Farmers claim UK, Jordan boycotting Israeli fruit
Yair Hason
Published: 16.01.09, 07:37
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61. Can we have a no spin zone here?
Ross ,   US   (01.17.09)
The extremist muslim nations are really good at one thing: Spinning a story to their benefit. The poor Hamas. They only want to live in peace....right? We have heard for a long time that these 'fringe' groups are not a voice for the people of these nations. Now, the true colors are flying. Unfortunately, it brings countries such as the UK & Turkey down with them. People are not only boycotting & vandalizing Israeli companies and places of worship, its the Jewish thing isn't it?? Read some Ezekial 38-39 and put your mind at ease my friends. Safety tip: If you hear "G*d is Great in a muslim for cover!
62. I will only buy Israeli fruit from now!
63. #56 the british mandate was pro arab
r.f.   (01.17.09)
i shall try answering your comments if i understand them correctly. upon making the historical declaration of the state of israel, george marshal the u.s. foreign minister worned israel america doesn't think that declaring the state was a good idea, because gangs of arabs were bombing convoys of supplies that headed to distant parts of the jewish settlement in the west bank of the palestinian mandate. americans thought the situation at that time was too explosive to make such a declaration, and they said they will not help should a war break with the arabs. ben gurion didn't listen, the state of israel was declared, the arabs fought us, and israel lost 6000 people at that war, when the whole country counted 600000 jews. today there are about 7 million people here in the west bank, in 1948 there were about a million here. in the 21st century there are no stateless villages, nor any tribes under a mandate, nor clusters of people roaming around empires that i know of. unlike during the othman empire, when only 5% of the land ownership in the west bank was documented, and the rest was probably considered as empire owned land, today all legal ownership on land is documented. as for militarism, it is a matter of opnion, as current affairs were not fully recorded in history books yet, but i think, still, that hamas shall win the militaristic regime awards, if you ask me.
64. #54 you are right , israel evicted israelis out of their hom
f.r. in israel   (01.17.09)
three years ago, and gava palestinians freedom, and the whole of gaza strip to create their state there, without interfering in their affairs. israel was no longer the occupying force in gaza but, as livni said, what did we get in return?
65. this is so stupid
israeli ,   israel   (01.17.09)
You are leaving us no choice but to sell more weapons.
66. Close all Israeli factories in jordan!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.17.09)
Boycott the limies! They are just another muslim country!
67. #58
max ,   vienna   (01.17.09)
Tasty? Yes. But they might be gen-manipulated - so avoid mixing them with Absolut-wodka, You might grow elkhorns...
68. Sell it in Israel
Madeleine ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
Rather than let it rot in warehouse, sell it to the local market, donate to the needy, to all the residents in the south who are under fire. If they're losing money anyway, they might as well as sell/donate the produce here, where it's appreciated, even at at a loss.Let's all support local produce, local manufacture. Send it to Gaza as "humanitarian aid" during our supidly agreed 3-hour afternoon break . I bet the population there won't have a problem earing it.
69. Anti-Semites!
Proud |Israeli Jew! ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.17.09)
This is just an example of how anti-Semitic Scandinavia is, how useless the peace with Jordan was and how blind the UK is becoming by the Muslim Fanatics who are taking over in that nation. Your loss, fruits from the Land of Mill & Honey are the best. God is watching you, curse Israel and you will be cursed. bless Israel and you will be blessed. We lasted longer than any nation on earth, we are here to stay, whether you will buy our fruit or not!
70. I will buy MORE Israeli products!
Mea   (01.17.09)
Fruit can be frozen and also made into jams. I will do more buying whenever I can. Many online sites sell Israeli products.
71. Throw away your Intel processors! Now!
Attention boycotters   (01.17.09)
And the next time you have a disease, make sure you do not use imagining technologies because many medical advances were developed in Israel.
72. What About America?
EJH ,   x   (01.17.09)
Boycotting Israeli products is a nice symbolic gesture but it will not have much impact. If people want to stop the Israeli aggression, they must first convince America to do so. Maybe a boycott of American goods would make a difference. Can you do without your Big Mac? I can.
73. Our board of directors sent a letter to our area's stores:
Raelian rabby   (01.17.09)
Boycott Israel or face our boycott!!!!!
74. Yes, boycott all israeli juice
Santiago ,   USA   (01.17.09)
Boycott all of their produce, fruits, juice, cucumbers
75. Boycott Reversal
KC ,   Ft Lauderdale USA   (01.17.09)
Just like I boycotted French products for decisions they made I will now boycott the products from countries boycotting Israeli products. Keep us informed of these countries and their products. Thanks.
