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Jordan's king: Arab Spring increased Israel's isolation
Roi Kais
Published: 03.03.12, 21:00
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2. The Plaestinian issue
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.03.12)
Given the Palestinian street in Amman to take their country back, Abdullah is doing all he can to not become the next "royal" barbarian in the noose
3. delusional king. it is you who is isolated.
ralph   (03.03.12)
4. First BALANCE via SECURE BIG ISRAEL: shalom, salam, peace.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (03.03.12)
5. king tut
6. Jordan is Palestine
Noah Lev ,   LosangelesUSA   (03.03.12)
And the psychological game playing goes on from Amman. The King's father attacked Israel in 67, even though Golda begged agin. He lost the old city, East Jerusalem, and the Wbk whcih was illegally occupied to begin with ( per the partition). The majority of the Kingdom's pop.are British Mandade Arabs, or their offspring. E.Palestine was part of the Balfour Declaration...a Jewish homeland. He always throws salt into the open would of the relationshps and is appeasing his restless Palestinian pop. Israel is more isolatied/ Comeon, its already the bete noir of the region, the cancer, the racist state, apartheid, the "occupier" of sacred Arab land. Jordan signed a treaty knowing it slong border with Israel made it vulnerable. And BTW. Israels saved it from Syrian tanks years ago. The Arab Spring is evolving..wiith the JURY OUT. He should worry about Syria ,Iraq and Iran.,.not Israel, one-sixth the size. in fact, Jordan is Palestine..guys. The King is vomiting at the mouth. (again)
7. ISRAEL is the ONLY reason his HEAD is not DICONNECTED from..
Mike   (03.03.12)
his BODY!
8. He's got it all wrong!
Justin ,   Canada   (03.03.12)
The so called Arab spring has made their countries even weaker. The Egyptian economy is even worse than it was before. They can't wage a war against Israel, and if they do they will sever the lifeline they have from the US in the form of all that aid. And there is no more Soviet Union to fund them, give them free weapons and save their asses. Turkey has proved to Europe that it isn't fit to be part of the EU with Mr. big mouth constantly shooting his mouth off, and Turkish connection to terrorist activities. It is Turkey that has isolated itself and tarnished its own image, and it is Turkey alone that has ruined its relationship with Israel. Everyone knows this but Turkey and muslim states. Iran is now even more isolated. It is Iran Vs. Israel, Iran Vs Europe, Iran Vs Arab states, and Iran Vs the US, not just Israel. Hezbollah has been hit hard by sanctions against Iran and losing funding. Also, the Assad regime is sweating big time. Israel is moving closer to Greece, Cyrus and other nations and peoples who Turks and Iranians have pissed off. So, what the hell is this man talking about? He's delusional.
9. He da King
Maurice ,   Atlanta   (03.03.12)
A not-so-useful idiot. The key to solving Iran is peace talks with the Palestinians?
10. ignorance or dishonesty
jay abouaf ,   yafo isarael   (03.03.12)
"...the peace process is the key to the standoff with Iran..." If this petty tyrant, or King, believes the above, then he is ignorant (as a king-criminally negligent); if he does not, and just says it, then he is a liar. He is not the man that his father, or grandfather, were; and I can't wait for 'his people' to judge him...; and then create a real 'palestinian' state. All the 'palestinians', who so suffer under the "inhumane" israeli oppression, I'm sure will immediately flee the horrible prison they live in here,(we jews are such cruel people, especially compared to our neighbours). and seek refuge in the enlightened kingdom of Jordan.
11. the who's & do's from Jordan/Palestine
tiki ,   belgium   (03.03.12)
The Palestinian King & Queen, alone on their huge throne, in their 'Ford Knox armed palace can't even go 'for a walk by themselves for they will be killed by one of their own citizens. Rania is nowhere to be seen on the international jet set anymore. She can now parade all her 'designer clothes at home, in the Ford Knox palace The little dictator is talking about isolation? What a joker.
