Hezbollah vows to 'defend Lebanese gas'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 30.06.10, 15:15
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1. Taqiyya Lies & Always trying to Steal from Hated Non-Muslim
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.30.10)
2. Their goal is to scare energy companies working with Israel
Steve ,   Atlanta USA   (06.30.10)
Hezbullah wants to raise the possibility of war so that energy companies believe the risk of developing natural gas with Israel is too great. Why else would Lebanon complain about natural gas that clearly belongs to Israel and is ready to be extracted?
3. Dont worry Obama will step in and give the gas to Lebanon
zionist forever   (06.30.10)
Remember peace making is supposed to be about Israel giving everything in exchange for nothing from the arabs. All Lebanon needs to do is say Israel taking all the gas ( even if is legally all in Israeli waters ) then it wont be good for the peace process we can be sure Obama will step in. Some for Lebanon Some for Syria Some for the palestinians A tiny little bit for Israel There we go now the gas has been shared out it won't be an obstacle to peace. I am such a clever president. Obama is the man Israel has to worry about when it comes to this gas more than Hizbollah. Hizbollah can't fight an offshore war and knowing all the dirt paths in Lebanon won't help them much if they want the gas. Even if every inch of it was located in the port of Hiafa if Obama thinks Israel keeping it all will upset the arabs and be bad for his beloved peace process and muslim outreach program he will order Israel to give them the bulk of it . The companies drilling is a joint Israeli & American project all Obama needs to do is say I want the American company to stop drilling until we have sorted this all out. Then Obama can create a situation where the stuff won't even come out the ground until he has negotiated a system of sharing it with any arab states who lay claim to it. So the real threat to Israel keeping this gas is in the US not Lebanon.
stude ham   (06.30.10)
israel discovered gas under israel's territorial waters... and the hezbulls now lie to the world that this gas is really theirs. the hezbulls will be in for a very nasty shock should they they ever try any forceful thievery against israel. note... the hezbulls were too busy buying rockets and guns and other weapons of mass murder to ever be able to cover the costs of offshore mineral and natural resources explorations.
5. Hizbullah are good tunnel diggers
William ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
maybe they should start digging their own well to the gas, by hand, starting from Tyre beach.
6. Hezbollah is full of gas
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (06.30.10)
7. justice now
Roland ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
Israel should go to international tribunals now!
8. :: Take it to the Hague
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.30.10)
As Israel has no clear rights to this gas find and as Lebanon clearly disputes Israel’s claim the most logical course of action is to take this matter to the International Court of Justice.
9. What ever "Al-Yahud" has...the Islamist wants to take it
BJL ,   usa   (06.30.10)
And will dream up whatever narrative necessary to justify it.
10. lol matty
peter baumgartner ,   bern   (06.30.10)
you sound so pathetic. did u check where those wells are located on the map? it's deep inside israeli waters you nutcase. and the geologists said clearly that even underground the reserves never reach lebanon. let's say in the worst case some of it reaches lebanon territory underground, then it's their problem to dig their own well and pump their own gas. bring it on, people in hague will only laugh at ya ;-)
11. Why to defend Lebanese dispepsia?
Oscar ,   BA, Arg   (06.30.10)
Get a Treatment!
12. Hezbolla is bias against Israel
Jethro ,   Marquette, MI   (06.30.10)
Israel does all the work and Hezbollah wants to profit? Imagine that!
13. #8, yeah because Hizbollah will respect the decision
Danny   (06.30.10)
just like the respected the UN in 2000 when they said Israel pulled out to the mm. The gas field is off Haifa. A quick look at the map shows who it belongs to unless you think Haifa is part of Lebanon
14. NR 8.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (06.30.10)
15. Hezbollah income
Nice Bloke ,   Rochdale   (06.30.10)
Hezbollah should stick to their preferred method of raising income - drug dealing.
