.F. ,   Germany   (11.28.08)
there are not many muslims who think like you.
16. A tear from Texas
Ray ,   Texas, USA   (11.28.08)
Gavriel and Rivka, Your hearts reflected a great love for humanity. The loss of the both of you is a very great one but I know the spirit of your work will continue. May God be with you and bring comfort to those that you served, and to your family.
17. May his soul rest in peace
John Ramesh ,   Mumbai India   (11.28.08)
I hope at least now indian government will rise and fight against these islamic barbarians :(. The mood on indians streets is full of bitterness for muslims.
18. #1 is RIGHT we need more like you
Jack ,   New York   (11.28.08)
This is a terrible tragedy, this was an amazing couple who acted fout of the goodness of their hearts and for the love of others. G-d Bless them, and all the victims, and their loved ones of this horrific act of terrorism. #1 I am very happy to see your post and wish more and more Muslims would feel this way. These barbarian savages are in the minority, but I wish more people stepped up as Azzoz from Alexandria to come out and take a stand again Terrorism wherever it may be in the world.
19. Chabad couple killed in Mumbai
Aviva ,   Israel.   (11.28.08)
#1 Beautifully written, nice to read. Peace and Blessings.
20. I am terribly upset
Arindam ,   Pune, India   (11.28.08)
I am an Indian, Hindu a by birth and atheist by choice. I don't understand God and I am incapable of perceiving the divine perhaps. I have lived in Israel, and I feel it is a Holy Land - not because there is God in Israel, but because Israel is blessed with some of the finest humans. Israelis were wonderful to me, and that's why it hurts today to see that Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka lost their lives while they were my guests. Perhaps for these reasons, I have always remained an atheist. I heard that it was Moshe's birthday today. Can it be more painful?
21. Chabad is not apolitical but only a Torah movement. Killing
Asher ,   NY,USA   (11.28.08)
Rabbi and his wife is done only under the "kill the Jews" slogan and this is a crime against Jews regardless who they are and what they do. This proves these Pakestani British moslems are not following path of regular moslems but they are after Jews wherever they can find and harm them. These Jews who were killed, were Shomer Shabat and shomer mitzvots and followed the path of Torah, so no one can come with excuse that if they were keeping this or that this would'nt happen to them. This is an obvious sign that Jews in any rank of beliefs and faith are gonna be attacked by these sons of devil and the book they belive in is written only by blood. This is a war claimed by thirsty vampires and murderes over the Jews all over the world and everyone should be very catious with countries who sponser terrorism. Today Pakistan as an atomic country is a safe haven for terrorism and if it not be cured tomorrow will be too late. I hope President elect Obama as he has mentioned before look into this and handle this big danger to make the world a safer place to live.
22. my heart goes out to Rabbi Holtzbergs' family and friends
Galut ,   selah   (11.28.08)
23. Come soon messiah...
galut ,   selah   (11.28.08)
your people need you more now than ever.....the people of earth need to know you are the one in charge and that the jews and israel is the apple of your eye....
24. Are they gonna sue Iran for this too?
IRAN#1   (11.28.08)
Or perhaps Ceylan and Bangladesh!
25. Sincere condolences
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.28.08)
To the Holtzberg family and those who were injured or lost family to this Islamic terror attack. We need to delete these terrorists off the face of the earth. For them to murder such a kind and loving couple in the name of jihad is sickening.
26. #1
Ilan   (11.28.08)
Really? Out of 18 million people in Mumbai, somehow these terrorists managed to find these 2 Jews. And they found them on purpose. Terrorism has no religion, but Islamic Fundamentalism Terror is Islamic Fundamentalism Terror, and it knows who its targets are, and its targets are clearly everybody else, but especially westerners and Jews (and now Hindus). Make no mistake, just like another bunch of killers from last century, Islamic Fundamentalism and the Muslims they claim to represent will pay, and pay big time for this and everything else they are doing, especially if they keep on making more and more enemies. Eventually somebody somewhere is going to turn around and go ape s%$^ on them (post 9/11 America ain't nothing...Just wait for the Chinese when they get mad), and as those famous 'Palestinians' said who wrote the Bible - sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.
27. Sympathies
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington D.C.   (11.28.08)
Our hearts and prayers go out to the Holtzberg family for their tragic loss. The stood for everything good in this world and their blessed lives were cut short by abject evil perpetrated in the name of Islam.
28. 13: I disagree. They knew the hotel was under attack before
Rivkah   (11.28.08)
the terrorists drew back to the Chabad House. There was time to fortify or to jump into a "Safe Room" if there was one since there was time for the nanny to escape with their child. What a comfort to the parents to know their child was safe even though they faced the assassins and died. Chabad Houses should at least be as secure as the homes I stay at: Rolling metal shutters over doors and windows with a locked gate pointed wrought iron fence six or eight feet (3 meters) from the locked and bolted and barred front metal door and wood door, the garage door sealed shut with vertical security bars in a holder screwed into the cement floor unless I am going out in a vehicle. No one is allowed into my house without calling an unlisted phone number first by appointment or describing their purpose in visiting on recorded audio and video tape before a door is opened. Packages are dropped over the fence because even delivery people cannot get to the front door without great difficulty. Any unauthorized person who touches a door knob gets an electric shock to stay away. If the front door is blown off or the garage door is blown off, there are several other inside shutters that would have to be blown off to get to the occupants under attack. A million volt stun gun will go though gloves that touch a door knob or metal shutter. Isaiah chapter 24 indicates the end of altruism and open houses is at hand.
29. 12 David: By faith. Faith is a gift of the Lord you do not
Rivkah   (11.28.08)
have perhaps because you have not asked for it or studied the holy scriptures to draw closer to the Lord.
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