Photo: Avigail Uzi
Halevy: Believe Ahmadinejad
Photo: Avigail Uzi

Ex-Mossad chief: Take Iran seriously

Ephraim Halevy speaks in Washington, says world should believe Ahmadinejad threats to annihilate Israel

WASHINGTON – Former Mossad Director Ephraim Halevy said Wednesday in Washington the world should believe Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he talks about his desire to annihilate the State of Israel.


However, Halevy said Iran's aspirations of making Israel disappear have no chance of materializing. Israel's existence would not be in danger, he said.


The former Mossad chief made two appearances, one during the annual conference of the American Jewish Committee and the other one at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.


Halevy said that Iran's aspirations for nuclear weapons constitute the most significant threat on global stability. This threat is bringing Israel and the United States, which are already strategic partners, even closer, he said.


The former Mossad director noted that "now more than ever," Israel and the US share the same interests "in the face of Iran's threats on Israel and the free world."


However, Halevy said at this time there are still no clear-cut answers to several questions, namely whether Iran should be attacked military, whether Israel should be a party to a military strike, and whether it is even possible to eliminate Iran's nuclear facilities.


Turning his attention to the Palestinian Authority, Halevy said the Hamas-led PA has not yet decided on the direction it wishes to take and added patience must be exercised while monitoring Hamas' decision.


Halevy did say, however, that a Hamas decision to change the Islamic group's positions would mark a genuine change in the region.


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