New Zealand pubs ban Israelis over Gaza operation
Anat Shalev
Published: 16.01.09, 11:48
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61. to no 52
fish tel-aviv   (01.16.09)
is there a short supply of cheap whiskey in NY, mate, that you have to spend around 3500 USD to fly across the ocean to make a point? Drink yourself to oblivion where you are, don't bother, choco-loco.
62. You can fool some of the people
Cynic #2   (01.16.09)
some of the time BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. The people of the world are better informed now thanks to the Internet. Your mass media disinformation machinery is useless.
63. #6 Lawrence
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (01.16.09)
The question should not be ' whats wrong with New Zealand ' but rather ' whats wrong with Israel'. The problem is that you people in Israel have lost your human touch and the sad tng is that you dont even know that!
64. I wonder if this is why Maoris are converting to Judaism?
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (01.16.09)
65. To #36 , 53, 58 & Other Israeli Apologists
World Citizen   (01.16.09)
The point is is that those roads are on the West Bank, an occupied territory as defined by the United Nations and all international law. It is not Israel. Israelis don't own it or its natural resources. You never will. You occupy land that belongs to the Palestinians. You build exclusive roads and illegal settlements for use by your military and settlers. Palestinians have to go through checkpoints in their own country set up by Israeli occupying forces. They can'te even build on their own land without getting permits from the occupying country (that's you!). If Israelis want to be treated with respect they have to give some respect. My personal experience with many of your world tourists is that they are loud, rude, arrogant and miserly to a fault. My staff despises them, not because they are jews but because of the way they act. Sorry but if I could I would put put up a sign that said, "Dogs and pigs allowed, Israelis stay out."
66. 64 Darren: More likely the Maoris are converting to Judaism
Rivkah   (01.16.09)
because a near relative of HM QEII who is also crowned Queen of Israel after the initial coronation, married a Maori and even recently returned to New Zealand since her husband wants to work in constuction there rather than to be a welfare husband of the 22nd in line to the British throne.
67. Here's their number, call them to complain
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (01.16.09)
68. Anti-Semitic
Who CARES if they ban us from pubs - these people are brainless and shallow - and only support killing of Israelis. Go bang some sheep and get a realistic view on life - losers.
69. #6 Problem with New Zealand
Softwalker ,   Canada   (01.16.09)
New Zealand is full of anti-semitic hatred because it's been taught and nurtured in the schools for the past 20 years. The schools are a westernized version of Hamas and PA schools, where hatred = mother's milk.
70. The article did not say that owner is a TURK.
Texas ,   US   (01.16.09)
71. #11
Jane   (01.16.09)
I somehow don't think this is an Israeli - at least not an Israeli Jew. Get serious, folks. Who the hell talks like that, even on Sheinkin?
72. And what do you expect?
Neu ,   Basque   (01.16.09)
I think that it's stupid to do so (not all the people from Israel supports the Palestinian's massacre) but I can understand him because "he worked as a photojournalist in Gaza" so he knows the truth: He saw it with her eyes.
73. #63 Dave Wilson
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.16.09)
You may have a point,but if people in Israel have to some degree lost the Human touch as you describe this would be mainly due to 100 years of brutal,bloody conflict in the region.War inevitably brutalises.In the case of New Zealand,which is the other side of the world from here,this is not their fight and is none of their business.Anti-semites need no excuse,theirs is an incurable sickness,get it?
74. #54 The Fence Is To Keep Out
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.16.09)
Murdering Terrorist scum and the land the fence belongs to the Jewish people.
75. The world is awake
Israel didding it's grave by it's hands , the Israeli people will feel ashame to mention their nationality , alot will use their real old passport , alot will go BACK to from they came , alot will immegrate to onther clean country .... HOP the WORLD .
76. Ban Israelis all you like, it still won't change the fact
Kiwi twits ,   usa   (01.16.09)
that, regardless of what Israel does, Muslims will always do what Muslims do best, which is kill other Muslims (and "infidels", of course.) Free Palestine! (FROM TERRORISTS)
77. c'mon, it's just a cynical publicity stunt!
usa   (01.16.09)
Jews aren't known for their penchant for alcohol, anyway. If the pub owner was really willing to sacrifice for his principles, he'd put a "NO IRISH ALLOWED" sign in his window.
78. Don't worry New Zealand, We still love ya
Michael ,   Texas   (01.16.09)
I guess you have your "nut cases" too just like the rest of us. Leave it to the liberal media to try to bend perception and pick up on "one story" that is in no way representative of what the masses think to push an personal agenda..
79. #18 I'll tell you why it's world citizen
Manny ,   New York, NY   (01.16.09)
Because Muslim terrorists shoot guns, throw rocks thru windshield (which by the way are deadly) or go bananas with tractors (let's just say they don't know how to operate them) on the road, so I assume the Israeli's are happy to drive alone without them on it. What you always forget to write is this... Israeli's aren’t walking into bars or clubs in New Zealand blowing themselves along with the locals to ashes.... PALASTINIANS DO and they enjoy doing it. Now you'll tell me the Israeli's use "disproportionate force"....well if Canada shoots "one" rocket into my back yard...believe it or not I would be all the way up to Alaska with my bulldozers. I wouldn't wait for 8,000+ rockets.