12. Now Israel is isolated
StevieT ,   usa   (03.03.12)
As opposed to the old days when they were merely attacked, terrorized, despised, defamed and diplomatically assaulted on a daily basis. Does isolated mean an upgrade in regional relations?
13. Anti-Semites project their traits on Jews
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.03.12)
Iran threatens to annihilate Israel. USA asks Israel to be patient. Israel wants to defend itself and neutralize Iran. Who gets the blame? Israel. Turkey expressed solidiarity and empathy and sympathy with our arch enemy in Gaza. Turkey expressed sympathy with Arab squatters, occupiers, imperialists, colonialists, land theives, murderers, criminals stealing our ancient Jewish homeland in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Turkey is lying in our face about the existence of a "Palestinian" people and country and claiming that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza which doesn't exist. Turks interfered with our independence, sovereignty and used violence against our soldiers and expressed publicly and openly sympathy for Hitler and Nazism on the ship. Israel stops these hooligans and terrorists. Turkey started this conflict. Erdogan is the one who is pushing for a conflict with Israel. Who is blamed? Israel. The Arab world is "frustrated" with Israeli politics? Are they frustratred that we exist, demand equal human, civil, national and territorial rights, that we have the same rigth to live and to defend ourselves and the same right to strike back against our enemies like everyone else? Are they frustrated that we claim our equal national rights among the nations - to be free, independent and sovereign - not to control others - but to control ourselves, and to control and live in our ancient homeland? Do these things frustrate Arabs? To be free, to claim what is ours - to be alive? We Jews are frustrated at the Arab policies against Israel: they support taking our lives, our liberty, our freedom, our history, and our land - they have 22 Arab states - all of them artificial and without identity, purpose or history, but they deny us Jews ONE SINGLE TINY MINUSCULE JEWISH STATE WITH INDEFENSIBLE AUSCHWITZ BORDERS IN OUR ANCIENT HOMELAND UNDER SIEGE BY 22 HOSTILE JEW HATING ARAB STATES? Who is crazy here? It is Israel that has 100% reason and legitimacy to be frustrated with Arabs. Arabs have no legitimacy whatsoever to voice any criticism against Jews. The Arabs are as guilty of evil and Jew hatred as Germans and Nazis.
14. Israel has always been isolated in the Middle East..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.03.12)
..but instead of blaming the country which is being isolated, the criticism should be voiced against those who do the isolation in the first place and ask why they have the right to isolate Israel. It's like blaming Jews for anti-Semitism. It is entirely the fault and responsibility of the anti-Semites that they hate Jews and Israel. It is their responsibility - all of it. Anti-Semites are as human as everyone else so they have to take responsibility for their actions. The anti-Semites are doing the hating - therefore the conflict and hatred for Jews and Israel exist solely in their neanderthal brains. Israel is not more isolated today than 50-60 years ago. On the contrary: the Arab world is falling apart and Israel has more diplomatic relations and more trade relations than ever before with the rest of the world. It's not our fault that the Arab world is a primitive, racist, backward, medieval stoneage society that is evil to the core - oppressing women and minorities, condoning or expressing sympathy for Jew hatred and Arab/Moslem imperialism. Abdullah, Jordan and the Arab have a choice too: leave us alone once and for all - leave our land, stop claiming and stealing our land, hands off of Israel, Jerusalem and the Old City, accept us Jews as the natives of Israel and the Middle East, accept our 4000 years of Jewish history in Israel, accept us as your equals without any requirements and preconditions or judgments and accept the fact that the entire land of Israel is ours - Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Golan and Jordan included -and without any Arab squatters. If not - then prepare for the destruction of the Arab world.
15. Envy combined with racism is a powerful sentiment!
But Muslms must understand that waging wars on Israel won't improve their economies and human rights! They will only get beaten, suffer losses and frustration and destroy the future of their future generations. But it seems that the ruthless, racist, genocidal, arrogant and corrupt Muslim dictators, clerics and terror mongers are OK with that. They've been OK with that for more than 1500 years!
16. #12 You wish! Israel has many allies!
And of course, between wars on Israel, Muslims are busy butchering among themselves. Nothing's changed!
