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Netanyahu vows additional retaliation
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.08.11, 18:55
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1. Question
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (08.19.11)
There is one thing that bothers me. In retaliation IDF hit several points in Gaza, most of them military facilities, weapons production facilities and similar. So, what bothers me is: did you know about their location before terrorist attack near Eilat or did you find out about them during the last 24 hours. If you knew about them before (which seems the case here), what were you waiting for?????
2. Netanyahu better take charge himself.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.19.11)
Make Ehud Barak the ambassador from the Obama administration & give him an office far far from the Defense Ministry. Otherwise, we'll be bombing empty buildings, empty fields, & empty tunnels.
3. three-ring circus
Gur2   (08.19.11)
Booboo the clown Barak the clown and Peres the clown - how come no one's laughing though?
4. the cowards are at it again in Gaza
meghan ,   israel   (08.19.11)
so brave to fire rockets from civilian population, then cry "oh world. look what those bad israelis have done to us"..well guys the foriegn media may be screwed up but i am hearing from folks abroad.."hey you killers from Gaza, the game is up folks know your game and have NO sympathy for you. You are murdering your people, those that die in Gaza, ITS YOUR FAULT you evil people.
5. We need new elections and remove all
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.19.11)
the sitting m.k.s. As well as the unelected president of Israel. The same goes for the COS and the rest of the general staff of the I.D.F. and the whole court system. We need people to protect us and insure our survival, even if we have to totally eliminate the terrorists and the population that supports them. We need to have only those who served in the I.D.F. allowed to sit in the knesset or vote in national elections.
6. While bombing the tunnels, just make sure
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (08.19.11)
that none of them are used a detention facility for Isareli POWs.
7. #1 - Answer: an excuse.
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (08.19.11)
Jordan's warnings were conveniently misplaced/downgraded. And, September is almost here.
8. Mr Netanyahu..This is not CNN .This is not Anderson Cooper
Al   (08.19.11)
This is not a 15 second sound bite. Either be a leader and protect the Jews of Israel or get the hell out of office. Give the power to the IDF to do their work, and if the IDF command cant or them. As to Barak he should have been history a long time ago. Take over the MOD now. You will lose the next election if you lose the confidence of the people. Do your work and stop pandering to the cameras. This is not Hollywood.
.....DACON9   (08.19.11)
10. i so love Bibi! :)
Ester   (08.19.11)
great i like the beginning just do it <3
11. liar
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.19.11)
12. PM vows additional retaliation
RAMI ,   SINGAPORE   (08.19.11)
13. Mr. Prime Minister
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (08.19.11)
Bibi, i ahni eetcha.
14. Bibi kicking asses and taking names
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (08.19.11)
so he does not kick the same ass twice. Although it seems some need kicking more than once.
15. the lord armies
cristian ,   buenos aires arg   (08.19.11)
in our days there is no place with so many guns,weapons and bombs as the holy? land,there is no place all around the world with so many armies to kill and destroy as the holy? land,there is no place all around the world where two peoples are fighting like butchers as israelites and palestines do,there is no place with so many centuries killing and dying as the holy? land,there is no other place with the greatest cementery of each and every day dying for the evil forces who takes men to perdition,there is no place where peoples trust and believe in their masters who send them directly to death killing and dying eye for an eye but none of them believe and trust in the lord armies who are exactly the opposite as all that dirty shit and they all do the opposite of the lord will,look all around the world now and you will see so many problems as the holy? land has but nowhere peoples are killing and dying each other in a stupid war where the one who dies today will kill you tomorrow if you know and realize about karma because the hurt today will search for revenge tomorrow and it is a fucking war which never ends and life is to live and let live not to kill and let kill but the wise understand about their bussiness but understand nothing about the lord
16. In the meantime ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.19.11)
... the dearth of international outrage and condemnation is simply unacceptable. Why should Israel pay attention to what ANYONE says when it does what it needs to do with respect to retaliating to terror strikes? The next time some ersatz "Palestinian" terrorists are killed, and the world gets all up in arms, I say, we ask them, "Where were you on August 18 and 19, 2011?" As far as I am concerned, Israel now has carte blanche to do whatever it must. To hell with the rest of the world.
17. How did they know who is responsible so fast??
barak ,   US   (08.19.11)
how did they know who is responsible so fast and while the operation was taken place??? if so, were they complicet, something fishy is going on here.... i do not believe these crocked politicians...
18. SeaYutz1946 #6
Stephen in New York   (08.19.11)
You can be sure that we appreciate your concern, but don't worry, sweetheart.
19. Action action action, less talk. NO to TERRORism
Walk the walk ,   walkitville Israel   (08.19.11)
Yes to the Jewish state. Yes to 23 PEACEFUL Arab states absorbing 100k Arabs in Israel each. How about the Israel Peace Initiative? Or is just for Saudis to do that bs to make us 8 miles wide?
