Israel declares unilateral Gaza truce
Roni Sofer
Published: 17.01.09, 23:34
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Atilla Karagözoğlu   (01.17.09)
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (01.17.09)
33. Olmert and the UN
mike cato ,   usa   (01.17.09)
Olmert caves in to the UN once again, and therefore agrees with that filthy organization that Hamas should be saved and given a chance to rearm , reorganize and attack again. At this point, the IDF should wrest all military decision-making power from Olmert, Livni and Barak, and do what needs to be done, fight on until Hmas raises the whire flag. The traitor Olmert, a de facto agent for the UN . It is to be remembered that as General William Recumseh Sherman wise noted, "War is not a popularity contest."
34. Lebanon ceasefire all over again
dave ,   uk   (01.17.09)
Why give hamas time to restock and reorganise???just go for the knock out blow!!!
35. Wake Up!!!
Screw the governments... both israeli and palestinian. They built pressure and hate amongst their people for years, pushed them to war and left them to die! Those who are left to suffer are us... our children... while they all sit back in their cosy homes! When will we ever wake up??!!
36. Kadima has just lost the elections
Mladen Andriajsevic ,   Be'er Sheva   (01.17.09)
There will be a landslide against Kadima because of this unilateral ceasefire The government has completely misjudged the feeling of the Israelis who want this operation to go on until Hamas is clearly defeated
37. in Livni we trust??!
dove ,   eretz hakodesh   (01.17.09)
Dear Fellow Jew -- is there no One better to turn to than than political "leaders.:???????????????????????????????????????????? I mean,,,,did you REALLY think THEY would protect us????????????? Thank you Hashem for all your miracles, Thank You for everything a million times over. LSD (Let's Start Davening)
roberto ,   montevideo uruguay   (01.17.09)
And these are the reasons 1) stupid backward human beings who are brainwashed since childhood like gazans are, do not understand words, but they DO understand experiencing fear and death in their own lives, like any animal will do... your dog shits in your home, you hit the dog, it learns not to shit inside any more. This war could be named "educating the arabs" (in an experiencial way) 2) we have told the world (and Iran): from now on, whoever targets us will not be able to shield behind civiliand, schools, mosques, UN buildings, we will kill and destroy whever wants to destroy us And # 25 ... this makes me feel safer Do you have enough neurons to understand this or do you have to understand it experientially too?
39. Obama is coming and he is going to screw you all soon.
40. A gift for Obama
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.17.09)
The leaders of Israel do not serve Israel ,they serve foreign interests and bend their heads to the international community. The secular Jews of kadima labor and likud worship and serve idols. This is why Israel is in big trouble. Ignore Hashem at your peril. ----------------- Israel appears keen to halt Gaza hostilities before Barack Obama is sworn in as U.S. president on Tuesday, to avoid clouding a historic day for its main ally. Israelis mostly back the war, but much of the world wants the bloodshed to stop.
41. It's easy to call a ceasefire .......
Safta ,   Netivot   (01.17.09)
when you don't have rockets falling on your head. I do. I live in Netivot........ The 3 musketeers are gutless. The IDF must finish the job.
Alex ,   US   (01.17.09)
43. I told you...
oscar ,   buenos aires   (01.17.09)
Phyrric victory at most. And I tell you now: accept arab peace initiative before it becomes to late. One more thing, you, haredim and & cowerkers: forget about Bibi as the solution; he´s just a politician, nor a magician. Try to understand what is clear for everyone except you: YOU LOST.
44. Headline Correction; Betrayal
Snort Yarnell   (01.17.09)
Israel's government declares UNILATERAL SURRENDER. Stock in white flags soar. Shalit is still captive. Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beersheba batten down in expectation of incomming Kassam and Grad missiles. IDF gravely demoralized. Livni, Barak and Olmert baffeled by failure of Israel to laud their political actions. Envelopes sought.
45. Wasn't freeing Gilad Shalit an IDF objective?
Rivkah   (01.17.09)
With Hamas still pounding Israel with many rockets a day, ceasing to return the fire could not possibly be an objective. Take back Gaza and rule it or blow it to kingdom come.
46. BUL$#IT
zionist forever   (01.17.09)
The way we have ended this war has made Livnis resolution 1701 look like a good deal. At least with 1701 there were some conditions. This time we are agreeing to a ceasefire without even making any conditions for Hamas other than telling them if you fire at us we will shoot back. ACHIEVEMENTS Some of the tunnels have been destroyed but new ones can be dug A large part of Hamas weapons destroyed but they will rearm over time. Some Hamas fighters dead but there are plenty of new guys to take their place. Israeli soilders & civilians killed and injured. Millions of dollars in property damage in Israel. Billions of dollars spent fighting the war. As a result of all these finacial and cost in lives we have not got Gilad, we have not got any assurances the smuggling will stop, Hamas have not agreed to an indeainate ceaefire. We have not got back the strategic deterent which we lost but for a time regained because although the IDF fought well the government has ended it badly. Hamas & Hizbullah will see our politcal solution was just as lame as the Lebanon one and they will laugh at us and they will not be afraid to carry out more operations in future because they know that we can inflict physycal damage onto their organstion during the fighting they will later win the diplomatic war which is possibly the most important part Its all been for nothing. We rejected Hamas offer of a 6 month hudna if we opened crossings and chose a war to solve the problem long term so now we have been to war spent billions, lost Israeli lives, allowed ourselves to be defeated politicly .... peronly I think the 6 month hudna Hamas were offering was better value cost nothing financialy and no Israelis would have died, we wouldnt of got Gilad back but we havn't got him anyway. HAMAS HAVE WON THIS WAR AND CONSIDERING THE LAME EFFORTS WE MADE TO TRY AND END IT ON OUR TERMS HAMAS DESERVED TO WIN.
