Barak: It won't be easy, it won't be short
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 27.12.08, 18:53
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1. We support Israel
naro ,   NYC   (12.27.08)
Hit the Palestinians hard and long until they realize that violence is counterproductive. No government will be allowed to lob rockets into Israel ever again.
2. Disproportionate Response
Tony ,   New York, NY   (12.27.08)
Since 2005 when Israel evicted hard working, tax paying Jews from Gush Katif the murderers of hamas have fired over five thousand rockets into Israeli population centers. To be fair and balanced Israel needs to bombard islamonazi positions indiscriminately all over Gaza. Why spend the fortunes in guided weapons when older larger unguided weapons will be in proportion to the rocket fire Israel has been enduring for years? I say just start at the northern end of Gaza and flatten everything in succession until we are at the Egyptian border. Those who want to surrender can be transported to any arab country they choose but get rid of that hell hole of Gazan arabs.
3. Like Shooting Fish In a Barrel
J. Abramoff ,   Zion, ZioNazistan   (12.27.08)
with free American weapons. This too will fail. The Palestinians are here to stay, and their best days are ahead of them. It is the reverse for fascist zionism.
4. because you waited too long to respond
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.27.08)
The only thing the moslem jihadists understand are their large funerals. That is the only thing they understand. If Israel had any sense they would take back the communities in Gaza starting with Gush Katif and build them bigger than they were before. No more land for anything ,especially rockets and any other attacks by demon posessed moslems filled with every evil, hate and intolerance. This time keep your red lines and don't take so long to respond to your enemies ,any more missiles or attacks from Gaza and all of Gaza pays an unbearable price. Get a spine and stand up to the hypocrites of the world community and tell them they have failed by coddling the Palestinains who do not want peace. Do not allow the U.S. to tell you how to fight your war or allow them to restrain you from defeating any other Arab Army. Do not fall for the disproportionate response or harming civilians trap as the U.S. never does what they preach to you. Tell the U.S. to butt out and take their worthless Road Map with them. Do not keep groveling and begging with the Moslem nations like Egypt,Jordan,et al ,they will always side with their fellow Ilsamic terrorists againt you as Abbas does today. The same goes for the E.U. and the U.N. Only a fierce Israel will survive in this neighborhood. I repost Tony's talkback from YNET today. Well said ! The evil nations hate it when Jew's fight back. This is just the beginning for all of them especially the hypocrites in Washington who like to play both sides for their own selfish agenda. Now that we have a homeland and we fight back the world can't stand it. For thousands of years they murdered us indiscriminately and blamed us for the cause of all societies ills. Just ask yourself why 90% of UN resolutions are specifically aimed at Israel when there are hundreds of flagrant human rights violations and outright atrocities everywhere but Israel. The world just cannot stop trying to harm Jews, it is engrained in their DNA. The best possible solution to theirs madness is to set up a no mans land of at least 150 kilometers and push all the arabs in Israel past that so we Jews can finally live the peaceful way we would like. We Jews have had three thousand years of nakba, who are these upstarts arabs with no historical ownership language or recorded history trying to steal our land and kill us? tony ny,ny
5. About time!
Leah ,   Israel   (12.27.08)
They cant fire rockets and not expect us to defend ourselves
6. Short and easy ?
Sagi ,   Israel   (12.27.08)
Please make it long and hard.
7. I wonder how many people would still be alive today if...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.27.08)
we never pulled out of Gaza? Good going foolish, dreaming, leftists. And thanks for creating a more dangerous enemy. Happy Chanukah
8. The rockets on Israeli territory cannot be tolerated.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.08)
The principle of self-defensive pre-emptive strikes are legitimate, as are targeted killings. That applies to heads of states who support terror, as are any and all heads of terror organizations, including religious and/or political leaders. Unfortenately democratic countries have traditionally been unable to agree on a definition of terrorism, a fact that has hindered efforts to fight the phenomenon on an international level. This new kind of war is explained at :
9. We will resoect you again if
Budd ,   Chicago, USA   (12.27.08)
you kill more Arabs. Stop joiking. Kill them
10. I hope the people of Israel are thankful to the IDF and the
Rivkah   (12.27.08)
government for defending the nation, instead of attacking their own in the press like in the defense of Israel in the second Lebanon war. Mistakes were made then and will be made now and much can be learned from that, but please do not attack the defenders as if they were the enemies. That is one reason there was such a delay in the responses to the attacks on Israel from Gaza. Everyone was afraid of being smeared for defending Israel.
11. rivkah
nikki   (12.27.08)
forgive my ignorance but why did the jews leave gaza and give it to the arabs?
Talula ,   Israel   (12.27.08)
The respect we once had as a formidable force is about to be reinstated. Well done to our boys. You've done us proud. My thoughts are with my fellow countrymen in the south.
13. Kol HaKavod!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.27.08)
To the army, the air force and the navy!!
14. Israel is going to slaughter the Hamas
Max ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.08)
Israel has decided to punish those muslim coward terrorists from the gaza hell hole.This time the Hamas will be completely crushed and its terrorists will be wiped off the face of the earth. What we've seen today is just the beginning, a very humble beginning indeed, and is nothing compared to what the muslim terrorists will suffer soon.
