What awaits Muna in Gaza?
Yoram Schweitzer
Published: 16.10.11, 23:50
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1. She can live with Salami...LOL
Ash ,   Army of darkness   (10.17.11)
2. President's Wholesale Abuse Of Pardon Power Must Be Stopped
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.17.11)
3. Salma are these women your heroes too?
You have been blabbing all over ynet anyway so how about sharing this with us? Are these women your heroes Salma?
4. Mistake: Laila Khalid was not Fatah member
Dave ,   USA   (10.17.11)
5. They will fit in perfectly with Sydney's Lebanese community
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.17.11)
They then blame the world for hating them, because they'll never look themselves in the mirror.
6. Why was Mona allowed to rule the roost in prison?
Bill ,   New York, USA   (10.17.11)
Is Israel bothering to run its own prison system? If the answer is no, that is really bad.
7. Monsters
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.17.11)
Does anyone seriously doubt that the world would be a far better place without these terrorist scum in it?
8. as soon as Shalit is recovered, the the Predators loose
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.17.11)
a bargain with mass murderers is not something that must be honored. The Quran teaches that deceit is useful weapon in war, so let's take advantage of using their own book against them. Once Shalit is back in Israel, NO square centimeter of Gaza is safe from Israeli reprisal. The bastards may have gotten out, but they will never be free from the thought that at any second, at any time, on the street, in their car or in their shower, a bullit may come out of no-where and end their twisted life. IDF: open season on escaped vermin.
9. These two should have been executed a long time ago..
Bill ,   New York, USA   (10.17.11)
along with a slew of the other ones. Ifthis had happened in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia. They would be long dead. In Israel, they wait it our for a few years, college on line classes. red cross visits and the rest. If Netanyahus brother could see what has happened he would be ashamed.
10. narcissistic pertonality disorder
aryeh berkovich ,   oakland, cal.   (10.17.11)
how interesting that both of the horrid individuals display classic NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) symptoms. they claim legitemacy for their abberrant behavior, they crave attention, they demand "respect from others, but see no need for them to give back respect. at least one is manipulative to a fault. what vile creatures! they deserve nothing that is good.
11. @#1 You are too kind with your suggestion
After Ash's Army   (10.17.11)
She might as well eat the "Salami" and choke on it/her...that would be a most pleasant thought! Their demise would mean two less blood-thirsty antisemites/criminals to contend with.
12. miniscule is the power of the dead.
joe rechtman ,   usa   (10.17.11)
they can only speak from their gaping wounds and we can only hear silence. this boy loured by love that left hearts broken, this woman posing as reporter that left half lives untold. This is now our burden to carry.
13. a reflection of the deep pathology of pali society
chip ,   walnut creek   (10.17.11)
there is some (small) comfort in knowing that these truly despicable women will be released on their own people. they are true representatives of their people. and, is there any "palestinian" who has the slightest clue that a society that produces and celebrates this garbage in human form is sick?
14. hmmm
baruch   (10.17.11)
is that zahar's daughter? she has the same ugly thing on her nose.
15. In these cynical times we live in, I propose a new reality
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.17.11)
TV show: we follow up on the lives of the most (in)famous of these released Terrorists.They'll have to perform some tasks (f.ex.running with a camel) and then every week we can see one of them being ''eliminated''.....sounds yummy to me.
16. .....and the palestinian state should be in these hands !
no words..... i hope that it is clear why the palestinians do not have a state yet.
17. Are you serious?
Serious? ,   Serious   (10.17.11)
I am not in your position to say whether this article is realistic or not. But are you being serious? Or are you just trying to hide fear and get people not to be scared/panic?
18. #6 every prison has its toughies, the rulers
meghan ,   Israel   (10.17.11)
of the roost, so why not in Israel? I just hope she will get what she deserves from the families of those who suffered her nasty ways. I am sure they will make her wish she had never been born. Also will save Israel the job of having to worry about her anymore. I dont think any of them will feel they cant look over their shoulders, once all the "high" of their return is over.