16. :: Peter - #10
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.30.10)
Really? Under what international treaties and laws do you make this claim? Here is a quote from Bloomberg: "The Levant Basin, where Tamar is located and which stretches the length of Israel *and Lebanon*, may hold 227 trillion cubic feet of gas". Both Israel and Lebanon are in dispute over the gas finds in the Levant Basin my simple point is to take this matter to the ICJ and sort it out there.
17. I cannot understand why do you even care what HA says?
leo ,   usa   (06.30.10)
Did you really expect different attitude? Dog barks, but caravan goes on.
18. We should not strengthen our enemies
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.30.10)
When you listen to the threats and taunts of those who hate you, you give them power over yourself. If you try to accommodate your behavior to gain their favor, their outpouring of hate for you will only grow. For it is not your behavior they hate, it is you. By showing weakness, you invite attack. By giving your enemies power over you, all that you accomplish is to drive them into a feeding frenzy at your vulnerability. If you go on this way, you will either be a slave or a corpse. More at :
19. Israel is entitled to everything..
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.30.10)
at least as far north as Al-Ladhqiya.
20. An Arabic joke (as related by W Sultan)
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.30.10)
Syrian-American Wafa Sultan, in her "A God Who Hates", relates this Arabic joke (tweaked for brevity): An American prays to God after seeing his neighbor's car, "I want a fine car like my neighbor has." A Frenchman prays t to God after seeing his neighbor's house, "I want a fine house like my neighbor has." An Arab prays to God after seeing his neighbor's camel, "I want you to kill that camel." Rather than carrying out its own exploration of its coastal waters and actually working to developing what resources are found, Lebanon screams "It's ours!" and threatens to deny Israel the fruits of its labors. What a bunch of losers!
21. I can't wait to see them try....
Manuel ,   Mexico City   (06.30.10)
These fools are going to get messed up real hard. Just give Israel a reason Hizballah...Just give em a reason...
22. any war will cost
sam ,   colorado   (06.30.10)
"is acting as if it break out tomorrow." Should draw territorial waters and the all excavating its water the Region is not need any new war, because the outbreak of any war will cost more than gas extraction
23. # 8 Hot air
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (06.30.10)
Take it to the Hague,and Matty Groves will be the judge.
24. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
Because Israel is not signatory to the treaty that created the International Court of Justice in the Hague, it cannot be tried there.
25. # 22
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
Hezbullah are just itching to have a war with Israel.
26. #25
zooog ,   US   (06.30.10)
Hizballah is all talk now. Their last encounter with Israel was too devastating. The next one would be worse.
27. :: Birdi - #24
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.30.10)
Firstly I never said Israel would or should be ‘tried’ in the ICJ. Secondly while Lebanon has not signed up to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court this does not mean that it cannot or will not sign up at a later date. Thirdly the UN SC can request that the ICJ make an advisory opinion on this dispute between Israel and Lebanon.
28. # 26
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
Inshallah, from your lips to G*d's ears.
29. # 27
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
You said, "the most logical course of action is to take this matter to the international Court of Justice." When you take a matter to the ICJ you are requesting for a trial. "Cannot or will not sign up at a later date" is not the question here. An advisory opninion wont be worth the paper it would be written on. Quit twisting words, it only shows how lame your opinions are.
30. #8 Matty Groves
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.30.10)
The fields are off the coast of Israel and for the one/s that reach/es into Cypriot waters..Israel and Cyprus have already worked out a sharing/royalties agreement. There might be a small portion of a field that penetrates Lebanese waters. The territorial waters for Israel stretch out to 200kms for fisheries, oil/gas. As Lebanon is still officially at war with Israel, there's nothing to discuss, in any case. This is what the fuss is about. Let the Lebanese find their own gas. Nothing to Hague about. oh, and btw... looks like you choked on Maxmilian's post 21on this thread,7340,L-3912764,00.html You're normally very quick to respond....couldn't find you?!
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