Photo: Matan Weitz
Rocket hit
Photo: Matan Weitz
Photo: Amir Cohen
Sderot residents protest incessant rocket fire
Photo: Amir Cohen

Qassam hits central Sderot, 2 suffer from shock

Two people suffer from shock as rocket lands near home of hunger striker and public library; teacher says: 'I left my little son under my daughter's care; when the rocket fell she jumped on him to protect him with her body'

At least four Qassam rockets were fired by Palestinians in northern Gaza toward Israel Sunday evening, but only one landed in Israeli territory.


"I ran to my house in panic, and my daughter said my little son was sleeping. She simply jumped on him and lay over him to protect him," Sderot resident Yael Tayari told Ynet after a Qassam hit the city.

Qassam's landing spot (Photo: Matan Weitz)


The rocket landed only a few meters from Tayari's home. Two people suffered from shock and were treated by Magen David Adom paramedics.


The rocket landed in the Neveh Eshkol neighborhood, not far from the city's public library. Tayari, a teacher, has gone on hunger strike to protest the ongoing rocket attacks, and the Education Ministry ordered her to stop working.


She was eventually allowed to go on protesting outside of work hours.


Tayari said she spoke with her 17-year-old daughter who was taking care of her younger brothers. "She told me, 'we all heard the Red Dawn alert system’ and I heard the rocket land with a boom over the phone. I was afraid, because it was so close. We are now home and we can smell the explosives from the Qassam rocket," Tayari said.


24 hours in Sderot:


Earlier, Palestinians fired three rockets from northern Gaza at the western Negev. According to security sources, the rockets landed in Palestinian territory. One report said a Palestinian woman was lightly injured by the rocket attack.


'No one will be able to get in or out'


Meanwhile, in the protest tent, a hunger striker passed out opposite the home of Defense Minister Amir Peretz in Sderot, and Magen David Adom paramedics arrived at the scene.


Chava Gad, who lost consciousness a short while ago, was taken to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

Yael Tayari points to Qassam landing spot (Photo: Tzafrir Abayov)


Also on Sunday, the Sderot Municipality decided to step up its protest campaign against Qassam attacks on the town, demanding that the army respond sufficiently to put an end to the rocket barrages.


According to Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal, the campaign will begin Monday. “We’re closing down the town. No one will be able to get in or get out,” one resident said. Likewise, public figures wishing to reach the town will be turned away at the gates.


Sources in the City Administration said that even if Defense Minister Amir Peretz wishes to go somewhere, his exit and entry will be blocked, despite the fact that he is a resident of Sderot.


However, owing to the scheduled visit of President Moshe Katsav in Sderot Monday, Moyal announced the postponement of the protest campaign until the president leaves town.


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