Swedish FM to Lieberman: I'd be happy to send you IKEA flat pack
Published: 30.10.14, 23:37
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1. Jokes aside, Sweden is done & kaput so it make no difference
2. Have more understanding . . .
Mike ,   NZ   (10.31.14)
Women can be quite irrational during certain times of the month . . the Swedish FM is no exception, so her hormones have ruled her head ! We had a PM like that !!!
Elio lumbroso ,   montreal , canada   (10.31.14)
jews all over the world should , from this day , boycot IKEA . And do not forget that the owner of IKEA is antisemitic .
4. Margot you rock!
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (10.31.14)
5. Meeting it in a Constructive way
AY ,   USA   (10.31.14)
I suggest the next construction project in Jerusalem be named Sde Malmo or maybe Shearey Shvedia. You get the drift.
6. IKEA?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.31.14)
You can't be serious! Cheap, poorly made fake board furniture? Sorry, not interested. IKEA is junk. Everyone knows it. What, were the Swedes actually thinking of trading Israeli medical and IT patents for cheap plasterboard? Oh, I don't think so. Israelis have standards, and IKEA doesn't make the grade. Go sell it to the Americans. It's not good enough for Israel.
7. Where is this country that Sweden recognized?
michael redboun ,   Aveiro - Portugal   (10.31.14)
8. Karlson lost propeller?
Miron ,   USA   (10.31.14)
Back, when he could fly he was a lot more happy. I hope Swedish FM meets this decision in a constructive way.
9. Swedish recognition of Palestinian State
Paul Weiss ,   Yonkers   (10.31.14)
It is a shame on Sweden and the Swedes to expect anything but the withdrawl of dipomatic relations with such an illegitimate deceitful and destructive way to recognize a mortal enemy of Israel in its midsts and in spite of Israel's sovereignty over all the land from the Jordan to the Mediterranean, and that the result is they have divested their good will with Israel. On top of that with even more arrogance this weakling nation (Sweden) with no spine has the arrogance to even ask Jerusalem if they will think over any move but the complete hiatus of any relations is sheer delusion. and if they expect the Jewish state to be cordial they will be waiting a long time for the Pony Espress to arrive with any more mail. If you ask me most of Europe if not all are a bunch of spineless losers if it weren't for America saving their sorry souls!
10. Sweden did the right thing
Onas   (10.31.14)
Israel is like a barking puppy, you think you can threaten anyone who recognizes Palestine but you know you are insignificant and only run your mouths without substance. As per usual you resort to Nazi arguments what you fail to realize is that world won't feel bad for you anymore because everyone saw what you did in Gaza. Nazi, anti semite ..blah blah no one is impressed and many people don't care anymore what Nazis did to you. World is sick and tired of you.
11. Every synagogue should post this sign on its property---
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (10.31.14)
"Park your Volvos elsewhere"
12. Not only in Denmark
ik ,   USA   (10.31.14)
The Swedish logic smells as bad as their ludefisk!
13. Sweden, forget it
CJK   (10.31.14)
israel derives no benefit from relations with sweden. israel should close the swedish consulate in jerusalem.
14. Sweden is drowning in Arab/Muslim immigration
Benji ,   US   (10.31.14)
These immigrants are swarming into Sweden and turning Sweden into a European Islamic state. Ms. Wallstrom feels pressured to recognize a Palestinian state and she doesn't have the guts to say no. Three months ago the Palestinians attacked Israel in a ruthless show of terror no different than ISIS. This is what Sweden now supports.
15. Maybe Swededn should spend more time
michael   (10.31.14)
looking for the Russian sub in its waters.
16. Ikea is Swedish for "Crap"
Haifa, Israel   (10.31.14)
and just like the crappy, environmentally hostile materials that do not last past its first assembly, Ikea and it's unrepentant Nazi founder share a lot in common with this Swedish government: Bad instructions to build a piece of crap that cannot be moved once assembled. Please, Sweden, continue to show your true colours and boycott Israeli ships in your habour. We will do our economy and environment a favour by boycotting your crappy Nazi profiting processed wood by products. Each is a perfect metaphor for the other. Your crappy meddling in Middle East affairs to placate your hostile welfare immigrant populations in order for anemic parties to harvest votes has no place in our real world. Stay up in the far north and continue to make your own problems, and stop giving us in the middle world your bad advice on how to assemble crappy, unstable and toxic relations with racist war mongering entities that you continue to view through your myopic and patronizing Euro-Centric attitudes. You have learned nothing from your collaborationist past, and it is there for all to see, except the Swede. The Arabs are exploiting this to their advantage expertly, and you are such fryers for it. The joke really is on you, and your crappy furniture.
