Police recommends indicting Netanyahu for bribery
Ynet reporters and the Associated Press
Published: 13.02.18, 20:41
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31. AG mandlebilt
rory   (02.14.18)
lapid is a central witness in the police investigation who gave evidence against bibi. Is there a recording to support lapid's evidence of bibi trying to extend a law that would have given milchan millions of dollars in tax breaks? Recall lapid was a lousy finance minister. As he could not be trusted with the nation's financial well-being. i believe this is a real problem that mandelbilt will review for reliability.

There is a another factor. olmert and bibi were political opponents and ultimately olmert had to resign and ended up in jail. lapid's father was close to olmert allegedly so the kid yair absorbed a lot from olmert one figures. is this a factor ie political revenge mandlebilt has to check this out. I believe if it comes to a trial, olmert's lawyers will cross examine lapid brutally and shred his evidence. it is obvious that lapid's political status makes him a conflicted witness. This could be political revenge by proxy. in any case, if the evidence is not clean, lapid will have no political future after a trial.

while i think bibi has to go to make way for bennett, the revelation of lapid as a central witness is disturbing. i do not trust lapid. i would be checking to see if other financial ministry people could confirm what lapid said.

BibI's lawyers will rip lapid to shreds on the stand. that is my belief.
32. They cant win elections so they try rubbish "bribery" story
Alan   (02.14.18)
At least try to win an election. The Israeli people dont want you to run (or should we say RUIN ) the country . 2 miserable attempts at indictments.Cant you do better
Israel today is in a VERY GREAT danger from Iran and co but the losers try to hit Bibi below the belt at this time .... Pathetic!
33. Israel police has very little understanding of legal matters
C   (02.14.18)
the claim that the receipt of gifts from friends must involve mutuality, or
otherwise it is a relationship of bribery, is patently false.
by definition, friendship is based on altruistic motives, motives of
liking the other person. by definition, gifts are given freely.

there cannot be bribery when the offer of a material favour benefits large
numbers of people; or when the granting of the favour requires
the acquiescence of other officials who have no benefit in the matter,
and who in fact are opponents of the "briber."
34. bibi's definition of "nothing"
tomer ,   jerusalem   (02.14.18)
As an israeli i am ashamed .Yes ashamed,but not surprised. Its a sad state of affairs,that israeli political leaders ,once in power ,fall over stupidities,greed or in some cases serious criminal activities. In bibi's case , a talented politican,
may fall over his delf declacered "there is nothing". Bibis fall is long time in the making and will not end with case 1000 or 2000. The submarine case is still under investigation and is most probably israels biggest national security issue , here too bibi' claims there is nothing. The bezeq case is
annother one waiting. The famous clinton phrase " read my lips ......" comes to mind. Bibi appointed the police commisioner who investigated him, as well as AG mandelblitt who has to decide now.His friends in parliamment tried to shield their Leader via protective laws. Officials involved in uncovering
these case were smeared,threatened or removed..... Since there is nothing,according to Bibi, one wonders about all these activities. The only encouraring fact which sofar came out of this is the fact that even "bibis appointees "in crucial positions did their job ( some however tried to slow the process ) and justice takes its course.
Bibis calculations that nobody can replace him is a typical miscalculation of
people in power postions believing they are un replaceable and therefore untouchable. History proved that this line of thinking is flawed. Everyone is replacable in politics and buisness . The only question remains : how will they be remembered? ...... there is nothing,absolute nothing here"
35. If Bibi gone Israel lost
Lev ,   Tel aviv   (02.14.18)
Fake news and police corruption is whats happening. If Israel allows all it great PM's to be criminalized Israel has no future. WHAT IS IT WITH ISRAELIS AND THEIR FETISH FOR BRINGING DOWN PM'S
36. Two Doctors
GF ,   Jerusalem   (02.14.18)
A loved one needs very delicate surgery. Dr. A has a 99% success rate and Dr. B has a 50% success rate. Which Dr. would you choose? Then you find out that Dr. A is under indictment for tax evasion, now which Dr. do you choose?

Even if Bibi took bribes who cares? Israel is doing a lot better these past 9 years than it was under the Left and their (OSW) Oslo Suicide Weltanschauung.

I mean really think of it, you're on an airline flight and the pilot and co-pilot drop dead. The only one who knows how to fly the plane is the guy in handcuffs being extradited for a white collar crime. What do you say "Let the plane crash"???

An OSW would say Yes. This is comical!
37. Police everywhere are so corrupt because power corrupts.
Rivkah   (02.14.18)
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is time to prosecute the police for corruption. Enough is enough.
38. Just wondering
befare ,   Sweden   (02.14.18)
Did he receive any gifts from the Saudis?
39. As a non partisan observer
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.14.18)
Is this a case of the police - if at first you dont succeed nailing him...try and try again?

Because one way or the other Netanyahu is becoming one of the most intensely investigated leaders in the world..and still the matter cant be laid to rest

So is this suspiciously beginning to look like a politically motivated witchunt?
40. comment 35
tomer ,   jerusalem   (02.14.18)
its exactly the other way around.
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