76. to #66
Ahmed ,   Jordan   (01.17.09)
there are no Israeli factories in Jordan. Trust me
77. Palestinian fruit
Fred ,   Rotterdam Netherland   (01.17.09)
It would be nice if we could buy fruit from Palestine people too, not only from Israel. If only Israel and Palestine should start a shared economy without discrimination, then there is no reason for a boycott any more. Stop screwing the Palestine people economically after the war is over.
78. #73 did they also boycott hamas produce?
israeli free thinker   (01.17.09)
hamas hasn't produced anything except lies. hamas could only come to power after israel was no longer the ruling force there. hamas could execute fatah people, and make the citizens of gaza believe they drove the israelis out of gaza, therefore can drive them out of israel too ask your employers if they are ready to take hamas people to work for them, because soon as their lies shall meet gazan deaf ears, hamas shall be out of a job in the gaza strip insha alla caring for their population doesn't seem to be their strong side, as they are still hiding and firing rockets at israel from within densely populated areas, although they know the amount of damage their ongoing actions caused gazan population. so ask your employers put their money where their mouth is, and get hamas workers in their stores. why only get involved with terrorism on tv?
79. I have been boycotting Arab/Muslim stores for 5 years now.
Jayne ,   London, UK   (01.17.09)
I have been boycotting products made in Arab/Muslim countries for almost 5 years now. Not that they produce very much to boycott but I never buy in Arab owned stores, even if it means me walking to another store to buy the same goods. Good exercise too!
80. Farmers claim UK, Jordan boycotting Israeli fruit
Vadim ,   Walnut Creek ,ca   (01.17.09)
Send it to US, Trader Joe, Safeway.. I would like to buy it. Just send the fresh ones:-)
81. Israeli boycott
donna ,   Minnesota, USA   (01.17.09)
This is great news--please keep the pressure on!
82. boycott
malik ,   azerbajan   (01.17.09)
I saw some packaged herbs from the West Bank in the supermarket the other day and thought "WHAT NERVE!!"
83. Waiting for the oranges
Leo ,   Malmo Sweden   (01.17.09)
Today I bought Israeli cocktail tomatoes, bell peppers, grape fruit, persimons and sweet potatoes. So did a lot fo other people in the shop. i buy it for to reasons. The first reason is that I support Israel, the second reason is that it is the best produce you can find.
84. To 46
Leo ,   Malmo   (01.17.09)
In your country maybe still some of you remember how to boycott Jewish shops and companies. Killing hundred thousands of innocents? I thought that you know how to count in Germay.Maybe you think of the not so proud history of your own country? However, it should be millions and they were truly innocents.
85. To #66 So I guess my friends that have
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.17.09)
sewing plants in jordan are liars? There are plenty of factories owned by Israelis in jordan. How many jordanian workers are here illegally?
86. men are like sheeps
bruno ,   bouxwiller   (01.18.09)
going to the slaughterhouse. what a stupid idea, and there are those being proud of this boycott, assuming they are doing justice to the poor hamasites. their hate towards ISRAEL knows no boundaries and they do not realise how ridiculous their plans are.
87. Send more to US, prefer to buy over S America
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.18.09)
I perfer to buy US and Israeli products any day. Send them here! IF those immoral Eurabians dont want the good, their loss. I want them and so do plently of Jews and non Jews alike in the US!
88. #2, Ariel, do you know what Apartheid is...JOrdan Palestine
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.18.09)
Only they took it a step further. No Jews are allowed citizenship or land ownership. Please read a book once in a while. You may learn something.
89. Please send to US!! Trader Joes, Stop & Shop
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.18.09)
We prefer to buy US and Israeli produce. Too much from China, South America and other places. Give us more Israeli produce!!! I guarantee we will buy in the US. We support Israel and its right to self defense and its superior produce! We boycott all products and countries descriminating against Israel and our group keeps growing. Boycott those who boycott Israel. Whats bad for Israel is bad for the world.
90. To sandra from Montreal. What do you thnk???
Ivan ,   Ottawa   (01.18.09)
I am glad you are not going to buy anymore products from Israel. May be we will get more products from Israel. May be it will be enough for us here in Ottawa. Strange to hear this gibberish from the person from the most racist and antisemitic province in Canada. From now on I and my Russian friends will buy more products from Israel for two reasons. First it actually has taste as opposed to local products.Second we would like to support Israel. This country is defending all the Christians. God bless Israel.
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