48. Nobama, millions of palestinian terrorist still to finish
Sandi ,   ex US   (01.17.09)
49. Irresponsible incompetents.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.17.09)
Entirely predictable - serial bunglers bungle again. No amount of empty statements can disguise the sheer stupidity, the unbelievable ineptness of this trio of worthess political hacks. Anyone who votes Labour or Kadima needs their head examined.
50. Good news for the ynet talkback moderators!!
Wanda ,   Montreal   (01.17.09) guys must be exhausted!
51. Watch this video..
Voice of Truth ,   IL   (01.17.09)
52. Olmert, Livni, Barak abandon Gilad Shalit.
Steve   (01.17.09)
"Turning his attention to IDF captive Gilad Shalit, Olmert said: "The Israeli government is working in many ways to bring Gilad Shalit home and, during the days of the operation, we did many things that brought us closer to this goal, upon which I will not elaborate."
53. #19 - Hans regarding the ceasefilre
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.17.09)
I fully agree with Hans, both from humanitarian and strategic points of view the unilateral ceasefire is a good decision by Israel. From a humanitarion point of view it is good as it will stop the suffering both in Gaza and Israel if Hamas follows suit. From a strategic point of view it is also good for Israel because if Hamas continues its rocket attacks then it will finally be seen by the world as the true responsible party for the suffering in Gaza. And if Hamas deos accept the cease fire then Israel would have won the war since the declared goal of this operation by IDF was the stopping of the rockets, specially when measures will be taken to stop the smuggling of arms into Gaza. For those not happy with this decision you should understand that this is not a unilateral withdrawal but a ceasefire. Therefore if Hamas does not follow suit Israel will indeed continue the operation.
54. no ceasefire w/o Shalit - sign the petition
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.17.09) Please sign the petition demanding there be no ceasefire without Gilad Shalit home and Hamas completely disarmed. Thank you.
55. Utter folly to stop before job is done
Avi ,   Geneva   (01.17.09)
This foolish decision will haunt Israel's security for years to come, just like Lebanon 2. It is incredible that these morons from Kadima and Labor are just unable to learn from experience and keep repeating the same mistakes on and on. They have no will, no strength of character - a very feeble band of incompetents. They MUST be thrown out of office and out of the Knesset in the next election: Israel is in mortal danger with such absurd leaders.
56. olmert is not drinking caffeinated coffee?
yahn goodey   (01.17.09)
latest reseach proves that it reduces the effects of dementia by 60%. sacrificing the lives and health of our soldiers just to remain static where we began is insane.
57. finish the job now
Nik ,   London   (01.17.09)
58. No , Marcel in Florida
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.17.09)
We do not back the war in itself , but because there was NO other alternative . We had been happier if we could have avoided this war , we lost some of our bravest soldiers , and many more were wounded . We do not rejoyce at every gazan who is killed . Let's only hope that hamas will become smarter and understand that by continuing to bomb us , the gazans will suffer more than they did in the past three weeks
59. Allahu Akbar
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (01.17.09)
God is Great indeed. After 23 days of brutal aggression, Israel failed to force us to accept its terms. They failed trough their agents in Egypt and Jordan, then they ran to sign a useless paper with rice to justify their defeat and stop their aggression. 1 Million of explosives and FULL use of Israel's might, NONE of their goals is achieved. Gaza gouverment is intact, rockets are flowing during his speech, and ALL Palestinians are united. Praise the Lord. YIsrael lost morally and politically.
60. Second defect demonstration ... Bad for us
David Mishah ,   FRANCE   (01.18.09)
we fail badly for the second time after Lebanon war, in Gaza war... Gilad Shalit still in the hand of Hamas, Rockets still hitting the south as the first day, Hamas is now new Heros in the world after Hizballah, Our friends Egypt and Jordan are in a very bad situation against our enemies like Syria and Iran, we got the bad image in world media without achieving our goals, our army unable to conclude on the ground in a very limited area, we Jewish people in other place of the world facing antisemitic attack... what we have done... oh god please save us from all those bad signals and bad leaders.... we are very afraid from the future that we prepare now... god save us. we are completely disappointed
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