19. What a disgusting mentality this people have
Honestly. The Arabs (Palestinians) are not the only people fighting for a state. They could have had a state in 1947 but they don't want to compromise, but that's another matter. But we Jews also fought for a state and so did other peoples. I don't recall Jews dressing up their three year olds in uniform, putting plastic guns in their hands, and teaching them to chant "kill the Jews". I don't recall Jews basing their education system on hatred towards the enemy and portraying it as a monster. I don't remember Jews relishing on the death of children, women, old people. There's something so cruel and brutal in the Arab mentality, and it's got nothing to do with the "occupation". If anything, it is behind the Arabs' refusal to compromise all these years, and their desire to kill all the Jews and have the land all to themselves. And it's the reason why there's so much cruelty and social injustice and misery in the Arab countries. I'm not kidding, the hundreds of millions of Arabs should all go through an extensive re-education if they ever want to be a part of the civilized world.
20. #3: let me guess her answer: It's all you Israeli's fault!
Introspection was never a strong characteristic of the Arabs. Much easier to always blame Israel. For their barbarism, cruelty, failures.
21. Monsters!
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (10.17.11)
Should a working definition of "Monster", be required, one need only to look towards these women. The atrocities committed, represent the worst in human behavior, and sully the name of humanity and Islam.
22. May the Mossad track her and deal with her.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.17.11)
23. #17 REALITY
galilean ,   Israel   (10.17.11)
The interview with Tamimi was on Israeli TV last night, and I saw it. So...YES, this is real and this is our reality!
24. #1 She and Salami will become a great "love story".
Doomsday Toddler   (10.17.11)
25. Can we be sure that the security risk is miniscule?
Golda ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.17.11)
Tamimi was a major force in the planning and execution of the Sbarro attack. She is utterly unrepentent Since her fiance is still in jail she will press Hamas to kidnap more Israeli soldiers so that her fiance can be released in an exchange. She is going to Jordan but in the present turmoil in the MIddle East we cannot be sure that King Abdullah willl not be overthrown. Mona is a monster and a clever one. She will be returning to Gaza where she will be free to plan and participate in Hamas attacks against Israel.
26. Deominzing them is futile. There is a conflict after all
Jim coala ,   Chicago   (10.17.11)
Have you ever wonder how Arabs imagine Israeli soldiers? Yes, like mostres. There is a serious conflict here and that's how you explain their actions, not by showing them as psychopaths. Arabs can do the same to your soldiers too, but that will nort help. Also, Leila khalisd is not fatah, but PFLP, obviously in your ateempt to write a propaganda piece, you did not not your homework
27. To: Bill at No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.17.11)
All prisons have a "ruling system." Even in the United States. Complete sociopaths and psychopaths tend to "rule the roost." Let's see how well these two "rule the roost" in Gaza and Jordan, respectively. I'm betting not so much. Israel afforded these two psychotics much leniency. I don't think they can expect the same degree of leniency in Gaza and Jordan. In fact, I'm counting on it. Psychopaths don't do terribly well in normal society, and these two are psychopaths and sociopaths. They won't last long.
28. #26: it's not the first serious conflict in history
Did the brits stab babies in their sleep, bombed women and children deliberately, lynched people? did the french? did the Americans? It's a matter of culture, or lack of it.
29. @Jim #26
Elle ,   Canada   (10.17.11)
It's not the writer that "shows them as psychopaths" but their own heinous actions that reveal the extent of their cruelty. For a woman to lure a teen to his death, especially under the guise of love is unspeakable. Why do you suppose that Palestinians made great efforts to prevent publication of pictures from the Ramallah lynching? Is it because their actions could be "explained" as part of a serious conflict? Clearly not. It's self evident they didn't want their barbaric behavior to be exposed to the civilized world.
30. @ 19
Tanya ,   AUCKLAND   (10.17.11)
so very well put!
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