80. world citizen
tysd ,   america   (01.16.09)
the west bank is all so part off israel that is a fact it is not occupied west bank the olny occupant of the west bank should be jews
81. pub ban
zak ,   israel   (01.16.09)
i got baned from a pub one time for opening a guys face, but never for being jewish. by the way the mouri have a history of violence, which includs canablisme.dont go to new zeland australia is much better.
82. #13 the ingratitude of living over 20 years in New Zealand
observer   (01.16.09)
but, what compelled you to live whole over 20 years in New Zealand if you didn't like it there? it must have been the work & family as usual; that spying business is too hard both physically and spiritually.
83. so, they do ban arab israelis
observer   (01.16.09)
84. 28 #
MAORI GIRL ,   israel   (01.16.09)
the whole western world was built by colonization .. so the english in America should also go back to England ??? thats just ridiculous .... its the past. History.. bad things have been done to all indigenous peoples.. but they still arent killing them and firing rockets like the Palestinians seem to think they have a right to.. the bar owner is turkish for starters.. The world is too small now. every country has immigration and allows different nationalities and cultures in. In no way are new zealanders antisemiti bar a few. just like anywhere in the world. They see what they see in the news.. and most would have no real idea whats actually going on let alone knowing the history of Israel u cant judge a tree from a few bad apples
85. To #65
Yaron ,   USA   (01.16.09)
First of all it is Disputed territory ok, so get your fact right. Secondly, if you think Israelis are rude then don't do business with them or associate with them. What you should be careful of though is that in doing so, you don't put yourself squarely in bed with savages such as Hamas when you voice your ridiculous opinions as such.
86. #51
Yaron ,   USA   (01.16.09)
If the indigenous inhabitants wanted to live in peace they had every opportunity. You are not even willing to recognize the outright rejection and belligerence demonstrated time and time again. You are wrong on so many levels but most importantly on the wrong side of history.
87. Ha mas
Brian ,   Sarasota,Fl   (01.16.09)
Ha mas is a terrorist oranization and dooley and democraticly elected by an overwhelming majority of the Palistinian people, That makes them terroists to if they are going to elect terrorists as their leadership. I have no pitty for the Palistinians, They are getting what they deserve. I am so sick and tired of hearing that Hamas thinks Isreal should be wiped of the face of the earth or pushed into the sea. I say, then do it or try to do it, if Isreal kicks your behinds then forever shut your sorry as mouths. Isreal is going no where. It is an established prosperous society. It does not matter what happened 40 years ago or 2000 years ago or who thinks what land belongs to who. Isreal gave land back a few years ago, What did the Palistinians do with it, nothing. they just continue to be one big welfare case on the world. They squander all of their resources trying to fight an unwinnable war rather than trying to build a prosperous society like Isreal. If one more rocket is launched then Isreal should wipe the palistinian people of the face of the map and for ever put an end to this absurd situation. The Palistinians broke the cease fire and peace talks and now they should be wiped of the face of the map and Isreal has every right to do so and should.
88. Israeli boycott
aramit ,   ramat-gan, Il   (01.16.09)
The New Zelanders actions are just the beginning. The movement around the world is growing for individuals - if not groups or governments - to show their growing revulsion at our country's horrific acts against humanity - each in their own way. Why, do israelis think that civilized humans around the world - can continue to see day after day pictures and reports of 100's of dead children and women - killed in the name of an arrogant people, who apprarently continue to think they are always right? One by one, I see and hear of people commit to small actions - each in their own way - to boycott israeli products and even israeli tourists or collaborations. Yes, there will be 'collateral damage" as there are some people of conscience in Israel - who actually have a heart, maybe a brain too - and who may be directly or indirectly affected (and that includes me). But hey, israel showed the way on how "collateral damage" is to be treated when the IDF bombs hospitals and schools from the air - not to mention houses where an individual they don't like lives. if 10 kids are torn to shreds but so is the guy they hate - who's to quibble about details? The israelis complaining about "anti-semitism" are disingenuous. Many boycotters are jewish and had their hearts broken by the behaviour of a country which behaves as if the world awes it a carte blanche, no matter what it does. What the New Zelander's pub owner's actions remind the world of is not nazi germany but south africa. And it may be good for Israelis to remember that that boycott was quite successful.
89. Banning Israelis from NZ pubs
Raymond S. Clark ,   St Marys   (01.16.09)
What a relief that something is being done (even tho' I don't fully support it) by individuals in NZ to protest israel's crimes against humanity. No-one who supports this sanctioned Israeli terrorism(Israeli or otherwise) is allowed in my house. Its all I can do to protest the horror. So to those in NZ - good on ya' Mates! might not make a difference, but it matters.
90. #57
Jeff ,   Chicago   (01.16.09)
There is no god. So why should I believe in an israeli state? Why wouldn't they be allosed to exist in countries with freedom of religion? The reason Britain created Israel is because Britain (and the rest of the continent) did not want the Jews in Europe. I think Jewish people should definitely have the right to worship whatever god they think exists, but I don't know that a case exists for a Jewish state based solely on some rather unsubstantiated writing two millenia ago.
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