PLO official: Palestine should be free of Jews
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 15.09.11, 00:42
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31. free also of Jewish money????
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.14.11)
32. Yet the US accepts this policy from Israel
Jon ,   Baltimore US   (09.14.11)
Israel has severely limited the number of non-Jews in its state since it's inception in order to maintain the "Jewish nature" of the state. The US has accepted this policy and defended the actions Israel takes to insure an overwhelming Jewish majority. If any other state mentions such a policy that does not include Jews, it is anti-Semitism and unacceptable.
33. .Pals demand right of return into Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (09.14.11)
The Palestinians don't want any Jews but they demand masses of Palestinians go live with 6 million Jewish Israelis. The truth is Palestinians want Jews to disappear but they know it's politically incorrect to say it to the West from whom they want monetary and diplomatic favours. The naivete of the US and EU is astonishing,
34. A Palestenian State Without Jews
Johannes Broos ,   South Africa   (09.14.11)
Who longer believes that these racist Palestenians have any intention to make peace. They just want to destroy the Jewish state and they have support from the world. - but not from God....
35. It is no secret that arabs want Middle-East to be JUDENFREI.
Jouko ,   Kuopio,Finland   (09.14.11)
Palestinians are stating a known fact in front of the press and UN- they want a judenfrei state! I wonder if UN can grant statehood to such an inhumane system. UN seems to support apartheid which it say it resists! Very strange!
36. Again I'm shocked, did he really say that?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.14.11)
i think he said Palestine should be free of occupiers . i believe some reporters distort Ambassador's words to mean something far . anyways thank god he did not say Palestine will become an Islamic state coz Jews say "Israel" is a Jewish state. @ you really WHY net.
37. Abbas: Palestine can never be Lebensraum for Israel
observer   (09.14.11)
38. #19, so should Israel expel Palestinians from 48 land?
Danny   (09.14.11)
39. Notice the silence
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.14.11)
Here is not the 1st time that they have called for ethnic cleansing, nor is it the 20th time, this is what they have been saying all along and the UN, NGOs, etc agree with it. Not one of the so-called human rights groups will say anything, nor will the EU or UN or the US State Department or even the White House. The Arabs announce that they are targeting people because of their religion and the world remains silent. Then there are morons like Ben Alofs that claim Jewish colonists are attacking Arab farmers. When the fact is that not one single Arab farmer has been killed or even injured and hundreds of Jewish ones have by those same 'farmers' or that Ereikat didn't say what we actually heard say. Some people lie about everything and Ben Alofs is that type of asshole.
40. And if the Jews moved........
Richard ,   Boca Raton, USA   (09.14.11)
The Palestinians would hate the Jews no matter where they live. If the Jews in Israel moved to another land, ie New Mexico, the Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, or whatever combination, would still hate the Jews and blame them for everything. The Palestinians are a pitiful people, being controlled by a handful of blood-thirsty leaders who could care less about their welfare.
41. Oh, I get it now...
Ahron ,   USA   (09.14.11)
Israel HAS to accept whomever, whenever, from wherever, but the Arabs get everything they want?!? How is this fair again???
42. #20
Jane   (09.14.11)
Abbas' true colors have long been known, though largely ignored - his doctoral thesis was centered on denying the Holocaust
43. Palestine
Steven Kantor ,   L.A USA   (09.14.11)
Will the "enlightened" countries of the world now begin calling Palestine "The aparthied State" or is that just reserved for Israel?
44. Israel visa
Sam   (09.14.11)
Hi, I believe that in order to get a visa to live in Israel, you have to be jewish. It sounds like sort of... how would I call it? "Anti world"?
45. Despicable form of anti-semitism ?
Jay   (09.14.11)
Not in the US of A., where the authorities allow this poison to sip into the mainstream of this vaste country by arabs steadily working in the govt, in the states, in the cities, in the media ---- all done under the freedom of expression of course. The UN, this despotic American landmark with their disgusting arab majority, are determined to carve a piece of land stolen , so that killers, thugs, headed by world famed crook Abbas, can run a clean " state" with the billions $ supplied by Obama, Merkel, the Elysee Palace, Downing street, and other stupid so-called leaders from the so-called free, democratic countries.
