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God can kill in many ways, Michael Ben-Horin says
Photo: Effie Shrir
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Activists called on 'Angels of destruction to kill Sharon
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‘We prayed for Sharon’s death’

Right-wing activists claim they had held a ‘Pulsa Dinura’ (curse) that called for the prime minister’s demise 10 years after they had put the same curse on slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

ROSH PINA - Right-wing activists claim they performed a “Pulsa Dinura” - a kabbalistic ceremony in which God is asked to curse someone who is believed to be a sinner - calling for the death of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.


Some 20 right-wing activists participated in the ceremony, which took place at the ancient cemetery in Rosh Pina. According to the participants, the ceremony was authorized by rabbis.


“It was a call for the angels of destruction to kill Arik Sharon,” Michael Ben-Horin, who participated in the ceremony, told Ynet. “The ceremony was intended for the angels of destruction, not for humans, as it would be futile for people to attempt it (assassinating Sharon) amid all the prime minister’s security.”



Rabbi Yosef Dayan of the West Bank settlement of Psagot, who also participated in the ceremony, told Ynet: “About eight months ago, when Sharon’s (pullout) plan was gaining support, rabbis thought, for the first time, of performing a ‘Pulsa Dinura.’ I wasn’t in on it.”


He said he told them at the time he would not perform any ceremony without a rabbinical order.


“They approached a friend of mine, an attorney, who then came to me; three weeks ago, we organized a group of 35 people.”


Dayan said, in the end, 20 people participated in the ceremony, adding that the rabbis ordered that those participating in the event must be married (no widowers or divorcees), over 40 years of age and bearded.


“Everyone was dressed in black, except for one person who was dressed in white,” he said. “The ceremony took place in the ancient cemetery in Rosh Pina, near Shlomo Ben Yosef’s grave.”


Dayan offered translated excerpts of the ceremony, which was conducted mostly in Aramaic:


  • "We have permission to ask the higher beings to send angels of destruction to hurt Ariel Ben-Dvora Sheinerman (Ariel Sharon)."


Attorney Baruch Ben-Yosef, who was also on hand for the ceremony, told Ynet: “We read the Pulsa Dinura prayer so the lord would take the murderous dictator who is murdering the people of Israel.”


“We said the prayer near the grave of (hanged pre-state activist) Shlomo Ben-Yosef - the most suitable site - as he is Sharon’s antithesis,” he said. “Ben-Yosef sacrificed his soul for the people of Israel, while Sharon is robbing the nation. We hope the lord will take him from us.”


Ben-Yosef added, “We hope the lord hears us and saves the people of Israel the bloody civil war Sharon is bringing upon us.”


The rabbi said questions were raised regarding Sharon’s religion some two hours prior to the ceremony, as the ceremony may be conducted only against people who are Jewish according to halacha (traditional Jewish law).


“The kabbalist rabbis told us not to do it, but eventually we decided to perform the ceremony, as in any case Sharon is considered by the public to be Jewish,” he said.


Mofaz also targeted


Ben-Horin said the call was for angels of destruction to kill Sharon.


"Hitler and Stalin combined were guarded by 10 percent of the security force that protects Sharon, so it would be futile to have mortals attempt it (assassination)," he said. “God can kill in many different ways, and we pray that just as he took Uzi Chitman (singer) and Ehud Manor (songwriter), so, too, would he take Sharon within a month’s time.”


A few months ago unidentified right-wing activists sent Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz a letter in which they threatened to perform a “Pulsa Dinura” ceremony against him.


Earlier in the week a rumor was spread among far-right activists that Sharon had suffered a heart attack during a cabinet meeting.


Sharon, in turn, interrupted the meeting to refute the rumor.


“A few minutes ago I heard a rumor that I had suffered a heart attack, but I would like to reassure, or disappoint, all of you; as you can see I am healthy,” the prime minister said in jest. 


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