17. #1 Sjoerd Ruurd
Caps lock is on the left side of your keyboard (below the tab key). I know you can do it!!!
18. Jordan occupies 78% of the Jewish homeland. So shut up!
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.03.12)
If it weren't for the British scumbag imperialists who cut off 78% of the British Mandate of Palestine - promised by the British to the Jewish people, based on our ancient homeland's territory, to reestablish a sovereign/independent Jewish state in our ancient ancestral Jewish homeland in which we Jews have lived for the past 4000 years, and gave away those 78% (Trans-Jordan) to the Hashemite Royal Family from Saudi Arabia in the early 1920s, the "Jordanians" wouldn't exist today.
19. King is sweating: Jordan not immune from Arab Spring
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.03.12)
Kingie is grasping at straws, and worried that he too will pay the price of other Arab dictators in the region. His daddy and then he himself refused to allow Jordan to become more democratic. All of Abdullah's arguments are weak: 1) Israel only negotiation from strength? Baloney - we're still strong and it's the Pals who refuse to negotiate. 2) Break with the U.S. over Iran? Nope, simply not true. 3) Damaged our relations with Turkey? Guess he didn't see the report that Erdogan had said years ago he wanted an excuse to cut ties with us. 4) Increasing isolation from our Arab neighbors? Who? Egypt has imploded. Syria and Lebanon never had anything but war with us, and that leaves you - Mr. King of Jordan. Israel was always isolated in the Middle East. As the only democracy we are still isolated, and probably much less than ever before. We are an economic powerhouse. Our military is solid. Or economy the envy of the west. After listening to the racist trash that Abbas spewed last week in Doha, we Israelis know the following: 1) There is no Palestinian partner 2) The days of Arab dictators and kings are numbered. That includes Jordan. 3) There is still not a single Arab democracy on this planet, and the Arab Spring results so far indicate that the Arab world is regressing, not progressing. But yea, despite his negative attitude we'll offer the king and his family political asylum when the spring comes to Jordan.
20. Delusional Zionists deserve 100% isolation!
Levo ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (03.03.12)
in the ME so as to evolve into a law-abiding, legitimate state respectful of all people's rights! The mighty Turkey shall see to it
21. Prefer being "isolated" than "loved" by Muslims.
22. jordan
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (03.03.12)
its a good job some of old ones are still around . he sounds like his old man , hussien he ran with the hare and the hounds , well i cant see any internal war in isreal , i think they are a bit more civilised , and they dont need a masive police force or army to keep there people in order , abdullah your days are numberd as well ,
23. to #20 You are a turkey!
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.03.12)
24. trans jordan
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (03.03.12)
spot alexander abdullah wants to keep his mouth shut o bye the way i am a britsh jew so does that make me a scumbag
25. Always Isolated
Mitchell ,   NYC USA   (03.03.12)
Israel was ALWAYS isolated!! The recent upheaval just serves to highlight what was always there, but somewhat obscured by pro-American governments.
26. Israel must not follow corrupt multitude. [End]
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (03.03.12)
27. #20: "The Mighty Turkey..."
Curtis ,   USA   (03.03.12)
can't even handle its next-door neighbor Syria, so how is it going to deal with a true powerhouse, Israel? It looks more like the Turks "plucked" themselves when they voted in that mental-case Erdogan.
28. #20 good luck with that
Chas ,   Iowa, USA   (03.04.12)
"The mighty Turkey shall see to it." The prophets of old promised that what you are saying is correct. Read Ezekiel 38, 39. Enjoy.
29. Uneasily sleeps the head that wears the crown. His subjedon'
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.04.12)
Don't respect him so does the standard Arab / Moslem evasion manoeuvre,point at Israel. In fact the Pals refused to turn up to negotiate and demand to set the borders up front contrary to UNSCR 242, Hamas outright rejects peace talks and the overwhelming majority of Arabs in the WB & Gaza do not want any long term peace with Israel.
30. The "Jordanian king" lives at Israels expense
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.04.12)
the time has come for him to go...! JORDAN = PALESTINE !
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