Photo: Avigail Uzi
'I see no end to it.' Halevy
Photo: Avigail Uzi

Ex-Mossad chief warns of Muslim European cities

Ephraim Halevy says ‘by mid-century major cities in Germany, Russia will have Muslim majority; ‘we are in the middle of World War Three,’ he adds

Former Mossad Director said Sunday during a meeting of the board of trustees of the Technion in Haifa that in his estimation "by the middle of the century major cities in Germany will have a Muslim majority and so will many federations in Russia."


Halevy spoke of the Islamic terror, saying it is “the main problem of the world today."


"We are in the middle of World War Three, and I see no end to it," he said.


Halevy said that he had spoken recently with a Russian official who disagreed with his prediction regarding the growing Muslim population in Europe.


'Can yesterday's devil become today's partner?'


The former head of the Mossad also addressed the issue of Hamas, saying it is "a young movement, only 19 years-old, and it is a ruthless enemy of Israel. The success of the defense establishment in fighting this organization is immense. Since the disengagement Hamas is not working against Israel, not because it likes Israel but because it's acting against its own interests."


Halevy said he was pondering over whether Hamas’ proposal for a long-term Hudna (ceasefire) should be reexamined: "Despite it all, in a changing world like ours, we to think differently, and I suggest we assess the long-term Hudna proposal. If the Hudna is for many years, that means it's no longer a ceasefire but a truce. That begs the question – can yesterday's devil become today's partner?"


He said he does not believe Israel should insist that Hamas recognize Israel. "We don't need its recognition. It needs Israel's recognition more."


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