17. Margot, Dont send IKEA furniture its cheap and doesnt last !
What Israel and the Palestinians need from Sweden are some Noble Brains not plain ignorance and naivete.
18. Sweden is no example to Europe.
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (10.31.14)
Caving in: they're used to it.... During WW2, they caved in to the Germans. Now they are caving in to their muslim occupiers. Sweden is no example to Europe: an aging nation which relies on muslim immigrants to rejuvenates itself. We shall see it disintegrate in front of our very eyes, and in the coming years. The process has started already.
19. "Humor" Swedish style.
tiki ,   belgium   (10.31.14)
The Swedes finally got it! "It needs a PARTNER, a MANUAL & COOPERATION. (what exactly is not clear, for if something is recognized it doesn't need to be negotiated about). Lets start with the PARTNER: That's what Israel has been saying for years that there is no partner for peace on the Palestinian side. Than the MANUAL: The only MANUAL the Palestinian's believe in is their own charter, written by Ahmad Shukeiri, the first ''president of the PLO, in which the demise of Israel is described. The COOPERATION of the Israeli 'peace partners' is best described as 'questionable as they cooperate best with terror organisations like Hamas & friends and have finally found their ideal *partners of cooperation in Sweden who, as it seems, likes the written manual.
20. Weak comeback
paulD ,   Jerusalem   (10.31.14)
He'll see it requires a partner, cooperation and a good manual." What Partner? Arabs who want Jerusalem, Right of return, a Jew-free state, a Jihad military. Cooperation? With who, Hamas, Fatah, Jihadis. Manual? Is she referring to the PLO or Hamas charter? Swedes are perhaps the most low-conscious people one can ever encounter. Maybe well behaved but frighteningly dim, very one-denominational materialistic minds..
Robert ,   Israel   (10.31.14)
It is said that money is what makes the monkey dance and that is what Muslims have most. Of course I don't say Swedish are monkeys but the phrase may well apply.
22. Sweden is the first
This was a test, probably organized by Obama. If Sweden does not suffer any consequences for this decisions, other countries will follow suit. Simply, if Israel does nothing it will be easy for other countries to get accolades from Jihadis buy recognizing "Palestine" with no repercussions. What can Israel do? First, destroy Abbas. It is not too difficult to plunge all of "Palestine" into anarchy and civil war. Second is cut all ties with Sweden, eject their ambassador and seize all property. It is the Swedes who declared war on Israel by recognizing the Hamas-led government that calls for genocide. The third is an alliance with either Russia or China in exchange for their support in the UN security council. China might be amenable if they can station anti-ship missiles in the Mediterranean to protect their interests, and Russia might agree in exchange for Israel recognizing Iran's seizure of Saudi oil.
23. Israel must recognize Islamic state of Sweden, for Muslims!
24. Number 6
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (10.31.14)
Sarah, it was Lieberman who started the IKEA analogies, not Margot Wallstrom. She just reacted to it. Nobody mentioned IT patents.
25. Just collapse Fictional Palestine.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.31.14)
End the mad flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits, materials etc. to Fictional Palestine. Than watch the evil abomination fall at our feet in no time flat. That is all Israel need do about Fictional Palestine. We simply need a Prime Minister with the guts to do it.
26. Sweden is afraid of Islam
Tova ,   Canada   (10.31.14)
and Sweden will no longer be a country of freedom. Margot just gave Sweden surrendering her country to terrorism. Sweds will soon wake-up to sharia law and all the blondes will be no more
27. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.31.14)
Agreed. Israel can seal the deal by simply agree to sell to the Chinese the $14 billion in Israeli arms that the Chinese are aching to purchase. The United States has expressed "dismay." Well, too bad. The United States has its interests. Israel has other interests. Close the deal with the Chinese now. They are dependable. The Americans -- especially this administration -- are not. The time has come to kick Islamist Obama to the curb. The American people deserve someone better than an ideologue, ignorant Moslem as the U.S. president. He wasn't even born in the United States.
28.  I.K.E.A
Ignorant . Knavish Evil Arseholes.
And the rest of the swedes too...
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (10.31.14)
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