Lull breached; rockets hit western Negev
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 23.08.11, 00:08
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1. The moral: Arabs can't be trusted. Period.
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (08.22.11)
2. Well, that certainly did not take long
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.22.11)
Is there a reason that we are not pummeling their asses into rubble? These are not human beings. You do realize that, do you not? They are somewhere between jackals and hyenas and I really -- REALLY -- do not care how many must be sacrificed to keep the Jewish people safe. Really I don't. I prize Jewish existence over all else. Is that a problem for any of you?
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (08.22.11)
If the Government does not get a grip ,and fast ,the south of Israel will become uninhabitable.
4. Rockets
frank ,   israel   (08.22.11)
Well the cease fire is working out nicely. Our self-seving government is only waiting to again believe...just ask obama he will swear all is good. Now what did we do, you crazy europeans are asking, to annoy those peaceful terrorists who only want to murder us all..right we stole their land that has been ours for at least 500 years before they even existed! right, now I remember.....
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (08.22.11)
What we just moved here a week ago? Come on guys stop being so frikking naive, a cease fire is likend to a Hudna , it has absolutly no value. While living among ouir Muslim neighbours, there is no knowledge what so ever about the Koran and its teachings about the infidel. Stop projecting our so-called western values on people who's only goal in life is to wage war on the Jews. Get it through your thick skulls they do NOT want us here.
6. the conflict in western-asia.
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankind-land.   (08.22.11)
okay, that is a fact that 2 rockets hit the negev/naqab. the blockade of the gaza-strip and the revisionist, zionistic settlement-project are also still going on. this had never may have happened and this may never happen again. both parties are equally/ in the same way to blame that this "eternal" since the 19th. century conflict/war-like situation is still continuing. what is reachable and how much money can ultimately be paid to continue this madness/un-will, to go on with this enterprise/endeavour/shame/crime untill....? also the united nations, humanity and mankind have the job and the duty to mediate for a stable situation, for peace etc. in this region of our world for the jewish people, the palestinian people and for the entire people of humanity and mankind, life, with the meaning to live and to survive. FOR AN ENTIRE FREE AND PEACEFULL PEOPLE OF HUMANITY AND OF MANKIND, EVERYWHERE AND ALWAYS!!!!!
7. listen no. 3 i got a son who lives in ashkelon
so i dont like this. and i have been there myself in may-june for his wedding. this has me very worried and nervous.
8. #2- Sarah B
Smart One ,   NY, NY   (08.22.11)
Too bad you are not the prime minister of Israel. Jewish blood is CHEAP. Sold for rhetoric and $$. Nobody cares, not even Ynet. They say "no damages" reported to rocket fire, while their own photos show buildings, homes and forests ablaze. No to mention the psycho. trauma to the populous. I guess no damage means no gay, transgender, leftist atheist got hurt. Sad day for the Jewish people.
9. Israel is powderful country, overcome this terror.
melissa ,   istanbul   (08.22.11)
There was no law prohibiting organ trafficking in Israel. Israel Kills Palestinian Boys, Steals Organs For Transplants There is a dirty Israeli trade in Palestinian body parts .Please say no to this and urge your goverment to stop it.
10. Put on the Heat
Ivan ,   South Africa   (08.22.11)
Israel, if you don't want to bomb Gaza, just fly over and drop off 100,000 lt. of diesel fuel and make sure it ignites when close to the ground.
11. thank you for firing less rockets now
Ehud Barak ,   western Al-Quds   (08.22.11)
i know your intentions are good, you are real peace partners and i love you so much. i'll continue to represent the strong response lie to the Jews (ha ha they are SO easy to fool!) but my promise to never hurt you stands, always yours, love and kisses, Ehjud Barak
12. take off the gloves through
Barney ,   USA   (08.22.11)
technology and don't expose any IDF to danger.
