Eden Natan Zada prior to the attack
Photo: Ahiya Raved
Eitan Ohana following the attack
Photo: Ahiya Raved

Killer's last moments

Arab photographer captures Shfaram terrorist bound by his hands, moments before angry mob kills him

A moment in time: Arab photographer Zaid Khanaifas captured Jewish terrorist Eden Natan Zada's last moments on camera, moments before the lynch, Ynet has learned.  


Khanaifas, who works for the a-Sinara Arabic newspaper, photographed Zada with his hands bound on the bus in Shfaram, after he had killed four of its passengers.


The photographs were authenticated by policemen present at the scene of the attack.


Zada's last moments           (Photo: Zaid Khanaifas, a-Sinara)


The photo of the Jewish attacker was first published in the a-Sinara, while Channel 10 simultaneously aired video footage of Zada moments before an angry mob killed him.


The photo shows Zada with his upper body exposed, without his weapon, with his hands tied and covered in blood.


Investigation into Zada's death?


These new photos have raised frightening questions regarding Zada’s fate. Was he indeed bound by his hands and left for the angry mob by a police force too weak to control the crowds?


Is it fitting that his killers escape unpunished, despite photos proving he no longer constituted a threat once his weapon had been taken away?


Several new eyewitness reports have reached the police, where investigators will now have to decide whether to launch an investigation into his death, despite several warnings by Arab public figures.


Eitan Ohana, one of the policemen to arrive at the scene of the attack, told Ynet he had attempted to defend Zada prior to the lynch.


“This was a difficult incident. When we arrived, the gunman was lying on the ground, and we did everything to prevent the people around the bus from bursting in and harming him,” he said. “I estimate that there were hundreds there. We had to run from window to window to move people back from the bus.”


How many police were actually present at the scene? Some police officials estimate about 10, while others say no more than seven.


However, police officials told Ynet that at present no inquiry has been opened into the death of the Shfaram attacker.  


Thus it is impossible to tell whether Zada was in fact alive or death at the time of the lynch.


A full investigation is expected to be launched Monday.


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