Israeli forces kill 27 in West Bank in 2013, NGO says
Published: 31.12.13, 14:57
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1. When you play with fire, expect to be burnt by it!!
Anat ,   Haderah, Israel   (12.31.13)
2. No Wonder
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (12.31.13)
No wonder you are so isolated, so shunned by humanity. 27 palestinians killed and only 3 Israeli jews. SHAME ISRAEL, SHAME!
3. not enough
shmuel ,   jerusalem   (12.31.13)
only 27 in one year? 2014 will be a better year.
4. #3 - despciable
elke ,   USA   (12.31.13)
5. a human rights watchdog?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.31.13)
let us not loose sight that they are not human rights group, they are a pro-Palestinian group that is anti-Israel. watch dog? more like a dog that only hunts for Israelis. What did they do for Arab rights in Arab countries? or for Palestinian human rights in the territories? Let's start calling B'Tselem what they really are, a pro-Palestinian that cares little for human rights that is anti-Israel and purely biased group!!
6. Hypocritical Organisation
stuart ,   South Africa   (12.31.13)
There is an expression that says"whats good for the goose is also good for the gander" so tell me please. Whi is held accountable for the Israeli civilians that have been murdered by the Islamic Palestinian Militants? Another if I may, an this organisation tellme their view on these statistics comparedto the stats in Syria and Iraq? Do they compare favourably or not?
7. More Terror Means More Dead Terrorists
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (12.31.13)
The Arabs need to learn once and for all that this is how it works. Peace for peace. War for war. And if they insist on the latter, we will ensure that they pay a much higher price than we pay.
8. No need to wonder Darren Ben John...
Jenny ,   NY USA   (12.31.13)
Let me understand this, that you commented upon: "27 palestinians killed and only 3 Israeli jews." "ONLY" (my emphasis)?!? Is this a game? It should be fair, like one-to-one? What kind of sick individual AND comment do you post? And you speak of "shame"? Hey Darren, how about "decency"? What does that mean to you. You and your olk make humanity sick, crawl back to your hole....
9. Correction - number 2
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (12.31.13)
2 Israeli Jews and 1 Israeli Muslim were murdered in the West bank and Gaza. Many other innocent Israelis were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in other parts of Israel.
10. #2: versus 180,000 murdered in Syria
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (12.31.13)
But I don't suppose you care for them do you, you antisemite. 27 terrorists killed by Jews is a far greater crime than nearly 200,000 murdered by your arab friends.
11. The subtle difference!!
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (12.31.13)
Dear Harry I understand your anger. But there is little difference in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that your smart brain has not noticed yet. One thing is wanting, and not power, as happens to the Palestinians. Quite another power, not wanting, as happens to the Israelites. I hope that next year 2014, your smart brain can understand the subtle difference. Greetings.
12. #2 Darren when are you returning to Palestine..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (12.31.13)
to help your terrorist families... and don't forget to take Lydia with you, so that you anti semites can wake up to reality..
13. Israelis kill 27 in West Bank
Sally ,   UK   (12.31.13)
rather than take stock of these wanton killings by the Israelis the majority of posters on this discussion board are more concerned about vilifying B'Tselem and justifying such needless killings. if 27 Jews were killed in the West bank in 2013 posters would be outraged and demanding 'an eye for an eye' or more illegal settlements however as 'only' 27 Palestinians were killed most posters are utterly indifferent. One wonders how such unreserved lack of humanity got so deeply ingrained...?
14. Sorry
A V ,   London UK   (12.31.13)
Sorry that you are not happy .hope next time it will be 270 and no Israeli dead
15. B'Tselem is now protecting terrorists?
terror support   (12.31.13)
B'Tselem has become a terror supporting organization and should be treated as such.
