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Settlers demonstrate in Jerusalem (archive photo)
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Photo: Gil Yochanan
Zion Square rally
Photo: Gil Yochanan

Settlers in Zion Square: Olmert bad for Jews

Large number of right-wing protesters in Jerusalem's Zion Square gather to demonstrate against Amona evacuation and clashes; demand investigation committee be set up to look into police conduct

The Yesha Council is holding a large protest in Jerusalem's Zion Square, under the slogan "Olmert is bad for the Jews."


Protesters are demanding the establishment of an official investigation committee into police conduct during the clearance of the illegal outpost of Amona.


Protest in Jerusalem (Video: Eitan Ortal)


The protest is the largest since the Gaza disengagement last summer.


Knesset member Uri Ariel tore his shirt as an act of mourning over the Amona evacuation.


“How do we know Olmert is bad for the Jews? Because Ehud ran away. We presented a compromise offer to him, but he wanted to see blood and fire in Hebron,” he said at the rally.


“In Amona he also wanted to see Jewish blood, but we did not give it to him. We will remove him from power on March 28 (Israeli elections). Olmert wanted to see broken hands and police received orders to act violently.”


Right-wing rally at Zion Square (Photo: Gil Yochanan)


Protesters in Zion Square received a pamphlet with instructions following the Amona incident reading “According to the police, a wave of arrests is planned for the next few days, this following video footage shot by the police and television stations.”


The pamphlet said that it is better to remain silent and deny the charges.


“The information obtained by the police is partial and unfounded, and therefore their only goal is that you provide them with the missing information to further substantiate the evidence,” the pamphlet said.

Around 1,000 police officers are securing the demonstration, but a Yesha Council source said that "we fear contact between settlers and police officers."


Meanwhile, the Rabbis Union, headed by Avraham Shapira, issued a statement on the Amona evacuation saying “We are shocked by the pogrom committed by those in uniform (security forces) during the destruction of homes at Amona.


“We repeat: The Land of Israel is sacred, and the Torah does not permit giving any of it away to foreigners,” the statement said.


Video footage of police officers striking settlers during the Amona evacuation will also be shown.


Crowds will read from the Book of Psalms and pray for the healing of the injured from Sunday's terrorist attack in Petah Tikva, and for those injured in Amona.


'Extremists no longer marginal'


Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin said during Sunday’s cabinet meeting on last week’s evacuation of the illegal Amona outpost "It was always comfortable for us to say ‘these are extremists,’ but they are no longer the extremists – they have become the center of the settler public.”


IDF Central Command Chief Yair Naveh said during the meeting that some 1,000 teens are “spearheading” the extremists’ struggle.


“We must isolate them” he added.


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