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Did police fail?
Photo: Channel 10

Police launch inquiry into Shfaram attack

Investigation to focus on lynching of terrorist Eden Natan Zada and the police’s inability to protect him from mob

Police officials launched Monday morning an inquiry into the Shfaram terror attack, with a particular focus on the lynching of Jewish terrorist Eden Natan Zada and the police’s failure to protect him from the mob surrounding the bus following the shooting.

On Thursday, Natan Zada boarded a bus and killed four Israelis in the northern Arab town.


During the investigation, police officials will be looking into all aspects of police response and action during the incident.


Meanwhile, additional investigations are set to be launched by various arms of the police. The information that emerges during the inquiries will be relayed to top officials in the Northern District, headed by Commander Dan Ronen, on Tuesday. Later, all the inquiries would be used to formulate a comprehensive report on the incident.


Meanwhile, the bus where the shooting occurred was taken to the Galilee District police station in the town of Acco (Acre,) where it became an attraction for local residents, who have been flocking to the station to get a glimpse at the bus.


The bus is expected to remain at the station until the inquiry into the attack is completed.


The IDF is also continuing its investigation into the affair, with a special committee recording the testimonies of various officers who had contact with Zada in recent months. An initial investigation has shown no major faults in the army’s handling of the deserter.


However, the inquiry also revealed that at one point Zada was detained by police in the Temple Mount area, where it was discovered he belongs to far right group “Revava.” However, the information was relayed to the appropriate parties.


The information would have not necessarily led to the soldiers arrest, the army said, but could have served as a warning sign.


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