16. 27
A V ,   London UK   (12.31.13)
Only 27 very unhappy about it
17. If IDF killed 2,700 in 2013 there'll be no terrorism in 2014
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.31.13)
18. And how many we killed in Syria?
Ibrahim el Awal ,   Dearborn, USA   (12.31.13)
27 Palestinian killed in West Bank. 113.000 were killed in Syria. 167 gay were hanged in Iran. The Fogel family was slaughtered in West Bank was not condemned by Be'tselem. Be'tselem has to compare their reports to what happens in other countries. How many were killed in Lebanon? How many Palestinians were killed in Lebanon and Syria? Arab on Arab violence is not taken seriously by the median and the foreign financed Be'tselem.
19. ynet now fully committed to lefty-looneyism
Berthold   (12.31.13)
2013 - ynet worse than ever before, complete waste of space for the average non-communist non-anti-israeli person.
20. #2 Israel also released over 1000 terrorists
A ,   Belgium   (12.31.13)
and murderers for one Israeli soldier. When there are ZERO Israelis killed, maybe there will be 0 arabs killed. It is obvious Israel values the lives of its citizens, while the arabs are treated by their own as dirt.
21. I agree with Larry (#5) and Yishai (#7)
Imperator ,   US/Israel   (12.31.13)
22. The Blood on Israel's Hands..
Sally ,   UK   (12.31.13)
.....won't be washed off by indifference or denial
23. # 2 Darren,# 13 Sally
Robert Levine ,   LasTerrenas,DR.   (12.31.13)
When the Pals. kill Jews they celebrate and give out candy.You rejoice at that. Where is your outrage at over 100,000 KILLED in Syria.Not a peep.Jew Haters you are!!!!!
24. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.31.13)
Wanton killings? We're dealing with people who hurl boulders at cars driving at speed. Jews have been killed. We're dealing with people who throw Molotov cocktails into cars filled with civilians -- including children. We're dealing with people who stab innocents waiting for a bus. We're dealing with crass murderers, thugs and terrorist scum and you have the NERVE to characterize legitimate self-defense as "wanton killings?" Where was your piteous bleating when thousands of Jews were murdered annually in suicide bombings? Where were your cries of outrage when twenty-two Jewish children were ruthlessly slaughtered at Ma'alot? Where were your ponderings about lack of humanity when a sleeping family of five -- including three children; one of them three months old -- had their throats slit? Your silence was probably deafening. Do you truly mean to suggest that Jews do not have the right to defend themselves? Well, sweetie, the Jews have our state again, after over 2,000 years of living with the unreserved lack of humanity which was overwhelmingly the work of Christian Europeans .... such as yourself. I realize that it offends you to the deepest core of your being that Jews might actually no longer be willing to be passively herded to their deaths and that we WILL fight back .... so too bad. You'll just have to learn to deal with it. If it becomes too overwhelming a task, you can always commit suicide.
25. 27 Palestinian women murdered in honor killings
Joshua ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.13)
Yes, women killed by their own families only for actions that are deemed suspect by their neighbors. 27 killed and counting! Could be another one tonight.
26. 483 Palestinians killed in murder
joshua ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.13)
by other Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza this past year. Also, another 20 something in executions by the Hamas terrorist regime.
27. 72 Palestinian Murderers released by Israel
Joshua ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.13)
In 2013...
28. B'etselem report is incorrect
Isel Breshinski ,   USA   (12.31.13)
Out of the 27 killed 5 were killed by Arabs, not IDF. 7 Israeli were killed in 2013. Fatah of West Bank launches missiles from Gaza on Israeli civilians. This is war crime. More than 150 mortars and missiles fired from Gaza in 2013. B'etselen does not care. B'etselem is financed by foreign interests: 85%! B'etselem is a biased organization whose goal to delegitimize demonize Israel. SEE GOOGLE
29. 13##Aunt...Sally
Funkyyaya ,   (12.31.13)
Just like this report you are both unbalanced. ...
30. #2 Fairness is in how many Jews, the Arab terrorists to kill
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.31.13)
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