46. Very well
Christian ,   Sweden   (09.14.11)
if that is the fact that separation is in the best interest of the two people, let it be so in Palestine as in Israel. No right of return and repatriation to Palestine of Arabs who refuse to be loyal citizens in a Jewish state. Both people need to work on their own national identity without disturbing elements.
47. Abbas changes his tune again
zionist forever   (09.14.11)
Earlier this year when Abbas was trying to sell himself as a peacemaker before he made his big UN bid he is sure to win he was saying the settlers could stay but as citizens of Palestine. Now he is saying the palestiinian state should be Jew free. If Abbas can have a Jew free state then why can't Israel have an arab free state and we can get rid of all the treacherous arabs.
48. #3 ; No appeasement ; they agree
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.11)
with them. HR is new Nazi speak for disenfranchising the Jews of their state and their rights. Google FUEV and Rodney Atkinson for references
49. another RACIST Saudi Arabia
SE   (09.14.11)
no Jews, no Christians, no Bibles or non-muslim sybols allowed... and they dare say Israel with Arab MK's, full rights for Arab citizens, mixed everthing is apartheid?!!
50. #6 Salim
Salin ,   Canada   (09.14.11)
go talk to G-d and ask him to fulfill his promise to you. your G-d might have lied to you!
51. Yea, and make them pay us back for 1/2 the cost.....
Good Idea ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
of building the "separation wall".... of couse this means no right of return and we ship all Arab Israeli citiens to "palestine".
52. Thank you Mr. Abbas for saying the truth.
Yoav ,   Germany   (09.14.11)
Now the whole world can see and judge who is who. Which nation wanna just live in peace in their own land and which "nation" wanna establish the REAL APPARTHEID SYSYTEM since the holocaust! No wonder the best seller books in the region among the muslims are "Mein Kampf" and the "Wise of Zion". Another point for our leftist friends,if you think that these "new arabic democrats" will leave you in "peace" then you are not only naiv but fools.
53. Amen to Jew free state & vice versa
Tambour ,   Eilat   (09.14.11)
They can cross to Jordan, Egypt, and to wherever their masses arrived from, illegally , to seek employment created by the settlement in the '20's up to '67. Muslims will not hesitate to cleanse every last jew given half a chance. A financial settlement given by Arab countries , to relocate palestinians in lieu of compensation due to Jews cleansed from arab lands can square the books, and give abu Hussein a jew free dominion across the Jordan
54. You are wrong FAD Egypt on ABBAS
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.11)
Abbas does not fool anybody, The international communities are averse to supporting Israel or Jews. They like what Abbas is saying. It is up to the Jews to protect themselves from a modern day Haman or face the consequenses.
55. The truth emerges: Palestine = Apartheid (end)
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.14.11)
56. External factors leave 1 option: BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.14.11)
57. Arabs, whole streets. Israel, 1 HOUSE. Nonviolent transfer.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.14.11)
58. BIG ISRAEL, Arabs/Muslims as good neighbours.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.14.11)
59. Not sure, but isn't ethnic cleansing, racism against UN?
William ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
I believe in the convention outlining the birth of a State one of those requirements is the promise to NOT ethnically cleanse or forcibly move a population from that new State, respect private property and personal freedoms of all, and not singling out one ethnic group or race adversely. What Abbas is saying is that he wants to repeat the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Jews from their homes. While this would hurt those in settlements, it would collectively hurt Israel and Jews when they try to force Jews from Mount of Olives and the homes right next to the Western Wall. However, because of the illegal annexation by Jordan of the same land "Palestinians" claim as their State, Abbas just inherited the 1948 crime of his brethren, meaning - the "Palestinians" will have to return land stolen from the Jews (forcibly) in 1948 per Intl Law.
60. abbas
Sam M ,   UK   (09.14.11)
So a proposed palestinian state should be free of Jews while not only does Israel already have around a million arabs but according to fatah will also have to commit national suicide by accepting millions more so called 'refugees'. Is anyone getting tired of listening to all this crap? Just annex all available land in Judea and Samaria without major palestinian population centres and get it over and done with. Then start a massive building programme to create 'facts on the ground'. If they want their own state they've already got one in jordan plus a terrorist state in gaza. Anyone who doesn't yet realise that a new palestinian state in Judea and Samaria will become another terrorist entity must be severely delusional or as thick as two short planks. It will become a magnet for all the dark forces of the islamic world that want to destroy Israel .
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