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Hezbollah vows to 'defend Lebanese gas'
In interview with al-Manar television, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said that organization will not hesitated to use 'all means' in order 'to exercise Lebanon's sovereignty over its natural treasures.' He accuses US of being biased towards Israel

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem addressed the new dispute between Israel and Lebanon over the gas field discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. He said his organization will "defend the natural resources and gas fields discovered in Lebanon's waters."


Qassem, who gave an interview on the matter to Hezbollah's television news channel al-Manar, said, "The resistance is prepared and invited to stand against any adventurous and foolish action of the enemy's government. It is Lebanon's right to exercise its sovereignty and control over its natural treasures. As such, the resistance is responsible for using all means to help."


Ever since the crisis surrounding the gas deposits about a week ago, Lebanon has refused to remove the issue from the agenda. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri convened a cabinet meeting with his ministers on Tuesday regarding the gas and oil drilling.


Sources in the country estimated that the "oil bill," meant to organize the drilling and mining of natural resources in Lebanon, will soon be passed by the parliament in Beirut. The said bill was proposed as a response against the local political system after Israeli and international companies announced the discovery of gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea while Israel insists that the fields are well within the bound of its territorial waters.


Qassem also addressed the political situation, accusing Washington in an interview with AP of taking a one-sided, pro-Israeli approach to the Mideast conflict. "We have no need to dialogue with the Americans as long as they don't change their stance. They support the country that who plays the role of problem starter in the region."


Contrary to statements made by various Hezbollah figures, Qassem estimated that "no new war is expected with Israel," but did emphasize that Hezbollah is prepared for another military conflict and "is acting as if it break out tomorrow."


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