20. # 8 DON'T BE NAIVE
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (08.19.11)
What the heck do you think Mr. Netanyahu is doing??.He is hitting back hard so BACK OFF .Stop trying to be an armchair general and critic.
21. Netanyahu talks alot but does little
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (08.19.11)
The fact that the IDF struck back so quickly killing the leaders means that they knew about it BEFORE the terrorist attack. Why did they wait? They should have killed them BEFORE they had a chance to hurt Jews but Netanyahu is to cowardly to do the right thing.
22. Thank Hashem I am not a Jew...
23. Iron Dome gave Israel depth, time to reevaluate responce.
Miron ,   USA, Seattle   (08.19.11)
Let's put something on the table, that we did not have before Iron Dome. Israel is not threatened by these rockets. What we need to do is instead of foolishly opening our rear to needless sniping by haters of our nation is fortify our front by adding more Iron Dome batteries until we feel that we tried to balance out the threat by non - lethal ( at least not as lethal ) responce as IDF entry in Gaza. This time must be used not only to add Iron Dome defences, but to let diplomatic efforts in broader arena to install Israel international outposts and balances, which might fail due to wholesale Anti - Semitism, I grant you that. But no good deed goes unpunished, as we all know well. So, what shell we fear more, that world treats Israel like Polish Ghetto, or that we might take a life we could spare? Let's give the world lesson in its cruelty. We can kill as many terrorists as we need to secure Israel on moment notice. And, get that IDF in Sinai and start building refugee camps for running Sudanese, FINALLY!!!
24. retaliation?
mike caton ,   usa   (08.19.11)
There is only one retaliation: the complete destruction of the Hams and the military infrastructure of other terrorist elements in Gaza,, leaving no one alive.Anything less than this is a facade, a useless bandaid with no lasting effect.Netanyahu knows this. Unfortunately, he is the puppet of Obama , the new champion of the Muslim Brotherhood.
25. An observation...
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (08.19.11)
The abilities of Israeli forensic analysts, to link the dead Sinai terrorists to specific Gazan Palestinians whose location was immediately and precisly targeted, in such a short period of time, takes one's breath away. But, one has to rember that this happened in the Holyland... a place that has witnessed innumerable miracles... and of course, current Israeli internal social issues and upcoming Palestinian diplomatic efforts have no bearing whatsoever. ;)
26. What must be done
Vlad   (08.19.11)
The heads of the PRC must all be individually hunted down, located by Shin Bet, and taken out in targeted assassinations, no matter how long it takes. Remember how Bin Laden died: he used his wife to try to shield himself. Despite all their bluster, terror leaders are afraid of death, which is why they send delusional young men to do it for them.
27. God Bless the IDF!!!
Jan ,   Houston, USA   (08.19.11)
Bless the Israeli soldiers, and keep them safe! And present Gaza with a lesson that they will never forget!!!!
28. John @ 1, come now. You know how it works.
leo ,   usa   (08.19.11)
Israel must sit on actionable intelligence until there are conditions for action. Can you imagine the stink that would've been raise had Israel acted preemptively. Unfortunately Israel is too weak to ignore this stink.
29. Sarah B
gdfathermax ,   tel aviv israel   (08.19.11)
you are absolutely correct. Israel should take no notice of the rest of the world. They care nothing for us anyway.
30. Barak not doing enough damage (to Gaza) to create deterrence
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (08.20.11)
It is not enough to merely kill some alleged "masterminds" and shoot down GRADs that were going to hit people - the ones Iron Dome ignores still harm the population even hitting fields, the purpose of "terrorism". Israel needs to do some real damage that deters Hamas (there is no "PRC" - Hamas pulls their strings, just as Arafat and Abbas were behind "Black September" all along, its a PR manoever). First, Israel must use its targeting radar to ID exact Grad launch points, and then hit the coordinates with a 2000 lb GPS bomb, no matter how close to "civilians", just have the video of the launcher in the bomb crosshairs for CNN. Second, IAF should use several dozen 3000 lb blockbuster bombs to destroy the deep-water wharf Hamas just completed with EU funding to handle large ships - impossible to repair without construction materials Israel now embargoes. Third, Israel must destroy all the trucks and tractors in Gaza with precision bombs and missiles - depriving Hamas of transport for those 400-pound GRADs; the population can come to the crossings on foot to pick up aid supplies. Fourth - bomb the new Hamas shopping malls and luxury hotel to rubble - if Israelis can't live in peace, neither will Gazastan. If Obama doesn't like that decision - he can provide Israel access to the entire US C5A Galaxy fleet to ferry to Israel each week enough 2000 lb bombs to carpet bomb the entire Philadelphi route 24/7, turning it into loose sand to a depth of 200 ft, making tunneling permanently impossible over its entire length. Only then can it be flooded successfully with Med sea water.
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