13. "Cease-fire" to #2
Yankelev, PhD, Msc' ,   Palm Beach USA   (08.22.11)
Sarah B. - Shalom and right on, again, May G-d of Israel damn E. Barack, the leftists, and the whole cowardly, treasonous "government" of once glorious Jewish state, now corroded with internal politics - like children, they are playing, while the house is already on fire...
14. I'm Just Curious...
Eric ,   New York   (08.22.11)
... and I don't mean this facetiously... but it seems like 99 percent of the time thugs from Gaza shoot missiles, they land in "open territory." Is the South that sparsely populated? A quick look at a map and some population numbers says no. You would think the militants would be able to take a quick lesson in aiming and hit something. I'm glad they never do hit anything, I'm just curious...
15. to #2: Yes it is.
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (08.23.11)
16. Truce
Claudedeparis ,   France   (08.22.11)
Can you explain me what 'truce' means? How can Hamas be trusted? Do the leaders of Israel wait for the next attacks with many deaths to act? Or do they wait for the American licence to act?
17. Except for Barak, did any one else believe the Arabs?
Dov   (08.22.11)
Arab "ceasefire" coincides with the old famous saying: If you'll find a white raven, you'll find an Arab saying the truth.
18. WHAT LULL????????????????
mARK FROM gEORGIA   (08.23.11)
What lull are you talking about? Why would the headline read that? Is the new definition of "Lull", what 3 hours? Or is it 12 hours now, I forget?
19. #9 melissa
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.23.11)
You also don't square with reality. What you are talking about is pure fantasy, concocted by those who hate Israel. This includes your government which insists that Israel apologize for what Turkey began, ignoring video showing the opposite. No need to ask Israel to stop organ trafficking, as it does not take place. It’s only in your mind and others’ wild imaginations.
20. Teeny Weenies
LOL   (08.23.11)
They get their rocks off firing rockets and missiles because they have teeny weenies, and this makes them feel manly.
21. surprise
simon   (08.23.11)
Israel needs to strike back hard (in deed ) your current response is to meek
22. What happens when the rockets go further"
David ,   NJUSA   (08.23.11)
Does Israel have the will to defend itself?
23. Rockets on Tel Aviv
Shlomo ,   NJ,USA   (08.23.11)
I'd like to know: If the same amount of rockets would be falling on Tel Aviv, would the Israeli Goverment still react the same? Don't believe so, and if that is the case, they are certainly not defending their citizens as they should. And the question is: Why is the south different?
24. Some lull
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.23.11)
Since the so-called ceasefire the terrorists have fired 24 rockets at Israel. Kind of like their previous 'ceasefire' after which they fired 800 rockets and mortars.
25. #14 grad rockets can't be precisely aimed
only at a general area
26. Ehud Barak - get real
Martin ,   UK   (08.23.11)
The only person that Stalin ever trusted was Hitler when he said he wouldn't invade Russia he believed him. It seems that Ehud Barak trusts the word of Hamas and really believes them when they call for a cease fire. Madness.
27. #2 - No it isn't
Martin ,   UK   (08.23.11)
28. Didn't you notice? Israel collapsed like jelly after
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.23.11)
the talks in Egypt with the US representative. Guess what, Harrison J Bounel sent his message of assurance to more funding for Egypt if they renege on the treaty and don't keep the peace. In return, Israel must cease and desist from any more retaliation against attacks from Gaza. Harrison wants to save the scum terrorists and keep them intact. He does avoid dealing with problems head on. I don't know why anyone takes on Harrison J Bounel. Anyone who does not know about that character can google the name for clarification. Maybe fingers should be pointed at Bibi this round and not Barak.
29. To 26
Danlem ,   Jerusa   (08.23.11)
Barak ans Bibi dont believe Hamas, they have there hands tied until the Palastinian decloration in September.... If they unleash on Gaza it will play into Abas hands. I admire there cool heads.
30. Rocket fire resumes
Yoel ,   Israel   (08.23.11)
Mr. Barak! have you woken up yet? Go into Gaza and destroy it totally,Our people in the south must be able to live in peace - dont wait act now!
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