15. To the Arab MKs - treason is punishable by death!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.27.08)
In any country around the world, support for the Enemy in time of war is treason punishable by death. Israel has such a law - THANK YOU BRITISH MANDATE which left it with us as a nice and civilized legacy. I think it is about time Israel APPLIES the same law which is valid in both Arab and Western countries. There is no reason we should be different! The latest country who aplied this principle is Iran - the very country which tries to destroy us while calling our defense actions in Gaza "inhuman". We will ignore this demagogy and care about only one thing: DEFEND OUR CITIZENS AND CRUSH THE ENEMIES - IRAN INCLUDING IRAN!
16. Ahmed Tibi - prepare to meet Azmi B'shara
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.27.08)
... your support for terror against Israeli citizens is treason. According to Israeli law, treason is punishaable by death! Don't push your luck as beforfe you know it, Israel will not have a choice but to actually APPLY the law, just like Saudia, Iran, Iraq and Syria did. We have the same rights to do so as ANY Western or Arab country, so watch what you wish for, who you talk to and whom you meet.
17. Only total eradication of Jewish occupation from Palestine
Jan ,   USA   (12.27.08)
Will stop Jewish terror, bring peace and security in mideast and stability of the world.
18. Israel is dealing with barbarians
Unfortunately, the barbarians understand only one language, the power language. As such, Israel does not have any choice but to speak with the barbarians in the language they might understand. As per myself, I have doubts about their understanding. Although the Israeli presence in Gaza was ended years ago, the barbarians never stop to bomb Israeli civilians, a war crime for itself. It is about the time that the world will understand: Israel is dealing with barbarians from the kind that murdered 5000 innocent civilians at 11 September.
19. Finally! ,   Nashville, USA   (12.27.08)
This wouldn't have anything to do with the election in February, would it?
20. Terror attacks against Israel must stop
Average American ,   Texas, USA   (12.27.08)
This is very concerning to me. I believe it is indicative of a larger conflict to come; the terror missile strikes into Israel are being executed with an incorrect assumption about the position of the incoming U.S. Presidential Administration. Joe Biden, the VP elect, warned of a conflict to arise early in the Obama Presidency where the American Citizen would think Obama reacted wrongly. Many conservative Americans, as myself, have taken this to suggest an Obama Presidency would fail to support Israel in a pending time of trial. The recent increase in Islamic terrorism against Israel can be read to indicate that the Islamic terrorist also believe Obama will not support Israel and this is emboldening their aggression. Please, make on mistake, the people of America DO support Israel and WILL aid in their right to exist. If things do pan out in the above scenario as described it will be a mortal mistake for said Administration in that the American people will force support for Israel even when the Administration is too limp-wristed to act. Israel is our great friend and must be allowed to exist in peace and security. When these terrorist are finally irradiated there will be peace and we as citizens of the world must aid Israel in securing peace...
21. Gazan Clobberfest, December 2008
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.27.08)
Two things must occur now for this effor to be successful: 1. The clobbering must continue ceaselessly for several days. 2. It must be renewed immediately and with vigor upon any future Arab rocket or terrorist attack on Israel or Jews. Short of that, this effort will not achieve its goals. Israel must be singleminded and not listen to any world outcry which denounces this operation. The message to the Arabs has to be made crystal clear - STOP your nonsense and begin to behave like civilized human beings. No one wants peace more than the Jews.
22. #17 Call for genocide brings peace? Another Nazi rant?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.27.08)
"Jan" - you are a pathetic Islamo-Anarchist agitator hopping mad that we're cleaning the viper's nest you've been nurturing in Gaza. SO HAPPY TO SEE HOW MAD YOU ARE! This means that we're definitely doing the right thing!
23. sorry
tj   (12.27.08)
it will be a big problem for Israel in future
24. 17#,Jan, you sound like a real "intelligent' person
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.27.08)
25. Does the 205 dead include people who'll be arrested later?
Sarcasm   (12.27.08)
26. As one russian wrote sometimes ago...
Lednah ,   Europe   (12.27.08)
Sometimes ago one russian wrote: "there will be peace in palestina when the arabs start to love their children more then they hate the others children"
27. Wars era to be won...
Ari ,   USA   (12.27.08)
When you fight a war is to win, not to get tie, or lose by as small difference as if it is a soccer game. Wars serve a purpose with an objective, therefore, there is not disproportion in war, just victory by achieving the objectives. I hope this time Israel has clear objectives, if not there will be not victory just unjustified destruction.
28. Israel should have the right to attack
Shay ,   Israel, Petach Tikva   (12.27.08)
Israel suffered from over 1000 rockets during the last year, all aimed to hit civilians, while the IAF is trying to avoid that, the Hamas is shooting from private houses in gaza and literally uses innocent people as a human shield, because they can't care less, hamas is a terror organization that is got to be paralyzed!
29. Helping Hamas means NO JOBS IN ISRAEL!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.27.08)
It is clear that eventually Hamas will be thrown out from Gaza and those who are left behind in Gaza, will be looking for jobs in Israel. So, dear Gazan Egyptian, if you want to EVER be given a job in Israel, you better distance yourself from suporting Hamas. You may think that we don't know who is helping Hamas and who is not. Well, I want to assure you that WE KNOW who supports Hamas and I can assure you that you won't get to work in Israel EVER.
30. Thank you IDF!!!
Matthew ,   U.S.A.   (12.27.08)
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